Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike Review

The Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike is not one of the newest electric bikes on the market. But, if you’re looking for a quality electric commuter bike with affordable price, this is worth your consideration. This article will discuss the key features and pros and cons of this electric mountain bike for adults.

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Features and SpecificationsAceshin 26'' Electric Mountain Bike

Frame Material and Components

This electric bicycle has a rust-resistant and durable aluminum alloy frame that suits a wide range of needs. The front suspension fork is made from durable carbon steel, while the 26-inch front and rear wheels are made from double-layer aluminum alloy for extra strength.

This electric mountain bike weighs around 44lbs (20kg), without the lithium battery, which weighs 4.9lbs (2.2kg). It’s strong enough to support a rider who weighs up to 331lbs (150kg).

Lithium Battery Capacity

This uses a 36-volt/8 amp-hour lithium battery (bottle type), which you can easily remove from the frame for charging. Depending on what assist mode you use, this lithium battery holds enough power for trips more than 14 miles (pure electric mode) but less than 31 miles (with pedal-assist mode). The maximum speed possible for this electric bike is approximately 15. 5 miles per hour to 18.6 miles per hour.

It only takes four to six hours to fully charge the battery. But, even without the battery, you can still ride the Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike like a regular mountain bike.

2 Ways of Assisting the Rider

Like most entry-level electric mountain bikes, it offers two working modes: electric only and assisted. Push the pedals to engage the bike’s 250-watt brushless rear hub motor, so you can enjoy the ride or get a bit of exercise without using up all of your energy. Use the 3-speed smart meter button on the left handgrip to pick the level of assistance (low, mid, and high) that fits your needs. Or, simply push the red button to get a boost, with or without pedaling.

Equipped for Nighttime Riding

See things clearly at night with the help of its bright LED headlight. It has a rear red reflector and yellow wheel reflectors to provide extra protection. It’s also equipped with a horn to warn pedestrians and vehicles around you to avoid accidents.

Other Details

  • Anti-slip, wear-resistant tires
  • Aluminum alloy handlebars and saddle tube
  • Adjustable seat (32.68 inches to 37.80 inches)
  • Dimensions: 40.55 inches (height) x 64.96 inches (length)
  • Handlebar length: 26.97 inches
  • 21-speed transmission gears and front and rear brakes for riding on various terrains
  • Other things included in the package: one battery charger and one tool kit

The Good

Good Battery Life

This is a good choice for anyone looking for an electric commuter bike. This averages 12 to 18 miles daily. You could cover more or less distance depending on a lot of factors (your weight, terrain, wind rate, etc.), but overall, it has enough power for most types of riding.

Even if it runs low of “juice,” it’s easy and fast to charge. A charging time of four to six hours is relatively fast for an electric bike in its category.

Climbs Most Hills

Do you live somewhere with quite a lot of moderately steep hills?

The Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike might be for you. With the help of its decent front shock absorber, 21-speed transmission gears, and pedal-assist mode, it deals with hills easily. It also performs well on dirt roads. Although we still recommend this for flat and relatively smooth terrains.

Relatively Simple to Assemble

This is shipped to you with most of the parts already put together, so there’s really not much you need to do. You could probably put this together and make the necessary adjustments within thirty minutes to two hours.

If you want an electric bike that you don’t need to assemble, the SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding Ebike might interest you. It’s usually delivered fully assembled.

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The Bad

Not a Lightweight Electric Bike

At 44lbs, it’s definitely not practical to lift or carry this around. It also doesn’t fold to make it easier to store in tight spaces. If you want the best of both worlds—a lightweight and folding electric bike—you might want to put the Miageek Folding Aluminum Electric Bike to your to-consider list.

Battery Not Waterproof

You might want to keep this in mind before riding this in the rain. The lithium battery (and the motor) still works perfectly okay when they’re exposed to the rain. However, a small amount of water will collect in the lower end (the part where it plugs into the controller) of the battery. You might want to purchase a silicone repair tape to tightly seal that area to keep the battery dry and prevent short circuits.

Needs a Few Upgrades

This is a good electric bike, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. This is expected since it’s just an entry-level electric mountain bike.

For instance, you might want to purchase a more comfortable seat that’s designed for long-distance trips. If you’re a short person, less than 5’3”, you might want to consider changing the seat tube or consider other electric bikes, such as the ECOTRIC 20″ New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike. It also doesn’t come with a basket or rear rack.

Who Is It For?

The Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike is suitable for most tall riders who want to get from Point A to Point B without changing clothes after. This is perfect for car owners, casual bike riders, professionals, students, people who want to cut down their commute time, or even people with knee issues.


Aceshin 26'' Electric Mountain Bike

As what we’ve explained, this is an entry-level electric mountain bike. So, you can’t really expect for this to have sophisticated components just like those expensive electric bikes. It’s not lightweight and doesn’t fold, like the Miageek Folding Aluminum Electric Bike. It might need some tweaking, but not completely necessary.

However, it has a good battery life. The assist modes are helpful, especially the pedal-assist mode, which comes in handy when you live in a hilly area. Overall, this provides good value for the money.

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