ECOTRIC 26″ Electric Fat Tire Bike Review

Want a solid off road electric bike with good price? The ECOTRIC 26″ Electric Fat Tire Bike, also called an E-go electric bike, is great for almost all types of terrain, from snow, to dirt trails, and regular roads. This article has the information you need to know if you’ll love this fat tire electric bike from ECOTRIC.

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Features and SpecificationsECOTRIC 26 Electric Fat Tire Bike

36-Volt Lithium-ion Battery

The lithium battery is rated at 36 volts and 10 amp-hours, which could keep this electric bike running for 16 to 18 miles if on pure electric mode. You can charge the battery for 6 to 8 hours on or off the electric bike. It has a key, so it remains on the down tube to prevent theft.

Another great thing about this electric bike is you can ride it like a normal bike, with the battery attached or removed. If you don’t want to remove it, just push the control button on the left handlebar to turn it off.

PAS and Throttle-Only Modes

Equipped with a 500-watt motor and Shimano Acera 7-speed gear system, the ECOTRIC 26″ Electric Fat Tire Bike can reach speeds of up to 23 miles per hour (mph). It also features two bike operation modes, the throttle-only mode and the pedal-assist mode (with 5 levels of speed), to suite your riding style and needs.

Similar to most fat tire electric bikes, such as the ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle, this has 26 by 4 inches fat bike tires. These tires can comfortably handle various terrains, such as grass, hill, mud, sand, snow, dirt roads, and paved surfaces.

Note: This model doesn’t have a speedometer. The Ecotric Smart LCD has three assist levels (low, medium, and high), 4-LED battery meter, on/off button, and 6km cruise control button.

Durable Aluminum Alloy Frame

The frame is made from 6061 aluminum alloy, which is easier to handle, lighter, and cheaper. With the battery attached, the total weight of this electric bike is 58 pounds. It can accommodate a rider who’s 5’24” to 6’23” tall and weighs up to 265 pounds.

This electric bike measures 73.23 inches long and 39.76 inches high (from the ground to the handlebar). The distance between the front and rear wheels is 45.2 inches.

Additional Details

  • Tektro Novela mechanical disc brakes
  • Fixed handlebar
  • Non-folding bike frame
  • 400 to 600 battery life cycles
  • Wheel reflectors and front and rear warning reflectors (white)
  • Most components are preassembled.

The Good

Offers a Pleasant Ride

Thanks to its 4-inch wide tires, this is generally comfortable. The large tires absorb the impact of the many imperfections on rough roads, putting less stress on your back and hands and conserving your energy. That’s why most fat tire electric bikes, such as this one and the ONWAY 26″ Snow & Beach 7 Speed Fat Tire Electric Bicycle, don’t need any type of suspension system.

Good Acceleration and Braking

The pedal-assist mode and throttle-only mode work perfectly well to give you an extra boost when you need it. It doesn’t have a speedometer, but most riders are satisfied with its speed, which could reach 20 mph. And, it has good brakes, so you can have the confidence to go full speed, knowing completely well that this will stop fast and safely.

Sweat-Free Assembly

There’s little assembly that you need to do. The electric wires are already in place. The fat tires are also filled with air. You only need to put the handlebar, seat, front wheel, and pedals. There’s a video that you could watch to help you put this together faster.

Ride along different road surfaces—sand, snow, mud, and more—with little effort. Get the ECOTRIC 26″ Electric Fat Tire Bike today!

The Bad

Far Too Heavy

Carrying something that weighs 58 pounds, or roughly 26.31 kilograms, is no joke. The tires are bulky and the frame doesn’t fold, so this is really not the ideal choice for you if you want an electric bike that you can store effortlessly in the trunk of your car or a taxi.

If you want something that’s portable and compact, you’ve got plenty of choices out there. Check out the SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding Ebike.

Missing a Few Must-Have Accessories

It doesn’t have shock absorbers and suspensions, which are not a major deal because it has fat tires. There are also no headlight to light your way and fenders to keep you clean and dry. But we believe the major downside of getting this is it doesn’t have a speedometer, so you can’t really tell how fast you’re going.

Uncomfortable Seat

If you have a bad back, you might want to consider replacing the seat with a more comfortable one. A few customers complained that the seat of this fat tire electric bike could become uncomfortable, especially on longer trips.

Who Is It For?

The ECOTRIC 26″ Electric Fat Tire Bike is for someone who’s at least 5’10” tall. Anyone who’s shorter than 5’9” will have trouble touching their feet to the ground.

This is great for most types of terrain, whether it’s firm or soft. So, if you live somewhere that has nothing but snow, sand, and/or rocks, this is a good option for you. With the help of the pedal-assist mode, this could climb slightly to moderately inclined roads, but it might quickly lose power on hilly areas.


ECOTRIC 26 Electric Fat Tire Bike

This fat tire electric bike from Ecotric works perfectly well. You get the boost you need, thanks to its pedal-assist and throttle-only modes. This will let you enjoy the great outdoors and get in touch with your environment.

For the price, we didn’t expect it to have high-end parts. However, it’s a bit of a downer that it doesn’t have fenders, front and rear lights, horn, and speedometer. These might not be crucial parts of the bike, but they’ll surely make a difference on your riding experience.

Get out and feel the wind in your face and hair. Put more fun in your life with the ECOTRIC 26″ Electric Fat Tire Bike.