Feedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive Portable Zero Resistance Bike Trainer Review

If you prefer the traditional design of bike trainers, the rollers of Feedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive Trainer have a classic design. It’s highly recommended for cyclists who just want to stay in shape before a huge event or competition. Despite its limitations because of its lack of resistance, it’s still the best cycling trainer for some people. Learn more about it by knowing the strengths of each feature.

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Features and SpecificationsFeedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive Portable Zero Resistance

Precision-Machined Aluminum Rollers

The rollers of this bike trainer follow the traditional design for a reason. They don’t work with resistance levels for the benefit of competitive racers as well as cyclists who are into spinning. Also, they’re meant for a good warm-up or cool-down, not hill-climbing which requires higher resistance.

Just because this indoor trainer lacks slope simulation doesn’t mean advanced cyclists won’t be challenged. Nothing will hold the rear wheel of your bike for better track simulation. After all, you can’t always hold a straight line when you ride your bike on the road. In addition, by adjusting the gear to the highest setting and moving at 25 miles per hour or more, your workout will be as intense as other types of exercises.

Anodized Folding Frame

Assembling and storing this bike trainer is unbelievably easy. That’s mostly because you don’t need tools for it. It’s also a breeze to handle thanks to its light, compact frame.

The frame also comes with a fork-mount design. This is important to give sufficient space for flat-mount and post-mount disc brakes.

Meanwhile, for easier transport, this indoor trainer has its own tote bag that’s extremely durable for any weather condition. The padded bag has a very high resistance to scratches, impact, and water.

Maintenance-Free Roller Bearings

The rollers will never budge without bearings. The same idea goes for skateboards and other items with wheels. That’s why expert skaters always make it a habit to clean and maintain bearings.

Fortunately, the bearings of this bike trainer don’t need regular maintenance at all. They’re already greased generously for smoother movements. They’re also sealed, of course, to secure them.

Additional Details

  • 2 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 9 inches tall
  • 25-inch rollers
  • Weighs 14 pounds
  • One size for all users
  • Metallic red color with black and silver accents
  • Compatible with 650b to 29-inch wheels
  • 3-year warranty

The Good

Better High-Speed Training

Cycling isn’t just about how strong your legs are for climbing slopes. Sometimes, it’s all about the speed, and you can’t maximize it if there’s high resistance. Since the Feedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive Trainer doesn’t have resistance, it’s one of the top indoor trainers for high-speed training.

Can Last for Years

Other than the fact that this bike trainer has a heavy-duty frame, you can always put it in its padded tote bag whenever you store it. The bag will surely protect the equipment when you have to transport it somewhere. Factors like dust, moisture, impact, and scratches won’t stand a chance against the tough covering.

Less Maintenance

We’ve mentioned that the roller bearings of the Feedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive Trainer don’t require maintenance, but that’s not the only reason why this model is super-easy to maintain. The smooth surfaces of this equipment will easily look brand-new with just a few wipes. Also, the frame quickly folds up and stays intact as long as it’s inside the tote bag.

The Bad

Can’t Be Used for Slope Simulation

Resistance is a must if you’re looking forward to hill-climbing indoors. This bike trainer doesn’t have one so don’t expect it to meet all of your expectations. You can’t do anything about it even if you’ll use the most difficult gear setting.

Serious training gets better with models like the Elite Direto 2 Interactive Smart Trainer and the BKOOL Smart Pro 2 Trainer. Those options can simulate slopes by generating at least 1,000 watts of power, resulting in higher levels of resistance. So if you’re set to do more than just spinning, resort to trainers similar to the said products.

Wobbly Movements

If you’re used to the traditional indoor cycling with exposed rollers, this bike trainer will be good enough for you. The absence of something to hold the rear wheel of your bike won’t bother you. However, if you’re a beginner, you may have a hard time steadying the wheel over the rollers. You should consider models like the Elite Tuno Power Fluid Pack Trainer instead. Its roller looks like a cradle to support the wheel perfectly.

Not Interactive

What can you expect from a classic bike trainer? It’s practical for daily use, yes, but it’s not hi-tech for simulation apps. The best thing you can do to entertain yourself while using this equipment is to watch your favorite movie or TV show. Meanwhile, for the sake of tracking your progress, you have to find a way to add sensors that can measure your performance.

Who Is It For?

The Feedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive Trainer is perfect for cyclists who just want to focus on spinning or high-speed training. Without any resistance, you’re free to go as fast as you want. This is important if you’re planning to join a race.

Additionally, this bike trainer is generally practical for busy people, too. It’s low-maintenance so you’ll only use it for training most of the time. You don’t need to maintain its mechanisms, components, and surfaces regularly.


Feedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive Portable Zero Resistance

Training indoors doesn’t have to involve resistance. Cyclists who prefer spinning than hill-climbing will enjoy the features of the Feedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive Trainer. It’s designed for high-speed rides, which is helpful if you want to improve your racing skills.

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