CycleOps Mag Plus Cycling Bike Trainer With Adjuster Review

Indoor trainers designed for both novice and advanced cyclists don’t come around too often. That’s why the CycleOps Mag Plus Cycling Trainer is the best indoor cycling trainer for a lot of riders. Check out the connection between its linear resistance and the high level of versatility it guarantees.

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Features and SpecificationsCycleOps Mag Plus Cycling With Adjuster

Magnetic Linear Resistance

If you prefer quieter rides, magnetic resistance trainers are recommended. This one, in particular, will only produce 70 to 74 decibels at 20 miles per hour. For lower noise levels, check out the CycleOps 9930 M2 Smart Trainer and the BKOOL GO Trainer.

However, the beauty of magnetic resistance doesn’t revolve around less noise and friction alone; it’s also linked with linear resistance to increase the level of your workout as you control your pedals and gears. It’s unlike fluid resistance wherein you should speed up your movements just to enforce resistance. That can be a problem for beginners who aren’t used to endurance training yet.

The linear resistance of this bike trainer has five levels or position adjustments to either let you have an easier workout or a harder one. It can specifically simulate cruising and hill climbing. You’ll have complete freedom deciding whether to do a regular spin or intense intervals.

To prevent you from stopping your session just to adjust the resistance, this bike trainer has a remote shifter mounted on a handlebar. The handlebar is a strategic place of convenience since you always hold it.

Precision-Machined Alloy Roller

Your bike’s tires should also be considered when you buy an indoor trainer. Make sure that the roller is made of high-grade metal to prevent slips and worn-out rubber. Fortunately, this model uses an alloy roller.

But, you have to think about the fit, too. What if the tire is too big or small for the roller? No wonder this bike trainer has a turn knob for that kind of adjustment.

For the sake of reference, this cycling trainer is for bikes with 29-inch wheels and 2.25-inch tires at most. To be more specific, the two-inch resistance roller is ideal for 26”, 27”, 29”, 650b, 700c, and 2.0 sizes.

Folding Frame

A secure hold is crucial when you use cycling trainers. As its way to keep you safe when you ride indoors, the folding frame of this model has a spring-loaded bolt-action lever to ensure that the bike won’t wobble or shake.

The frame also promotes a faster setup. It comes with a quick-release feature and adjustable legs. As a plus, the leveling feet will allow you to easily adjust the unit on almost any type of surface–including uneven ones.

Additional Details

  • 24 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 8 inches tall
  • Weighs 18.91 pounds
  • Made of aluminum
  • Black frame with silver and yellow accents
  • One size and color for all users
  • Made in Wisconsin, USA
  • Lifetime warranty

The Good

Perfect for Apartment Life

Other than the fact that it’s quiet especially on a carpeted floor, the CycleOps Mag Plus Cycling Trainer is compact and lightweight. That’s a big deal for apartment owners. Some people have no choice but to live on higher floors, and that’s a huge bummer if they’re used to riding their bikes regularly.

This indoor trainer can help them maintain their lifestyle. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying a heavy bike while ascending or descending several flights of stairs.

Another portable model you may use is the 1114 RAD Cycle Products Max Racer PRO. It’s even lighter with its weight of only 15 pounds.

Nonstop Sessions

You’ll have a higher chance of completing an intense training session when you take advantage of the momentum. If you’ll keep on pausing to make adjustments, you may feel discouraged and stop your progress. And, that’s where the remote shifter shines! It will let you adjust the resistance and other features while you’re still riding your bike.

Can Automatically Provide Maximum Resistance

With other models, you need to spend some time warming up the system to achieve full resistance. The CycleOps Mag Plus Cycling Trainer, on the other hand, only needs a cable adjuster. The function of that essential component begins when you attach the cable and turn the knob. When you hear a click, the adjuster will instantly release maximum resistance. You can finish your workout earlier than intended.

The Bad

Not Enough Resistance

Some users think this bike trainer doesn’t have much resistance even at its fullest. Magnetic resistance is known for its strength, but this model isn’t powerful enough for some pro cyclists. Despite the versatility of this equipment for beginners and pros, the former is more likely to enjoy it than the latter.

Should Be Elevated in Some Cases

If you don’t have something that can elevate the unit and your bike has big tires, you’ll be dealing with an annoying problem. Without a riser, you’ll just ruin your precious carpet or flooring. The wheel is going to constantly rub it as long as you’re stepping on the pedal. On the bright side, you won’t experience that with small wheels even if you don’t use a riser.

Who Is It For?

The CycleOps Mag Plus Cycling Trainer is a great addition to households. If you’re living with your family or a bunch of roommates, everybody will have a good time with it. That’s because it won’t matter if there are first-timers or experienced cyclists in your home. The resistance levels of this bike trainer can go from simple cruising to serious intervals.

And, the best part? This model is also an excellent choice for independent renters, especially if their room is in a tall building. They can finally ride their bike anytime without the need to go up and down the stairs.


CycleOps Mag Plus Cycling With Adjuster

Despite the shortcomings of the CycleOps Mag Plus Cycling Trainer in terms of assembly and advanced training, it’s still a practical option. It’s effective for initial training until you’re ready to focus on more serious stuff. Aside from being one of the cheapest models, it’s totally functional for improving basic skills.

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