Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider Balance Bike Review

The art of balancing on a bike is a skill that is not easy to learn. With the help of a balance bike, things can be easier. This is where the Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider Balance Bike enters the picture, which is the subject of the rest of this review.

This large balance bike comes with a wealth of safety features, including a turning limiter. It can also be converted into a regular bike once the user is older, although, you will need to buy a separate kit for this.

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Features and SpecificationsGlide Bikes Kid's Go Glider Balance Bike

This balance bike is not cheap, but this does not mean that you should instantly ditch the idea of choosing it over many others. It is worth every dollar as it is packed with exceptional features that make it stand out from its competitors.

16-inch Tires

This is one of the biggest from the balance bikes that are available on the market. The tires are large because it is a convertible kit. Kids can also use it like regular bike with the addition of a pedal kit.

Steel Alloy Frame

This is not as lightweight as a bike with an aluminum frame. Nonetheless, the weight is still not a burden for its users, especially with the other features that can promote the highest level of comfort.


With the handbrake that is incorporated into this bike, it provides the users with a greater degree of control.

Sealed Bearings

A common feature that you will see in high-end balance bikes, this protects the bearings from wear and tear that can be caused by external components, including rain, mud, and dust.

Low Center of Gravity

The frame is designed to have a low center of gravity, which is great in terms of making the bike stable and safe. This prevents the bike from being wobbly, even if it is used on rough surfaces.

Foot Pegs

If the user ever gets tired of using the bike, the foot pegs will come handy. It gives their feet a comfortable place to rest after getting tired from pushing the balance bike.

The Good

If you are having a hard time to be convinced that Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider Balance Bike is an excellent product, let’s take a quick look at some of its notable benefits.


One of the things that you will love in this balance bike is the fact that it is convertible, which means that it won’t be easy for your child to outgrow its use. After using it as a balance bike, it can be converted into a normal bike, although, you will need to purchase a pedal kit to do this.

Perfect for Any Terrain

Regardless if kids will use the bike on rough or smooth terrains, no need to worry about their comfort. The tires are designed in such a way that it can minimize vibrations. It also has excellent traction for your peace of mind about the safety of its user.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebar

With the customization that you can make with the seat and handlebar, it can accommodate the growth of your kids. As they grow taller, you can make the necessary adjustments easily so that they can still use this bike.

Comes with a Turning Limiter

We also love this bike because of the safety features that are available, including the turning limiter. As the name implies, the main function of the latter is to restrict the left and right movements of the bike. This is the same safety feature that you will find in FirstBIKE Street Balance Bike.

Has Features of a Regular Bike

As it has been mentioned, this is a convertible bike, so you can expect that there are features that you will find in a traditional bike, including foot pegs, handbrake, and kickstand.

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The Bad

However, like its competitors, the Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider Balance Bike is not perfect. Some issues will make you think twice in buying this product.

Tall Handlebar

As reported by some parents, the position of the handlebar is quite awkward because of its height. It is tall and not proportionate to the shape of the frame. There is a tendency for the user to lean forward to be able to grip it, which can be quite uncomfortable.

Brake Can be Hard to Engage

Another potential problem with this model is when it comes to engaging the brake lever. Kids might need to exert quite an effort to do this as it is a bit hard. It may also require some practice before getting used to it.

Not for Young Users

This isn’t for young riders. The bike is tall and won’t make a good choice if you are looking for the best balance bikes for toddlers. Instead, you might want to consider looking at Ancaixin Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle Children Walker and Avenor Baby Balance Bike.

Who Is It For?

This balance bike is for parents who do not mind spending as it is quite expensive. For the age of its users, meanwhile, it is for kids who are five to ten years old. The maximum age limit is similar to JOYSTAR Kids Bike for Girls & Boys.


As highlighted in this Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider Balance Bike review, this is an exceptional product. It can be quite expensive, but it is easy to justify the cost. It is made using high-end materials that can withstand the test of time. The bike is packed with safety features for your peace of mind, including a handbrake and a turning limiter. Best of all, with a pedal kit, you can convert this into a regular bike.

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