ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike Shockproof Wheels Review

Whether youre a casual rider, a bike enthusiast, or an electric bike newbie, you always want the best e bike for the money. You have plenty of choices out there, one of which is the ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike Shockproof Wheels. Read on to find out more about it.

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Features and Specifications

Compact Design

Dont have enough space to store your electric bike in your home or car? No problem!

You can downsize this electric bike to 21.8 inches (height) and 32 inches (width). Simply unlock the folding joint clips to fold the aluminum alloy frame and upper stem riser for easy storage.

When unfolded, this electric bike has a total length of 58.1 inches and weighs around 41 pounds. You can adjust the length of the handlebars (39.8 inches to 46.5 inches) and seatpost (30.7 inches to 41.7 inches) for your comfort and perfect pedalling.

Fast-Charging Lithium Battery

It has a 36-volt/8 amp hour lithium-ion battery, which you can charge on or off the bike for 4 to 6 hours. A single charge has a mileage of 15 miles (for throttle mode) to 30 miles (for pedal-assist mode). This bike can travel as fast as 15 miles per hour with power assistance. You could go faster as you want if youre pedaling.

3 Working Modes

You can ride this electric bike like you would a traditional bike. Or, you could use the pedal-assist mode or e-bike mode, depending on your needs.

Choose the e-bike mode by twisting the throttle if you want to conserve your energy by not pedaling.

If you want to use your own power plus the motors, you can choose the pedal-assist (PAS) mode. The default setting of PAS is low, but you can adjust it to mid or high (gives you the fastest speed while pedaling) on the power display located on the left handlebar.

7-Speed Shimano

As a 7-speed bike, the ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike Shockproof Wheels is a perfect choice if you travel on varying terrain. Combined with its 250-watt brushless rear motor,Wanda King tires with anti-slip design, the bike has a better grip in most road surfaces and movement downhill. And, to make sure you stop at the right time and place, it has disc brakes in the front and rear wheels.

Other features:

    Carbon steel front fork

    Rear cargo rack

    Bright LED headlight, taillight, horn, and wheel reflectors for night riding

    20-inch aluminum alloy wheels

    Load capacity: 150 kilograms (approximately 330.7 pounds)

    Battery weight: 2.2 kilograms (4.9 pounds)

    Handlebars length: 22.2 inches

    3-speed smart meter button

The Good

Effortless and Fast Commutes

This is really fast, even when you use the lowest pedal-assist level. It doesnt have problems carrying riders on the heavy side. On pedal-assist mode, it could whizz you away at 20 miles per hour (possibly faster).

If you want to cut your commuting time in half, this electric bike is a good option for you. This might not be a good choice if you travel 30 miles or more a day. If youre willing to shell out more money, the ECOTRIC 26 Electric Bike 2018 Update is worth checking out.

Good Quality Bike at an Affordable Price

This is currently selling for less than $800. It doesnt have the core features of a high-end electric mountain bike. However, for the price, its quality and performance are quite impressive.

Climbs Hills Well

The tires have a good grip and dont easily slip on wet, concrete, or muddy roads. The 7-speed gear and shifting system allows you to gain enough traction and keeps you safe while the bike moves up or down steep terrains. You still need to pedal, but the electrical assistance will really help you go uphill.

Get healthy and stay healthy. Try the ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike Shockproof Wheels today!


The Bad

No Assembly Instructions

The good new is the ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike Shockproof Wheels is 85% assembled. The bad news is putting the rest of its components together is quite a daunting task, partly because it doesnt have an instruction manual.

You could always watch videos on YouTube to make sure you put this together correctly. Or, you could get the services of your local bike shop.

Difficult to Carry Around

At 41 pounds (approximately 18.6 kilograms), its considered too heavy for a folding electric bike. Plus, the weight distribution is uneventhe rear part is heavierwhich adds to the struggle. Thats why its not a good idea to carry this around by walking. If you want a cheaper and more lightweight electric bike for urban riding, get the Swagtron SwagCycle Classic E-Bike – Folding Electric Bicycle.

Front Suspension Only

Majority of the electric mountain bikes, such as this one, are equipped with front suspension only. If youre doing serious off-road riding, youd want a rear suspension. Perhaps you could also add an adjustable suspension to your seatpost to keep yourself comfortable when riding on bumpy roads.

However, if youre only going to ride on flat and smooth terrains and do light off-road riding most of the time, you wont need front and rear suspension forks. Theyll only add a lot of weight to this already heavy bike.

Try fat tire bikes, such as the NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bicycle, instead. Electric bikes with fat tires are excellent shock absorbers and have great traction on most difficult terrains.

Who Is It For?

The ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike Shockproof Wheels is a great option for a wide range of riders. Theres obviously the people who live in small apartments or homes. Its also a great starter electric bike because of its low price. However, it might not be a good choice if youre into extreme mountain biking or need to commute more than 8 miles each way.


Based on the positive reviews, the ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike Shockproof Wheels seems a good investment. Its fast, climbs steep roads well, seems sturdy, and has enough battery juice for the average daily commute. It has its downsides, like its heavy weight and flimsy headlight, which you should consider before making your final decision.

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