How To Make Exercise Bike Seat More Comfortable

The exercise bike is a piece of very important & efficient training equipment. If we want to spend money on things that are going to help with our fitness, then the exercise bike is the way to go as a potential indoor exercising machine. We all should think about buying and having an exercise bike in all our homes.

This is a great piece of equipment for everyone to have at their hands because these bikes can provide us with lots of benefits. These bikes help us to stay well-toned, grow muscles, burn body calories, and boost cardio fitness.

Being fit is something we all aspire to. And an exercise bike is one of the best ways to stay fit. Almost everyone can use these bikes. They provide low impact on the joints & knees, so it is great for all-around exercise.

Also, an indoor exercise bike has many advantages. We can use it whenever we want. Even if the weather is bad, we won’t need to go outside our homes for exercising. Rather, we can just have a long training or exercise session on the exercise bike.

But some problems might arise. Like, using the exercise bike for just a short amount of time might not make your body ache. But, if we use the exercise bike for longer periods or if we use the bike in the wrong way, then those bike seats are bound to make us ache all over our body and especially at the bottom.

We don’t want to be in pain. So, we need to learn what we can do to make this pain go away. There are some steps we can take to alleviate this pain by learning how to make an exercise bike seat more comfortable.

We all should try to learn those tips to make our riding smooth & comfortable. Fitness is a very important issue. Body pain coming from uncomfortable bike seats & other issues related to this – might even sustain for a few days. There might even be cases of sore sitting bones, chafing, aching coccyx & butt.

That’s why, in this article, we are going to be learning tips about how to make exercise bike seats more comfortable for us.

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Possible Reasons for Causing Pain

There might be several reasons for causing pain in the bottom & then in our body. Most often, we might not understand & ultimately take up a long time to figure out the actual problem. Hopefully, after reading this article, all of us will know what possible factors are reasons for our pain. Now, we are going to know about those different reasons.

Wrongful Adjustment of the Seat

In most cases, this improper seat adjustment is the culprit for causing such discomfort & pain. What happens in most people’s case is that we tend to lower our height, by adjusting the saddle at a lower level than needed. And this awkward physical state of the boss is what leads to pain & discomfort.

Improper Attire for the Training Regime

Exercise bike seats are built in a certain way. So, this specialized equipment may need specialized attire for feeling comfortable. We all have seen cycle shorts. These shorts are different from normal shorts.

There’s a different type of cutting in the shorts which makes those appropriate to use in these training regimes. They won’t let our bottom feel too much pressure.

Normal shorts don’t help us protect our skin from chafing & even sore sitting bones & aching coccyx. Improper attire leads to facing discomfort & pain.

But not everyone understands the importance of this specialized dress for cycling, so we tend not to buy it & do hard exercise in our normal shorts. And this may cause our body & butt ache. This is another big reason for feeling discomfort & pain after a long training session.

Not exercising in the Right Way

Exercising in the wrong way is going to affect our body. If we are applying too much pressure in our bottom-side or anywhere, we are bound to have discomfort.

Also, exercising in the wrong form is bound to have serious effects on our bodies. This pain in the body might even continue for several days.

Not exercising with the Right Saddle for Our Body

The saddle is where we are putting our weight. So, if the saddle is unable to sufficiently support our body and weight, then we are going to feel discomfort & pain in our body.

If our body is being placed out of the saddle and we are continuing to exercise in that unusual form, then this will become a big problem for our body. We will face aching pain in our bodies.

Having Infection Related Problem

This is something that will probably cause worry for us. But this is something that is seen to happen among people often. It is very common among people who are used to very intense & long training sessions. Bacteria are present everywhere. So, whenever we are training hard, bacteria can easily get trapped in our bodies with our sweat.

We just need to take necessary precautions to avoid this kind of infection problem. We should always shower & clean ourselves well and then wear clean clothes. Also, our cycling shorts should be adequately cleaned.

