Haro Bikes Prewheelz 10 Balance Bike Review

Haro is one of the reputable companies known for their exceptional balance bikes. Among others, one of their best offerings in the market is Haro Bikes Prewheelz 10 Balance Bike, which is the subject of the rest of this short review.

The small size of the Prewheelz 10 makes this the perfect option for little users. It is designed with high-end features that are comparable to those that you will find in the more expensive alternatives on the market.

Thinking of buying this product from Haro Bikes? To help you make the right decision, this short article looks at some of its notable features, as well as a few of its pros and cons.

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Features and SpecificationsHaro Bikes Prewheelz 10 Balance Bike

Let’s start this short review with a look at the features of the Haro Bikes Prewheelz 10 Balance Bike to give you a glimpse of what you can expect from this product.

Tubeless Tires

The tires are tubeless, so this means that it will never go flat. Despite this, some noted that this is not exactly for aggressive riding, so keep its use on smooth surfaces. The tires are also scuff-resistant.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebar Height

To make it accommodate the growth of the user, you can adjust the height of the seat and the handlebar depending on what the user finds to be most comfortable. Making these adjustments will also be a snap.

Rider-Assist Grab Handle

At the back of the seat, there is a grab handle. This is useful for parents who would like to assist their kids while using the balance bike to make sure that they won’t fall off. It is also designed to make it easier to carry the bike.

The Good

If the features above are not enough, below are the benefits of Haro Bikes Prewheelz 10 Balance Bike to give you compelling reasons to purchase it.

Easy to Adjust Seat

This balance bike comes with an adjustable seat, which you can set at a minimum of 11 inches. Customizing the height of the saddle does not need to be a complicated task. There is a quick-release post so that it will be a breeze to adjust the height depending on the inseam of the rider. With this, you can expect this balance bike to be useful even after years.

Reasonable Price

The price isn’t exactly cheap, but when you consider the features and the performance of this balance bike, it won’t take long before you realize that it is worth every dollar. Despite being an economical option, it is a bike made by Haro, a company that has built a name for the BMX and mountain bikes.

Excellent Wheels

The design of the wheels is one more thing that makes this exceptional. The traction may not be as superior as its higher-end counterparts, but it is made using excellent materials that can withstand the test of time. Another equally great product with exceptional wheels is the Strider – 12 Pro Balance Bike. If you go online and read Strider bikes review, you’ll understand what we are talking about.

Comfortable Seat

Aside from being adjustable, the seat of this balance bike has also been given words of praises because it is comfortable. It is oversized and padded, which means that the user won’t feel easily tired even with an extended period of use.

High-Quality Frame

The steel frame of this balance bike is another benefit worth highlighting. It is not as lightweight as a bike that comes with an aluminum frame, such as the Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike (4.4 lbs) for Ages 1.5 to 5 Years. Nonetheless, at its price range, the material is already good enough, assuring  that it will withstand the test of time.

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The Bad

As proof that we don’t have a bias on this model from Haro Bikes, let us also discuss a few of its possible drawbacks.

Comes with Exposed Bolts

Like the Banana Bike GT – Balance Bike for Kids, one of the problems that we see in this bike is how it comes with exposed bolts. This puts kids in danger as the bolts can be sharp. It can scratch their ankles as they use this balance bike.

Not for Rough Terrains

It is also important to note that this balance bike is not designed to handle aggressive riders. It won’t work well for tough terrains. It is best only for smooth and paved surfaces. Otherwise, you might end up compromising the comfort of the user.

No Handbrake

Another possible issue with this model is how it does not come with a handbrake. This should not be too much of an issue as this is meant for young users. Nonetheless, it is good to introduce the concept of using a handbrake while they are young. If the latter is the case, one model that we can recommend is Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider Balance Bike.

Who Is It For?

This balance bike is recommended for young toddlers who are at least 18 months old. It comes with an adjustable seat, so this can grow with the child. It may not be good for petite users because the design of the footrest is quite awkward.


Haro Bikes Prewheelz 10 Balance Bike

From what we have discussed in this short review of Haro Bikes Prewheelz 10 Balance Bike, it is pretty much clear that it is an exceptional product. Its price does not hurt the wallet while its features are comparable to the higher-end options on the market for balance bikes. It has a durable construction, comes with features to ensure comfort, and grows along with your child. It also comes with a high-quality tire that does not go flat, although, it has been reported that it comes with poor traction. Another possible problem is that the bolts are exposed.

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