ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle/E-Bike/Scooter Review

Looking for a cheap, fun, and well-built electric bike with positive electric bike ratings?

One of your best options is the ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle/E-Bike/Scooter, also called the ANCHEER AN-EB005 dolphin electric bike. Once it hits the road, this small electric bike gives an impressive performance.

Now, let’s take a look at the different features and pros and cons of the ANCHEER AN-EB005.

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Features and SpecificationsANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike Scooter

Lightweight Frame and Collapsible Handlebar

Just weighing at 26.5 lbs, the ANCHEER AN-EB005 is a great example of a truly lightweight e-bike. It only takes a few seconds to fold the handlebar stem, making it easy to store in tight spaces and carry with one hand.

This e-bike features a dolphin-inspired design. The aluminum frame and seat tube are made from strong aluminum alloy. To add extra strength, the 12-inch wheels are made from two layers of aluminum alloy. So, despite its small size, it has a total load capacity of 265 lbs.

Pedal-Less Design

Instead of pedals, this e-bike has steel pegs at the sides for resting your legs during the entire ride. With this set up, short or tall riders can ride it just fine, without making any adjustments. (The seat is fixed, but this e-bike would probably work for riders who are between 5 and 6 feet tall.)

Android or iOS App

One of the coolest features of the ANCHEER AN-EB005 is its app support system. The app takes note of your current distance, speed, and travel time. In the setting, you can adjust the speed and headlight, lock the motor by password, check the cruise setting, read basic information about the e-bike, and many more.

12-Mile Lithium-Ion Battery

The ANCHEER AN-EB005 has a 36-volt/6-amp-hour lithium battery and a 350-watt motor. On a single charge, it’s expected to reach a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour (mph) and a maximum range of 12 miles.

The distance this e-bike could reach may differ, depending on the rider’s weight. Here are some of its mileage ranges based on two weights:

  • 132 lbs: 12.4 miles
  • 165 lbs: 10.6 miles

You can maintain a certain speed, thanks to its cruise control. No need to twist the throttle all the time.

Activating the cruise control: Go to the e-bike’s app setting to adjust the ‘Speed setting’ or twist the throttle and press the green button at the same time.

Other Details

  • Folded size: 41.3 x 37.8 x 19.7 inches (L x W x H)
  • Seat tube size: 9.8 x 7.1 x 2.0 inches (L x W x H)
  • Brake type: rear disc brake
  • Charging time: 3 hours or less
  • Water resistance: IPX5 (can withstand a continuous, low-pressure water jet spray)
  • Accessories: taillight, induction front light, horn, charging port, UL-approved charger, and fenders (front and rear)

The Good

Handles Heavy Riders Well

It doesn’t matter if you weigh 140 lbs or 225 lbs. This e-bike will carry you just fine.

Of course, its performance will differ for each person. You’ll most likely go faster (around 15 mph to 22 mph) on a level surface if you’re light. If you’re more on the heavy side—let’s say 210 lbs—and riding this on a slightly rough, inclined road, it could probably hit 12 mph.

Light and Space-Saving

These are two of the most impressive features of this e-bike. You can fold the handlebar stem in a few seconds and store it in any small space without a problem. And, it’s light enough to carry with just one hand.

Perfect for Short Trips

This is not the W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike or other expensive e-bikes that could go more than 20 miles on a single charge. However, for the low price, the battery capacity of the ANCHEER AN-EB005 offers enough power for a 5-mile or 7-mile one way trip on a flat, smooth road.

Get the ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle/E-Bike/Scooter today—the affordable, light, and fun option.

The Bad

Dependent on the App

There are many aspects of the e-bike that’s controlled by the app. For instance, you need it to turn on the headlight because it doesn’t have a physical light switch. To increase the speed, like from 12.4 mph to 15.5 mph, you need to go to the ‘Speed setting’ to do it.

Uncomfortable Bike Seat

Some people find the seat uncomfortable, especially during long trips (over 10 miles). This and the lack of suspensions make it uncomfortable and even painful going over rough terrains (which this e-bike is not made for).

Fortunately, this has a simple solution. You could always switch it with a seat that’s perfect for rough roads and long-distance trips. Or, try other e-bikes, such as the ferty Folding 36V 250W Electric Moped Sport Mountain Men Bicycle.

Not for Daily Commutes

The ANCHEER AN-EB005 is more of a recreational e-bike. If you plan to use it to get to work daily, some of its parts might start to show signs of wear and tear (cracked fenders, throttle or brakes start to act up, and so on) after a few months.

Who Is It For?

The ANCHEER AN-EB005 is not just for adults. Kids and teens would most likely love it, too.

This would be a great option if you’re a casual rider who normally take only short trips on flat, smooth roads. Short trips would be less than 7 miles, one way.

If you don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount of money on parking or gas everyday, if you don’t have a need for speed, or if you like a truly light and portable e-bike, this might be for you.


ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike Scooter

The AN-EB005 by the ANCHEER doesn’t feel cheap at all. It’s lightweight, compact, easy to use, and efficient, among others. If you’re looking for an affordable, portable, and fun folding e-bike, this is a great option.

It has its downsides—the battery doesn’t last long, has an uncomfortable seat, not suitable for hills or rough roads, no rear rack and bike basket like the NAKTO/SPARK 26″ Adult Electric Bicycle for Women, and so on. But, overall, it’s a decent mini folding e-bike for the low price.

If you feel it’s wasteful to drive your car a short distance, the ANCHEER AN-EB005 is the perfect solution to your problem. Get it today!