Elite Tuno Power Fluid Pack Bike Trainer Review

Nobody wants a noisy bike trainer. That’s why manufacturers are doing their best to address the problem. What they usually do is focus on the design of the roller, so you might as well consider that specific component when you buy an indoor trainer. While most trainers are using steel or plastic rollers, the Elite Tuno Power Fluid Pack Trainer uses a special kind of material. Check out the specifics of its composition as well as other features that make this model the best cheap bike trainer for a lot of cyclists.

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Features and SpecificationsElite Tuno Power Fluid Pack

Extra-Large Elastogel Roller

The enlarged structure of the Elastogel roller makes the bike trainer 50% quieter than standard models. Not only that, a worn-out tire is less likely to happen by 20% because of the bigger size. In fact, there’s also a spring-loaded mechanism that will provide the right level of resistance consistently no matter how big the wheel is.

In addition, stability is guaranteed with this indoor trainer. The roller won’t spin out when you start sprinting with your bike. You don’t have to worry about slips anymore when you pedal faster.

More importantly, the Elastogel roller can ensure a realistic simulation of road conditions. Riding your bike on this trainer will feel right, making you spend a long time on it. That means you’ll be experiencing a thorough workout without losing interest.

What exactly is Elastogel, anyway? It’s actually a compound specially designed for the brand itself. To be more specific, Elastogel contains polyurethane to decrease the chances of tire wear, noise, and slippage.

Fluid Resistance

Aside from having 50% less noise than other bike trainers, this one is also 50% more powerful than a typical fluid model. It can specifically produce a peak power of 1,200 watts at around 37 miles per hour. You’ll enjoy this to the maximum if you buy a separate Misuro B+ adapter. That extra feature will let you connect with apps like My E-Training.

This bike trainer will force you to pedal harder so you can experience a higher level of resistance. However, even when you move slower, you’ll still be able to feel the resistance. That’s because the flywheel is completely soaked in oil. This is also a factor to the quiet system of the equipment.

As a plus, this model won’t vibrate despite the intensity. Rest assured your feet will stay comfortable on the pedals.

Folding Frame

For the sake of portability and storage, the compact frame can be folded quickly. You can place it almost anywhere.

But, let’s focus on the versatility and safety aspect of the frame instead. It can fit 24- to 29-inch wheels because of its added width. It also has an Automatic Tension Plate to keep the appropriate amount of pressure between the tire, roller, and unit.

When it comes to safety, mounting the bike will be foolproof thanks to the swift fixing mechanism. The frame is even reinforced with 50-millimeter tubes to enhance the contact area for stability.

Additional Details

  • 29 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 12 inches tall
  • Weighs only 10 pounds
  • Comes with a riser block and a floor mat
  • Unique white color with black and red accents

The Good

Quieter than Most Magnetic Trainers

Some people still consider magnetic bike trainers quieter than fluid ones. You can’t blame them; magnetic models like the CycleOps Mag Trainer can be super-quiet. Also, you really can’t assume that every fluid trainer has a lower noise level since each model has a different set of features.

The Elite Tuno Power Fluid Pack Trainer, however, is one of the quietest options in general. It perfectly captures the essence of fluid trainers being smoother than the magnetic type.

More Exciting Workout

Who doesn’t want a more interactive way to ride bikes indoors? This bike trainer can connect with simulation apps to improve your training and keep you from getting bored. Admit it; riding your bike for hours inside your home can be dull. You can always watch TV while using a cycling trainer, but that’s not a guarantee you’ll stay entertained.

Practical for Any Cyclist

Your age and living arrangement won’t matter if you choose the Elite Tuno Power Fluid Pack Trainer. It’s safe to use because of the secure mounting mechanism and the solid frame. The folding frame is also compact so you can store it anywhere in your home. Plus, with its 10-pound weight, you can bring it anywhere you like.

The Bad

Syncing Issues with Zwift

If the only cycling app you prefer is Zwift, you may encounter a problem with this bike trainer. It requires a separate adapter, which raises possible technical issues like failure to sync data. There’s a perfect indoor trainer for each person, so don’t hesitate to consider other smart models. We also recommend the Elite Direto 2 Interactive Smart Trainer and the CycleOps H2 Direct Drive Smart Trainer.

Inaccurate Readings

Monitoring your progress is crucial when you train to be a better cyclist. Does your current session deliver results? Should you pick up pace in your next sessions? These types of questions are essential for a more concrete training program or plan. Unfortunately, with the wrong set of data, you can’t be sure if you’re doing your training right all the time.

Who Is It For?

Cyclists living in apartments and dormitories will surely appreciate the Elite Tuno Power Fluid Pack Trainer, especially if their rooms are located on higher floors and there’s no elevator in sight. Using the stairs every time you want to ride your bike outside can be time-consuming and even discourage you to spend more time training.

The dilemma doesn’t stop there; indoor trainers can be noisy, too. That can create conflict between you and your roommates or neighbors. Luckily for you, this fluid model is very quiet.


Elite Tuno Power Fluid Pack

As a heavy-duty bike trainer, the Elite Tuno Power Fluid Pack Trainer is a highly recommended product. It’s very powerful, but it won’t produce loud noises. It’s a helpful trainer despite possible inconsistencies and compatibility issues with Zwift. Only defective units have those problems so there’s no cause for alarm.

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