Fluid Bike Trainer Stand Review

The worst possible thing that may happen to fluid cycling trainers is leakage. If you prefer that type of indoor trainer, you need to make sure that the fluid wheel is made of extremely durable material. Fortunately, the Fluid Bike Trainer Stand uses high-grade stainless steel and NO-LEAK technology. Find out more about those features as well as other reasons why this model is one of the best bike resistance trainers.

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Features and Specifications

Stainless Steel Fluid Wheel & NO-LEAK Technology

This bike trainer guarantees powerful resistance because of its special fluid contained in a chamber. The liquid will force you to pedal faster to increase the resistance. That means fewer adjustments and a more efficient workout due to the effort needed. You may also adjust the gap between the fluid turbo and the wheel if you prefer it that way.

To protect the fluid inside, the unit’s wheel consists of stainless steel. As a plus, the whole system relies on NO-LEAK technology. That results in a bike trainer that won’t overheat or leak despite heavy use.

Solid Frame with Extra-Wide Base

The frame is so strong that it can support a total weight of 380 pounds max. Its base is also noteworthy because, without it, the bike trainer will fall short of expectations when it comes to stability. Even when you move faster, the entire structure won’t shake or wobble.

There’s another benefit linked to stability. As long as your bike is steady on the trainer, you’re less likely to deal with loud noises. This model is very quiet, specifically around 60 decibels only.

Just in case the surface of the ground or floor isn’t perfectly flat, the frame comes with a rubber pad on the bottom. It’s even adjustable so it can be used by most people.

Quick-Release Skewer

A common problem users face when they buy the wrong product is the incompatibility between their own skewer and their chosen trainer. It’s a good thing that this particular model has a free quick-release skewer. It even has a bonus item which is the sweat guard to prevent corrosion.

In terms of fit, both road and mountain bikes can be used with this trainer. To be more specific, 26- to 29-inch wheels can be accommodated by the equipment. Meanwhile, brands like Giant, Raleigh, Specialized, and Pinarello are great for this model.

Additional Details

  • Can hold 700c wheels
  • Comes with one block for the front wheel
  • Includes free tools
  • Lifetime warranty

The Good

Practical Equipment for Home Gyms

Stationary bikes are popular choices for people who are starting to create their private gym at home. They’re more affordable than other gym equipment like treadmills and elliptical trainers.

However, they’re usually bulky, which leads to storage and transport problems. And, more importantly, bike trainers are generally cheaper than stationary bikes. The Fluid Bike Trainer Stand will give people a chance to have a simple home gym despite the lack of budget and space.

Although, the Body Champ BRB852 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike is still a good choice if you want to train as a cyclist. It can maintain the strength of your leg muscles. It’s quite big, but many people prefer using it over upright bikes.

Promotes Multitasking

When you’re on the road, you have to give full attention to your bike’s path. You shouldn’t do anything else but focus and pedal even if your phone keeps on ringing.

For busy days, this bike trainer is a lifesaver. It will let you use your phone anytime and even allow you to watch TV as a distraction from the physical demands of cycling. That’s right; expect a heavy workout with this equipment despite its simplicity.

Watching your favorite shows isn’t the only distraction you can get from using any bike trainer. You can resort to hi-tech options like the CycleOps 9930 M2 Smart Trainer and the BKOOL Smart Pro 2 Trainer so you can enjoy virtual worlds with advanced simulation apps.

Can Last for Years

Some beginners prefer to buy a low-quality bike trainer at first and then eventually spend more money on a more advanced type when they’re ready to amp up their training. That’s totally okay, but it can be a hassle for people who are on a tight budget.

The Fluid Bike Trainer Stand can be your one-time purchase. It’s well-designed to endure frequent training. It’s a long-lasting product because of its self-cooling system, leak-proof fluid chamber, and tough steel surface.

The Bad

Flimsy Nuts and Bolts

High-quality steel housing aside, it’s unfortunate that some units of this model have loose nuts and bolts. That problem will make it impossible for any rider to use the bike trainer. Once the fasteners get loose, the fluid’s chamber will only fall apart. If you decide to buy this product, remember to inspect every nook and cranny for loose parts and test the unit so you can return it immediately if necessary.

Too Noisy for Some Users

Due to factors like defective components, mistakes during installation, and the type of flooring you have at home, this bike trainer can still be loud even though it’s supposed to produce 60 decibels only at higher speeds. Some users living in apartments are certain that the noise can reach other rooms. They describe the noise like a deep buzzing sound.

Who Is It For?

The Fluid Bike Trainer Stand is perfect for active and busy people. Whether you’re focused on your fitness goals or just determined to live a healthier lifestyle despite your busy schedule, it will give you everything you need to have a fulfilling workout. Its resistance will surely challenge you.

This indoor trainer is also practical for beginners. They can use it for years even when their cycling skills are already improving a lot. The performance and durability of this product may convince you to save your money instead of buying another brand-new model.


The flaws of the Fluid Bike Trainer Stand mostly exist due to factors related to manufacturing defects and the conditions inside your home. As a brand-new, functional product, it can surpass your standards because of its leak-proof system that won’t overheat.

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