BKOOL GO Bike Trainer Review

Who would’ve thought that improving your skills as a cyclist can be done right in the comfort of your own home? In the past, some people had no choice but to handle scrapes, bruises, or injuries just to perfect higher levels of cycling. So, thank goodness for bike trainers! And, the most exciting part, some models like the BKOOL GO Trainer can provide you with state-of-the-art simulation. Learn more about this product below so you’ll understand why it’s the best indoor bike trainer for some users.

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Features and SpecificationsBKOOL GO

USB ANT+ Dongle

Thanks to the USB ANT+ dongle, this equipment becomes a top-tier smart trainer with mind-blowing electronic controls. It’s definitely not your ordinary bike trainer.

The smart technology of this product specifically uses ANT+, a feature that will enable you to “communicate” with your computer, phone, or tablet to make use of the electronic controls through the BKOOL Fitness App. And, even better, ANT+ will let you connect with FE-C simulators such as Trainer Roads, Zwift, and — of course — the brand’s very own BKOOL simulator.

Considered as the most extensive software for cycling indoors, the BKOOL simulator will allow you to choose the perfect type of training for your current skills with its wide variety of workout programs, classes, maps, videos, and 3D routes.

With the free subscription you can use for three months, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique 3D World of BKOOL. It’s a highly advanced technology that simulates different routes and terrain you can see in the actual world with detailed landscapes and real-time weather. You’ll have the freedom of creating programs to strengthen your training and syncing with Training Peaks, Strava, and Garmin.

And, the most exciting part? You can meet other users of the simulator from different corners of the world. You’ll have fun managing cycling competitions and leagues.

800-Watt Resistance

Because of its ability to generate power up to 800 watts for resistance alone, this bike trainer is effective at simulating slopes to a maximum of 8%. It can specifically simulate inertia to achieve the actual feeling of climbing and descending a slope. Other options like the Elite Direto 2 Interactive Smart Trainer 2019 also promote those particular features with a lower or higher wattage for different types of users.

As expected from an electronic bike trainer, the control of resistance is automatic. As long as it’s connected to a simulator, the resistance reflects the terrain’s altitude. Simply put, it’s easier to ride if you go downhill and harder when you go uphill. As a plus, when you draft another rider, there’s less resistance.

Resistance will also adjust to the intensity you have set for your program or class. That’s a common feature, especially for models like the Feedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive Trainer which is designed for spin classes.

Telescoping Legs

Stability is crucial to make every training session a success. You don’t want to lose your balance when things start to get intense which is supposed to be beneficial for your progress. That’s why this bike trainer has telescoping legs.

Adding to a higher level of stability, this equipment will apply pressure according to your weight. The pressure between the roller and the tire will either be stronger or weaker if you’re heavier or lighter.

Since fit can affect stability, your bike’s wheels must match the trainer. For your reference, the trainer arm can be adjusted for 20- to 29-inch wheels. A perfect fit also means a quieter ride, a benefit you can experience with this equipment with a noise level of only 68 decibels at 18 or 19 miles per hour.

Folding Frame

Storage convenience matters, too. What if there’s insufficient space in your home? This bike trainer is already the smallest type because of its compact, lightweight structure, but it won’t hurt to consider storage just in case.

Fortunately, this equipment can be folded and divided into two components. Not only can you store it almost anywhere since it’s lighter than 27 pounds; you can also bring it when you have to stay somewhere else. If you want something lighter, you may have to go back to basics with the 1114 RAD Cycle Products Max Racer PRO. At least it’s almost 2x lighter with its 15-pound weight despite not having a simulation feature.

Additional Details

  • US-standard power cord
  • Riser block for the front wheel
  • Quick-release skewer for the rear wheel

The Good

Daily Cycling Despite Harsh Weather

BKOOL GO Trainer isn’t just for pure training. It’s also useful if cycling is your primary workout and you’re used to doing it every single day.

What if it’s raining outside? And, when the rain stops, what about the countless puddles you’ll encounter? Not to mention the freezing temperature, snowy paths, and icy roads during winter.

Don’t let those factors get you down! With this bike trainer, you can continue with your exercise routine regardless of the weather to stay fit and healthy.

Convenient for First-Time Users

The USB ANT+ dongle makes it easier for beginners to set up the system. Once it’s connected, starting the software is a breeze. That’s the ultimate advantage of electronic control. Everything’s automatic. You don’t have to spend so much time figuring out what to connect and press.

Fast Progress

The accessibility and realistic simulation offered by the BKOOL GO Trainer can help you learn more complex cycling techniques as frequent as possible to quicken your pace. For example, if you’ll undergo actual training outdoors, you’re more likely to do it only a few hours a week due to factors like weather, traffic, work, and household responsibilities. That will possibly continue for months.

On the other hand, with this bike trainer, you can do it day and night. Even with just a couple of hours in the morning and another set before bedtime, you can complete your training in just a few weeks.

The Bad

Too Complicated for Some People

People who aren’t really adept with technology may find it hard to use the software. It turns out that you still have to log into a certain website, create your account, and use the app before you try out the features. Several steps are required, which can be a hassle even for pros with busy schedules.

Malfunction Related to a Software Update

This doesn’t happen to everyone, but in some cases, a required update may stop the ANT+ FE-C code. That feature is important for using BKOOL, Zwift, and other similar apps. The result is a malfunction on hardware transmission, which can ultimately lead to a bike trainer that won’t function anymore.

Causes Damaged Tires

Just like any other bike trainer, this equipment isn’t ideal for some tires. If your bike uses Bontrager tires, we suggest making some inquiries online. You can also do extra research about the tires that will work well with this product.

Who Is It For?

The BKOOL GO Trainer is for novice cyclists who want more support in their training. Cycling outdoors is still the best way to learn, but you’ll get results quickly with additional hours on this bike trainer.

This equipment can be some sort of game, too, for people who are into virtual sports. Just imagine how fulfilling it is to immerse in a believable simulation and, at the same time, maintain good health. Who says games are just for fun?



Technology has come a long way. Sometimes, you just have to adapt with complicated equipment like the BKOOL GO Trainer, but it will be worth it in the end. Read the user’s manual carefully, try each feature, and take your time learning the system to successfully utilize this bike trainer.

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