Early Rider Road Runner Balance Bike 14 Review

Confidence and comfort when riding a bike – these are two of the things that the Early Rider Road Runner Balance Bike: 14 Silver can deliver to its users. It is designed to make it effortless to teach the little ones the basics of riding a bike. This is a high-end option for those who are looking for the best balance bike for 3-year old.

Is this bike a good choice for your kid? What are its notable features? Are there drawbacks of choosing this balance bike? Read the rest of this short review to find out.

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Features and SpecificationsEarly Rider Road Runner Balance Bike 14 Silver

It may not be as popular as those that are made by popular brands, but you can still expect a decent set of features that will make it worth considering in your search for a top-rated balance bike.

14-Inch Pneumatic Wheels

With the construction of the wheels, you can expect that the quality is second to none. In fact, this is also one of the reasons why it is expensive. Aside from being durable, the wheels also make sure that the balance bike will be comfortable even if it is used on rough surfaces.

Threadless Headset

The headset is the component of the bike that attaches the handlebar to the fork. It is threadless, which prevents the bike from wobbling. Aside from being stable, this also helps in making sure that the bike lasts through the years. This is the same feature that you will find in Banana Bike GT – Balance Bike for Kids.

Drop-Down Handlebar

The design of the handlebar is different from the conventional options for a balance bike. This makes it mimic the feel of being in a road bike. However, this design also makes it quite awkward to grip.

Adjustable Seat Height

Like many of the top options, such as the Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike (4.4 lbs) for Ages 1.5 to 5 Years, you will love the adjustable seat of the bike, which makes it grow along with the user. You can adjust the seat post from 37.5 to 47.5 centimeters.

The Good

If you are still not convinced that Early Rider Road Runner Balance Bike: 14 Silver is a good product, the benefits listed below might make you change your mind.

Lightweight Frame

One of the things that we like in this bike is how it is able to keep the weight at a minimum. This is good for its users since this means that it will be effortless to move around. If the balance bike is too heavy, it is ineffective in training the little ones.

Excellent Tires

Aside from the frame, the quality of the tires is also exceptional. It is made with a solid grip, so you can expect it to be great when it comes to safety. The traction is great. It has pneumatic road tires that can withstand rough surfaces and long-term use.


The comfort of the user is a sure thing. Kids will love using the bike as they feel comfortable, especially with the design if the seat. You can adjust the latter depending on the height of the user. Nonetheless one thing that can be an issue when it comes to comfort of the user is the design of the handlebar, which we will discuss later.

Ready Out of the Box

Another thing that you will love in this balance bike is how it is easy to assemble. Right out of the box, you don’t need to exert a lot of effort and waste time to complete its assembly. It is fully built once it is shipped.

Sealed Bearings

This is a good thing as it protects the bearings from external elements that could speed up it wear. Also, the seal makes sure that it won’t scratch the legs of the user.

All these benefits should be enough to convince you that Early Rider Road Runner Balance Bike: 14 Silver is a great product. Click the button below and buy it today!

The Bad

To make this review unbiased, let us also look at some of the drawbacks of Early Rider Road Runner Balance Bike: 14 Silver.

Few User Reviews are Available

If you are the kind of person who relies on user reviews to evaluate the products you are buying, you might find a red flag in this model. There are few reviews available online, which means that you won’t learn much from the experiences of other people. With this, you might want to consider alternatives from more popular brands, such as the Chicco 1716000070 Red Bullet Balance Training Bike.

Awkward Position of the Handlebar

This is one thing that might have a negative impact on the comfort of the user. The lack of ergonomic design may make some users easily tired. Young users may find it hard to position their hand in the handlebar.


The price of this balance bike is one thing that might make many buyers hesitant. This is one of the most expensive you will find on the market. If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, we suggest that you look at Banana Bike LT – Lightweight Balance Bike for Kids.

Who Is It For?

With the price of this balance bike, this is for those who are looking for a luxurious option. It is for buyers who don’t mind paying extra in exchange for quality and performance. For the age of the users, the manufacturer recommends that it is best for kids who are 3 to 4.5 years old.


Early Rider Road Runner Balance Bike 14 Silver

In sum, the Early Rider Road Runner Balance Bike: 14 Silver is a high-end product, but many users are quite hesitant because of the lack of credible online reviews. Despite this, you can expect the bike to have innovative features to guarantee the best performance and the highest level of comfort of its users.

What are you waiting for? Click the button below and take advantage of an irresistible online deal for this high-quality balance bike.