ferty Folding 36V 250W Electric Moped Sport Mountain Men Bicycle Review

Searching for the best affordable electric bikes for going to work or school? With so many choices out there, which one should you get?

If you need something that’s efficient on flat, hard terrains, simple to use, low maintenance, and affordable, we suggest the ferty Folding 36V 250W Electric Moped Sport Mountain Men Bicycle. That said, we’ve highlighted the important aspects of this electric bike in this article.

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Features and Specificationsferty Folding 36V 250W Electric Moped Sport Mountain Men Bicycle

Lithium Battery Capacity

At 36 volts, the lithium battery provides approximately 2.5 to 5 hours of travel time. To give you a better idea of its mileage, a person who’s 195 pounds (around 88.5 kilograms) could ride on this electric bike for 10 miles at 17 miles per hour (mph) on a paved road without any problem.

On paper, the battery is detachable for charging (between 4-6 hours). However, due to its wires and transformer, it’s too much trouble to charge it off the bike.

Note: the battery is stored in a regular handlebar bag.

Wheel Hub Motor Capacity

The Ferty is a single-speed electric bike with a 250-watt wheel hub motor. As you can see, this isn’t going to conquer steep hills. However, with moderate pedaling, you can engage the motor, so you can zip up light to moderate hills and ride over rough roads, without draining your energy.

There are two ways to operate the Ferty: throttle-only and pedal assist-only. You can also turn off the power and use it like a regular bike.

Fold-And-Store Frame

It’s not as compact as the Montague Paratrooper 24 Speed Folding Mountain Bike, but it could still fit in your apartment, camper van trunk, boat, or any small space. Folding it is easy—just fold the pedals and lift the locking lever near the controller to fold the frame in half.

With its aluminum alloy frame and double-walled wheels, this single-speed electric bike is expected to support up to 250 pounds of weight. The height of the seat is adjustable, from 31.5 inches to 37.4 inches (80 centimeters to 95 centimeters), to accommodate people who are 5 feet and 5 inches and 6 feet and 1 inch tall.

When folded, the bike measures 45 inches (length) by 27 inches (widest points of the handlebars) by 33 inches (height). The open dimensions are 63 inches (length) by 37 inches (height from the handlebar to the ground).

All-Terrain Components

Navigating unpaved, rocky roads and smooth city streets is not a problem with the Ferty. It has a center shock absorber and front suspension, allowing you to have better control of the bike and a more comfortable ride. It has an anti-slip feature and power cut off brake sensor to keep you safer while you tackle different terrains.

It has 26-inch by 1.75-inch tires, which generally require a tire pressure between 4o and 65 psi (pounds per inch). For on-road use, you’d want to inflate the tires to 65 psi. You’d want to use a lower tire pressure, like 40 psi, if your weight is too light or for off-road cycling.

The Good

A No-brainer to Use

It doesn’t have a lot of gears that you need to familiarize, so you won’t get overwhelmed. Although those wires might get you frustrated. But other than that, it’s simple and enjoyable to use on paved and unpaved road surfaces.

Good Mileage Per Charge

This is an affordable, entry-level commuter electric bike that’s meant for short-distance travels. A single charge provides enough power for 15 to 20 miles round trip, if you alternate between pedal-assist mode and pedal-only mode.

And, you don’t have to worry traveling at night on this electric bike. It has a horn with a decent sound, rear warning reflector, and LED headlight to avoid accidents.

Strong and Attractive

This is a cool-looking electric bike with an attention-grabbing design. But, it’s not just pleasing to the eyes. Most of the components seem to be of good quality. The frame is sturdy and has a good load capacity, although it’s heavy. So far, we haven’t heard of the bike breaking down after just a few months of use.

Get fit or cycle to work on time on the Ferty folding electric mountain bike. Get it here.

The Bad

A Little Tough to Assemble

Newbies might get a mild headache from assembling this. It doesn’t help that the the one-page instructions are difficult to understand. We suggest you seek the help of a seasoned cyclist or your local bike shop to put this together.

Note: This is shipped to you preassembled. The only parts you need to assemble are the front wheel, battery, and pedals.

Short Battery Life

A few people say the battery doesn’t hold a charge for too long. Depending on certain factors (wind condition, riding style, your weight, etc.), you might need to charge it after a day or two. (We don’t think that’s too bad, though.) It doesn’t also help that it’s not convenient to remove the battery for charging or storage.

If your daily commute is more than 20 miles, long-distance electric bikes are better choices. A good example is the NAKTO 26″ City Adult Electric Bicycles and Assisted Bicycle.

Not for Steep Hills

Well, this only has a single gear, so this is to be expected. Single-speed electric bicycles, such as the Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike, are best suited to flat, smooth roads. They can take a few light to moderate hills, but steep hills could pose a great challenge.

Who Is It For?

The ferty Folding 36V 250W Electric Moped Sport Mountain Men Bicycle is for the everyday commuter (5’3” to 6’1” tall) who plan to use it on paved, flat roads. It’s for people who aren’t looking for something fancy in or don’t want to spend too much money on their first (or second) electric bike.


ferty Folding 36V 250W Electric Moped Sport Mountain Men Bicycle

You may love or hate this Ferty folding electric mountain bike. The biggest issue it has is its battery, which doesn’t hold a charge, according to a few customers. However, its upsides outweigh its downsides. It’s attractive, affordable, robust, performs well, and relatively fast.

Looking for a main exercise tool? The ferty Folding 36V 250W Electric Moped Sport Mountain Men Bicycle is the perfect choice.