CycleOps Mag Bike Trainer Review

One of the most important factors you should think about when buying an indoor trainer is the sturdiness of the frame. Ignore it and you may deal with shaky or wobbly rides, or worse–your bicycle won’t stay up, bringing you down along it. To save you the trouble of browsing hundreds of trainers with steel frames, we’re recommending one particular model. The CycleOps Mag Trainer is considered to be the best home bike trainer for some cyclists. Learn the features that make it a reliable option aside from its sturdy steel frame.

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Features and SpecificationsCycleOps Mag

Solid Steel Frame

The whole structure isn’t entirely made of steel, but its overall quality is outstanding. It has aluminum sections, which is still pretty awesome. Aluminum is actually a sought-after material for bike trainers since it can resist corrosion, just like steel. It can last for years.

In addition, the frame is wider than other designs to secure the magnetic resistance unit. Your bike will be mounted with a quick-release axle as well. Rest assured you’ll remain safe while riding regardless of your height and weight. That can ultimately improve your confidence for each training session, resulting in an excellent performance.

Turn-Knob System

For a better experience with your indoor trainer, the frame should be convenient, too. It must promote easier assembly so you can mount your bike without any hassle. Fortunately, the frame of this model comes with a turn-knob system. That design will allow you to attach your bike’s rear-wheel quickly even with zero tools in sight. It will also make sure that the wheel’s tire always maintains contact. As a plus, there’s no need for a stabilizer for the front wheel unless it’s necessary for you.

When it comes to removing your bike, the frame has a locking mechanism you can slide open or close. It will only take literally a few seconds.

Five Speed Options

Resistance should come in different levels for versatility. This bike trainer specifically has five resistance levels to let any person use it. It has a knob for you to control when you want to adjust the tension. The knob is strategically located on one side for your convenience.

Additional Details

  • 5” x 20.1” x 7.1”
  • Weighs 3.52 ounces
  • One size for all users
  • Comes in a bright yellow color with black and silver accents
  • Free skewer
  • Made in Wisconsin, USA
  • Lifetime warranty

The Good

Quieter than Some Fluid Resistance Trainers

A fluid resistance bike trainer usually has a spring assembly. A component is more likely to touch the rear tire, which may produce a loud noise. That’s why fluid systems are generally noisier than the magnetic ones. However, there are models out there like the CycleOps Fluid Trainer that have advanced designs to address the problem. You just need to look more carefully.

Meanwhile, the CycleOps Mag Trainer will still create buzzing sounds but not too loud for the next room to hear. You’ll easily drown it out with your TV or stereo.

Tool-Free Assembly

With this bike trainer, you can proceed to the assembly right after receiving the package. You won’t need extra tools just to attach your bike to the equipment. For example, when you try to install the rear wheel, simply use the locking mechanism securing the skewer.

Fewer Adjustments

Since the CycleOps Mag Trainer uses a lever to lock the wheel, adjusting your bike’s position all the time won’t be a thing. Once you secure your bike to the trainer, you may use it immediately. What’s left for you to set or change is the resistance and the gear to customize your workout based on your training needs. Feel free to add sensors and connect with apps if you want.

The Bad

Prevents Swift Changes on Resistance

Other models will let you adjust the resistance during your ride, but you can’t expect the same thing with this bike trainer. This product will force you to pause your ride before you make adjustments.

If you think that will ruin your momentum as a rider, you should consider other options. The CycleOps Mag Plus Cycling Trainer is a user-friendly model because of its remote shifter. You can adjust its resistance just by controlling the mechanism on the handlebar.

Plastic Roller

No matter how high-quality plastic is, it’s still less durable than high-grade metals. So it’s not news at all that the plastic roller of this bike trainer is off-putting for some users.

In some instances, the roller of this model can only last 100 miles or less. That’s because the constant friction between the wheel and the roller can ruin plastic in no time. This even gets worse with higher resistance.

Poor Paint Job

Dealing with chipped paint is easy enough. After all, that’s more of an issue on appearance. Meanwhile, thick dried paint is another story.

The thick sections of this bike trainer may force you to scrape the paint off just to make the level move. You may even have a hard time securing the resistance unit due to the excessive paint job on the threads’ surfaces.

Who Is It For?

The CycleOps Mag Trainer is a safe option for taller or heavier cyclists. Its steel frame will remain upright even though it’s the folding type. It will support you and your bike even when you put more pressure and speed on the pedals. This model is one of the best options if you’re standing over six feet tall or weighing more than 200 pounds.

Since safety is the top priority of people recovering from injuries, the strength of this bike trainer is also beneficial for them. Injured cyclists can slowly ride again without the fear of falling because of the frame’s undeniable stability.


CycleOps Mag

The inability to change resistance anytime you want is just a small price to pay for the extra-strong frame of the CycleOps Mag Trainer. Its plastic roller may have its disadvantages, but you can’t deny the fact that this model is a great option for beginners. It’s very affordable, but it gets the job done. If you’re ready for more serious training, you’ll surely appreciate the alloy roller of the CycleOps Fluid2 Indoor Trainer.

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