Assault AirBike Elite Exercise Bike Review

If you are asking what is the best exercise bicycle, keep on reading this short review as we explore one of the top products that should be on your list. We’ll be talking about Assault AirBike Elite Exercise Bike. This is an upgraded version of the Assault AirBike Classic Exercise Bike with notable improvements in major parts, such as the console and handlebars.

Air bikes have a different kind of resistance compared to traditional exercise bikes. The Assault AirBike Elite boasts of military-grade construction, making it an excellent addition to your home gym. Keep on reading as we talk more about the things that you can expect in this product.

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Features & Specifications

First, let’s look at the top features that you can expect from Assault AirBike Elite Exercise Bike. The bike is quite expensive, so it is no longer surprising that it packs high-end features that are ideal even for discerning users.

Air Resistance

One of the best features of this bike is the 68.6-centimeter fan. This is also the reason why it is bulkier than most exercise bikes. As you pedal with more force, the workout becomes tougher. This allows the bike to deliver unlimited resistance.

Integrated Transport Wheels

Because of the weight and size of the bike, the portability is compromised. However, you don’t have to worry that it will be difficult to move it around when you need to change its position. The bike comes with integrated wheels.

LCD Display with Performance Tracking

The advanced LCD of this exercise bike is one of its best features. It is large enough to show everything you need to know about your workout. It is also smart to track your performance. You can easily monitor calories burned, heart rate, distance, and time. It also has Bluetooth connection that will allow you to connect it to other performance trackers. If you are looking for an alternative that also comes with an advanced console, Expresso Interactive Upright Exercise Bike – S3U should be on your radar.

Removable Windshield

Because this bike comes with a built-in fan, you will feel the air as you pedal. The air that blows become stronger the harder you pedal. If you don’t want to feel it, there is an option to attach the windshield.

5-Year Frame Warranty

Aside from being made using durable materials, the frame is also exceptional because it is backed with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. All other parts are covered for three years and there is one-year free labor in case it needs to be repaired. However, if you are looking for one that comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, Bladez Fitness Echelon GS Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike should be on your radar.

The Good

If you are still not convinced with the features of the Assault AirBike Elite Exercise Bike mentioned above, below are some benefits that can compel you to choose this model over its competitors.

Heavy-Duty Construction

This is a great option for those who are looking for an exercise bike that will withstand many years of use. This is expected given its price. The frame is made of high-quality steel that can withstand external elements.


You will also love how it comes with various options for customization. This allows you to personalize the bike depending on what you find to be most comfortable. The handlebar comes with a multi-position grip and the seat is adjustable based on the height that suits the user.

Large Seat

Aside from having an adjustable height, the seat is also large enough to accommodate different users. The design of the saddle makes sure that you will be seated comfortably regardless of how intense your exercise is.

Good for Interval Training

If you are looking for an exercise bike that you can use for interval training, you have another good reason to choose this model. You can engage or isolate your lower and upper body depending on the workout that you prefer. You can also pedal backward or forward, which is great if you are looking for a variation in your routine.

This high-end exercise bike packs a plethora of benefits that you can’t find in many of its competitors. Click the button below and experience first-hand the benefits listed above.


The Bad

Despite all the good things you can expect from Assault AirBike Elite Exercise Bike, there is no denying that there are also some problems.


One of the biggest issues with this bike is its price. It is for those who have the luxury of budget to spare. This is an investment worth every dollar given its features and benefits. However, if you are searching for a more affordable alternative with basic features, we recommend that you look at ANCHEER B3008 Indoor Cycling Bike, Belt Drive Indoor Exercise Bike.

Heavy and Bulky

If you are after portability, this bike can end up being a disappointment. The fan takes up a lot of space, so this may not be an ideal choice for tiny apartments or small homes. If you want a compact alternative, a good option is Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright Exercise Bike.

Who Is It For?

This exercise bike is for those who have the budget and space to spare. It is designed for users who are up to 350 pounds. Because of its size and construction, it can accommodate even taller and heavier users. This is also a great option if you are looking for a bike that you can use for interval training.


In sum, the Assault AirBike Elite Exercise Bike is a great choice if you don’t mind the price. This is by no means an entry-level bike. It is packed with high-end features that are perfect for interval training. It is a great choice for lower and upper body workouts. From durability to performance, it is easy to say that it is way above many of its competitors.

Take your home exercise to the next level! Click the button below and get this bike as an addition to your home workout equipment.


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