CLIENSY 26″ Electric Mountain Bike Review

It’s not always easy to find the best value electric bike that won’t drain your savings account. If you’re a beginner, commuter, or casual cyclist, you might want to try the inexpensive CLIENSY 26″ Electric Mountain Bike (Eshylala). This article will give you everything you need to know about this electric bike to make an informed buying decision.

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Features and SpecificationsCLIENSY 26 Electric Mountain Bike

3 Electric Bike Modes

The CLIENSY 26″ Electric Mountain Bike (Eshylala) uses a 36-volt/350-watt rear hub motor, which is enough power for the average cyclist. The motor can give you that added oomph when going against headwinds or climbing hills through the bike’s two working modes: E-bike and Assisted.

Eliminate sweating by choosing the E-bike mode. Go farther and get a bit of exercise (by pedaling) with the Assisted mode, which is further divided into five types of assist. Or, ride it like a normal bike by choosing the Bicycle mode.

The 5 Assisted modes are:

  • Level 1: Energy efficient
  • Level 2: Leisure
  • Level 3: Trekking
  • Level 4: Speed
  • Level 5: Strongest

Large Capacity 36V/8Ah Lithium Battery

With a 36-volt/8 amp-hour lithium battery at its disposal, this electric bike can travel 14.4 to 31 miles at a maximum speed of around 15 mph to 21 mph (25 km/h to 35 km/h). This already comes with its own smart lithium battery charger, so you can get this electric bike back on the road within 4 to 5 hours.

Note: The lithium battery is in a bag that hangs on the handlebars. You can charge it off the bike.

21 Speed Options

The CLIENSY 26″ Electric Mountain Bike (Eshylala) should do okay on steep hills and light off-road trails. It has multiple gears, so you can efficiently tackle different types of terrain and conditions. The carbon steel suspension fork at the front will keep you comfortable and in control of the bike when you’re hitting bumps off-road. It also comes with front and rear brakes that provide dependable and consistent stopping.

Aluminum Allow Frame with Folding Design

This electric mountain bike has an aluminum alloy frame with a folding design for easy storage and transport. The high-strength wheels are made from double-layer aluminum alloy and have 26-inch x 1.95-inch tires. You can adjust the seatpost height anywhere between 32.3 inches and 37.8 inches to fit your height.

This electric weighs 59 to 60 pounds ( 27 kilograms), which is heavy. The folded size is 29.5 inches (height) x 37.4 inches (length) x 12.78 inches (space between wheels). When unfolded, it measures 40.55 inches (height) x 69.7 inches (length).

Other electric bike specifications:

  • LCD display – It shows the battery status, mileage, and speed. At the left side, you’ll see the “+” and “-” buttons for adjusting the pedal-assist mode and another button for turning on/off the power.
  • Standard saddle (9.8 inches long)
  • Sealed 5-Shifts Power Assist controller (located below the seat)
  • Headlight and horn
  • Fenders

The Good

Great Time Saver

Some Americans commute an hour or two daily just to get to work. It doesn’t seem too bad if you use that time to unwind. However, if you want to get to and from work (or wherever you plan to go) faster, the CLIENSY 26″ Electric Mountain Bike (Eshylala) can save you around thirty minutes, more or less.

Easy to Assemble

The user’s manual is not good because it’s written in another language. However, you don’t really need to do much to put this together. When you receive this electric bike, it’s already 90% assembled. Also, there are helpful videos you could watch online to help you with the assembly.

Quality Parts and Components

The important components, such as the battery, controller, and motor, work great. If you don’t push it, you could get 3o miles from the battery on a single charge. You could probably even upgrade to a lithium battery with a higher power, for example, a 48-volt/12 amp-hour lithium battery. The motor and controller can handle it.

Inexpensive, foldable, and efficient—get the CLIENSY 26″ Electric Mountain Bike (Eshylala) now.

The Bad

Not Enough Power for Steep Hills

This is a great electric mountain bike, especially when you’re mostly riding on flat terrains. Extremely steep hills—those that have an angle that’s more than 15 degrees—are another story. You might want to pick an electric bike with a 500-watt motor and get the right equipment (for instance, cassettes with nearer ratios) if your commutes involve a lot of hills.

Might Not be Too Fast for You

The maximum speed of this electric bike is probably around 15.5 mph (pure electric mode). Of course, you could go faster if you pedal, but the motor will stop helping you. If you want to travel faster and farther, explore other electric bikes, such as the Merax 26 Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike.

Could Use a Few Upgrades

This doesn’t have a rear rack and basket in front, just like the Magnum Ui5 Electric Hybrid City Bike, for carrying your stuff. You may also want to get a more comfortable seat or stable pedals that match the type of riding you’ll be doing. But, overall, this electric mountain bike is good as it is, especially if you’re just using this for getting around the city or town.

Who Is It For?

The CLIENSY 26″ Electric Mountain Bike (Eshylala) is more appropriate for beginners than serious mountain bikers. It’s for people who want to avoid traffic, save money on gas, or get an electric last-mile vehicle.

Be warned, this electric bike is heavier than the X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle. Fortunately, there are many lightweight (less than 30 or 20 pounds) electric mountain bikes on the market that you could consider.


CLIENSY 26 Electric Mountain Bike

The CLIENSY 26″ Electric Mountain Bike (Eshylala) is a good introduction to electric folding bikes. Its speed and mileage are sufficient for most types of riding. The five levels of pedal-assist in this electric bike are a blessing, allowing you to choose the amount of effort you want to put in. Overall, it’s worth checking out.

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