Brilliant Bikes Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train Hybrid Bike Review

Let’s face it—long commutes in the city can be boring, time consuming, and tiring. But, it’s an unavoidable part of our daily lives.

Made to conquer the concrete jungle of New York City, the Brilliant Bikes Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train offers a dependable, fun, and low-maintenance way to get around the city. If you’re looking for the best mens hybrid bicycle, this is worth the consideration.

This article shares some of its important features, pros, and cons to help you decide if it’s the best bike for your unique needs.

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Features and SpecificationsBrilliant Bikes Brilliant Bicycle Co - l-Train

Minimalists and vintage lovers would love the classic look of the Brilliant Bikes Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train. It’s available in two paint colors: the Hudson Blue (inspired by the Hudson River) and the Subway Grey (a homage to the train).

The simple yet attractive design of the L-Train is just one reason to like it. Its performance is another reason, all thanks to its good components that Brilliant Bicycle Co. carefully chose to meet the rigorous demands of New York City commuters.

Double Butted Chromoly Frame and Fork

Durable and lightweight at the same time—that’s the kind of frame you could expect from the L-Train. The frame and fork are made from chromoly steel, which is strong, lightweight, and flexible (without losing its form).

The frame tubing is double butted. Meaning, both ends of the tube (near the welds) are thicker for increased strength while keeping the weight low.

7-Speed Gears with Gates® Carbon Belt Drive

The L-Train isn’t exactly built for mountainous regions or cities with steep hills. But, its Shimano 7-Speed Shimano Nexus internal hub is enough for bridges, hills, and other moderately inclined roads. The only downside is the gear range is limited compared to a standard double chainset setup (which handles longer and steeper climbs better).

The bike depends on Gates® carbon belt drive to propel it forward. A belt drive has a long service life (if regularly cleaned), requires little to zero maintenance (no lubrication and degreasing needed), is perfectly silent, and has a low weight (when compared to a chain drive).

Overlooked Bike Component: Bearings

The cartridge bearing of the L-Train is sealed to protect it from dirt and water. It’s low maintenance and lasts longer (with proper care). This bike also features a threaded headset from Full Speed Ahead (FSA), so the fork turns smoothly.

Technical Specs

  • Bike weight: 27 lbs.
  • Maximum load capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Rider height: 5’2” to 6’2”
  • The bike is available in three sizes: small (29.5 inches inseam), medium (30.5 inches inseam), and large (31.5 inches inseam).
  • Tires: 700c x 32
  • Stainless-steel fasteners and spokes
  • Brakes: Shimano V-brakes
  • Tire clearance: 32 mm (1.26 inches) for the tires and 45 mm (1.77 inches) for the racks and fenders

The Good

Good Enough to Tackle Hills

With only 7-speed gears, the L-Train is definitely not a hill climber. But, this low-gear bike isn’t bad a choice at all if you live in a city full of hills. Some customers who live in mildly hilly areas claim that it can climb up light to moderate steep roads, except for really big hills.

If you’re talking about serious hills, we suggest you look for another bike with higher gears. One good example is the Retrospec Critical Cycles Barron Hybrid Bike 21 Speed.

Offers a Good Ride

For the price, this is a pretty decent bike for commuting. The ride is smooth because of its double butted, chromoly-made frame and fork. This bike doesn’t have shock absorbers or fat tires, so the chromoly frame and fork really make a difference when the streets in your area have a lot of potholes.

Then again, most hybrid bikes have skinny tires and don’t have any suspension at all, except for a few, such as the Retrospec Critical Cycles Barron 21 Speed Lady’s Hybrid Bike.

Many Areas for Adding Accessories

We love the gray finish and clean design of the L-Train. There aren’t any cables or unnecessary components attached to it, giving you more areas to put fenders, front basket, water bottle cage, rear rack, and other accessories you need.

The Brilliant Bikes Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train is your best partner for your daily commutes. Take advantage of it today.

The Bad

Issues with Some Parts

As expected, the L-Train has a few issues. One of these issues has to do with the gear cable. It stops coasting when you pedal backwards, so you’ll have to keep pedaling forward even if that’s something you don’t want to do.

Some people received their unit with scratches on the paint and a few missing bike parts or tools, like an Allen wrench.

Needs a Few Adjustments

The L-Train is already 95% assembled when it’s shipped to you. The manufacturer claims it’s also fully adjusted, but that might not always be the case. You may need to adjust its gears, handlebar stem, and brake pads, just to name a few, when you receive it.

Requires Some Basic Accessories

At its current price, we expected that this bike would have at least some of the basic bike accessories (both essential and non-essential). It doesn’t have a kickstand, bell or horn, fenders, headlight, taillight, reflectors, and a rear rack.

Of course, if you don’t want to spend extra for those accessories, you could always choose another bike. There are plenty of choices out there, such as the Retrospec Mars Hybrid City Commuter Bike.

Who Is It For?

The L-Train commuter bike is intended for leisure riding. It’s the perfect vehicle for busy commuters who want to get to around the city fast and in style. It’s a possible option if you live in a hilly area, but if you have the budget, you might want to get an electric bike instead.


Brilliant Bikes Brilliant Bicycle Co - l-Train

In a nutshell, the Brilliant Bikes Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train is great. Most of its reviews are positive. One of its outstanding features is it glides right over smooth or potholed roads. All thanks to its chromoly frame and fork, which keep the bike stable and have great shock absorption. It has a few issues, but none of them are deal breakers.

Reliable, efficient, and low maintenance—the Brilliant L-Train bike is a must-have for daily and recreational riders.