Chicco 1716000070 Red Bullet Balance Training Bike Review

When it comes to stuff for babies, Chicco is one brand that many parents are sure to recognize. Because of this, it is no longer surprising they manufacture some of the best choices for a top-rated balance bike. Among others, one of our favorites is the Chicco 1716000070 Red Bullet Balance Training Bike, which is what we will talk about in the rest of this short review.

Ready to teach your little one to ride a bike? Start with this balance bike! Read on and we’ll let you know if this makes a great choice or if you should keep on looking for other options.

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Features and SpecificationsChicco 1716000070 Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

The brand name of this balance bike is already a good reason to purchase this model. Because it is made by a trusted company, you can expect a wealth of exceptional features.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebar

With this feature, you can expect this balance bike to be great in terms of the options for customization that are available. This also means that it won’t be easy for the child to outgrow since the height is adjustable. You can modify it depending on what is most comfortable for the user.

Puncture-Resistant Tires

There are also many words of praises that have been expressed about this bike because the tires are puncture resistant. The strength of the material used is impressive. Despite this, however, as we will talk about later, the material does not have good traction.

25-kilogram Weight Capacity

The bike can support users with a maximum weight of up to 25 kilograms. This is good enough for users who are three to four years old. For a larger bike that can support heavier users, one of the alternatives that we can recommend is Ridgeback UK 2018 US Edition Scoot XL 14″ Balance Bike, which is good for kids who are up to seven years old.

The Good

If the features listed above are not enough to convince you that this is a great product, below are some of the advantages that you might find compelling.


This is a balance bike that you will surely love if you are on a budget. Even if it is made by an exceptional brand, the price is easy on the wallet. Meanwhile, if you are looking for an equally affordable bike for younger users, we suggest that you take a look at Ancaixin Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle Children Walker.

Easy to Assemble

Like many of the top-rated products that you will find on the market, the assembly does not need to be complicated. Once the product is shipped, it is already pre-assembled. This requires minimal time on your end to fix the bike and make it ready for the first ride of your little one.


The weight of this bike is one more benefit that is worth noting. Kids will hate a balance bike that is too heavy for their body. They will have a hard time moving it around, and this will make them uninterested. Luckily, this bike is lightweight and easy to maneuver, so it will be easy to convince kids to use it.


For a lightweight material, a lot of people may assume that the durability is compromised. Luckily, that is not the case with this balance bike. While being able to keep the weight at a minimum, you can be confident that this bike will last through the years.

Comfortable Grips

The handlebar is one of the most important parts of a balance bike. This is what the user holds, so it is important that it comes with an ergonomic design. This model comes with soft and padded grips on the handlebar, making it easy to hold. It is also small enough to fit the little hands of its users.

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The Bad

Even though it is made by a reputable brand, it is undeniable that some drawbacks might make you hesitant in buying Chicco 1716000070 Red Bullet Balance Training Bike.

Weak Tire Grip

While the material used in the bike is great in terms of durability, one of the problems is the traction. There are some reports about how the grip tends to be weak, which can compromise the safety of the user.

Uncomfortable on Bumpy Surfaces

This can also be attributed to the design and material that is used in the tires. Because of this, it is quite bumpy during use on rough terrains. If you want one that delivers a smoother ride, we recommend the Banana Bike LT – Lightweight Balance Bike for Kids, which is great because it comes with EVA tires.

Paint Easily Peels

It is especially true when it comes to the paint in the handlebars. Many parents noticed how the paint easily peels off.

Who Is It For?

We highly recommend this balance bike for budget-conscious parents who are looking for a bike that is good for children who are at least three years old. If you are looking for a balance bike that is designed for younger users, however, we suggest that you look at Yvolution Y Velo Junior, which is made for users who are at least 18 months.


Chicco 1716000070 Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

In sum, the Chicco 1716000070 Red Bullet Balance Training Bike will make a great stepping stone to the use of an actual bike with pedals. The brand name alone is already a good reason to have this balance bike on your radar. Good thing, it can justify its name with its exceptional features and durable construction. It ensures the comfort of the user with its lightweight body and cushioned handlebars, although, there are some complaints about the material used in the tires. When used in bumpy surfaces, it is not as smooth as those with EVA or rubber tires.

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