CycleOps Magneto Cycling Bike Trainer Review

There are different types of indoor trainers out there, but some cyclists only have their eyes on magnetic models. Some of those people are even set on buying one specific option, and that’s the CycleOps Magneto Cycling Trainer. It’s the best magnetic bike trainer for them since it’s considered to be the first of its kind to offer progressive resistance. Find out how effective progressive resistance will be in your training before we discuss other essential features of the product.

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Features and SpecificationsCycleOps Magneto

Magnetic Progressive Resistance

What exactly is progressive resistance? Bike trainers with that type of system can speed up your training. You can only experience resistance when you pedal faster, which is why there’s no need for an extra knob. You’ll have no choice but to exert more effort, which can lead to the improvement of your skills in just a short amount of time. It will also give you a more natural feel as if you’re actually on the road.

Now, it only gets better with magnetic resistance. It can reduce friction and retain a noise level of only 66 to 68 decibels at 20 miles per hour. This is perfect if you’re living in an apartment. You won’t disturb other tenants.

To let you experience different resistance levels, this bike trainer uses PowerBand technology. It’s a huge factor to the tight connection between your gear shifts and the resistance.

Zinc Alloy Flywheel

With Magneto technology, the precision-balanced flywheel works perfectly. It ensures secure attachment of your tire to the resistance unit through a special clutch knob. The clutch specifically makes adjustments to the pressure of the rear tire. Don’t worry about literally putting too much pressure into the tire; the mechanism rotates when it reaches its limit.

Bolt Action

What about the possible adjustments needed for your bike? This indoor trainer uses bolt action for foolproof mounting. It has a locking mechanism to tightly connect the bubs and the trainer. It’s also spring-loaded to automatically achieve the ideal compression without requiring you to adjust a nut.

Additional Details

  • 9 inches long, 13.4 inches wide, and 10.4 inches tall
  • Weighs 18.70 pounds
  • One color and size for all users
  • Comes with a two-inch roller
  • Asymmetrical leveling feet for the rear
  • Quick-load cam lever
  • Not for 29ers
  • Made in Wisconsin, USA
  • Lifetime warranty

The Good

Durable for Advanced Cyclists

If cycling has always been your go-to activity, surely you’re used to exerting more force and speed when you pedal. Riding your bike outdoors also means adapting to factors like traffic and terrain, so it’s a no-brainer that you have to be faster and stronger to reach your destination.

When it comes to indoor training, however, you can’t perform like a boss with just any trainer. Some models are too flimsy for dynamic rides. What you need is a product like the CycleOps Magneto Cycling Trainer, mostly because of its sturdy frame and high-quality components.

Lets You Exercise Anytime You Want

This bike trainer can easily ignite your inner flame that will make you a better cyclist. It will challenge you to do your best even when you can’t go outside.

The winter months may force you to stay at home, but this won’t stop your training if you’ll buy this model. Overtime at work can also be a factor, so you should invest in this product. Remember, you must never risk your safety by cruising the streets at night with your bike.

The Bad

Loose Screw

If you’re not lucky enough, you may receive a faulty unit of this bike trainer. One issue you might encounter is the loose screw somewhere near the flywheel. You’ll notice it when you feel that the flywheel is rubbing something and ultimately makes annoying sounds. You may even find it impossible to use the trainer at all because the flywheel won’t rotate smoothly.

Tricky Installation of the Bolt Action Tube

Inserting the bolt action tube supposedly takes a few seconds only. However, with some units of this model, you’ll need a hammer just to secure the tube. That’s a huge risk since the hammer can easily dent or scratch the frame. And, what if you have no tools at home? You’re supposed to ride your bike indoors as soon as you receive the package, not wait for another day or two just to buy a hammer. It’s also not too far-fetched that you might hurt yourself while using the tool.

Can Be Noisy

This magnetic bike trainer has a spring-loaded component, so it can produce a noise some people can hardly bear. Most users of this model are satisfied with its subtle buzz, but others just can’t take it.

All bike trainers make sounds, so it’s up to you to decide whether the product is quiet enough for you or not. Check out other quiet options like the 1114 RAD Cycle Products Max Racer PRO and the BKOOL GO Trainer to make sure you’ll choose the perfect model for yourself.

Who Is It For?

The CycleOps Magneto Cycling Trainer is for avid cyclists. It can endure hard pedaling so you can ride your bike however you want, just like what you’re used to when you do it outdoors.

This bike trainer is also for pro cyclists who don’t want to stop training even during rainy days or winter months. The same idea also goes for busy people who can’t find the time to ride their bikes during the day.


CycleOps Magneto

Without the unfortunate issues you may get from a secondhand or damaged unit, the CycleOps Magneto Cycling Trainer is almost perfect when it’s brand-new. Its durability can last for many years because of its sturdy frame and durable material. More importantly, its progressive resistance can improve your skills fast. If you’re up for more options with that kind of resistance, we also recommend the CycleOps Fluid 2 Cycling Power Training Kit.

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