Possible Solutions for Making Exercise Bike Seat More Comfortable

There are several solutions which can be implemented to make our training regime more comfortable & more suitable for us. So, these training exercises don’t cause pain to our whole body.

Correct Adjustment of the Bike Seat

Because every person has a different height, that’s why every one of us needs a good adjustment of the seat – directly connected to our height. This is why, every cycling team, every cycling trainer & manager, every specialist always focuses primarily on the seat adjustment factor corresponding to the height of the user.

The solution to this issue would be to find the correct height & adjustment for the bike seat & the user. We might need to experiment a little bit to find the best setting & saddle height corresponding to our height.  Almost in most cases, a correct seat adjustment is enough to alleviate all those problems mentioned before.

In most cases, we can make the exercise bike very comfortable by doing a perfect adjustment of the bike seat which is directly related to our height as mentioned before. And we need to learn more about this seat adjustment for learning how to make an exercise bike seat more comfortable.

One good way of adjusting the bike seat to our height is that we need to stand next to the bike & then we need to raise or lower the saddle until it is in level with our hip. Now, if we sit down on the saddle & put our feet on the pedals, we will realize that our legs are almost straight but with a little bend in our knees about 5-10 degrees.

Wearing Suitable Attire during Exercising

There is a big reason why cycle shorts are being used by everyone all over the world. Because the specialists recommend using specified cycle shorts while exercising. The shorts are made in a bit different way which allows for us to feel more comfortable, even when we are exercising.

These shorts help with the circulation of blood throughout our body & these also help with good air circulation. Since this is recommended by specialists worldwide, all of us should come forward & use this from now whenever we are training or exercising.

The discomfort mainly comes from chafing in our inner thighs. The cycle shorts will take care to keep the chafing at bay.

There is something even better than cycle shorts and that is padded cycle shorts. These will provide us with even more padding, which will ultimately make our exercises very comfortable.

Using Chamois Cream

This cream is also used by people all over the world who are prone to exercising more often for making a comfortable training regime. Those people understand the pain of aching in our inner thighs & our butt. Whenever we are thinking of exercising on the exercise bike, we should use this cream in our inner thighs & butt and everywhere else, where it might be prone to chafing.

This thick cream ultimately helps to minimize friction between our skin & clothes. It makes us feel very comfortable and helps us provide good lubrication & protect our skin from chafing while exercising in the bike seat.

This is also known as anti-chafing cream because it helps to stop chafing. Chamois cream can come in different forms like balm, powder, and cream.

Getting a Perfect saddle for Us

Bike saddles vary in size & shape. So, choosing the right saddle for us to use is very difficult. Since this is an important factor to look out for, we need to take time in choosing the perfect sized & shaped paddle for us.

A perfect saddle would be the one which can perfectly support our weight & body. So, a strong & big saddle for our body is what we need for feeling comfortable while exercising.

Using a Good Quality Padded Seat Cover

The saddle that came with the exercise bike might feel very hard for us, which will ultimately cause us pain & discomfort. And, even if our saddles aren’t that hard, still using a padded seat cover is going to give us a very comfortable experience.

That’s why, we are recommended by people who have used this, that we should buy and use a good quality padded seat cover. A quality gel-made seat cover can make a vast difference for our comfort. Bikeroo Large Bike Seat Cushion can be a good example of a gel-made seat cover.

Improving Our Technique & Form

A good body form is always important. If we are exercising continuously with bad form, then that is not going to be pleasant for us. Our whole body will ache. So, to prevent that, specialists have always stated that people should at first learn the actual basic form for their body when exercising.

In regards to our form, one popular opinion is that all of us should keep our body straight & not lean at an angle. Also, we should keep our knees bent at a 5-10degree angle for better performance & for good form.

That’s why it is best to exercise without leaning too much on the saddle. And it is not recommended to have a very long training session at a time. Rather, all of us should take breaks from time to time, to give our body rest amidst all the harsh exercise.

Another good form for exercising on an exercise bike is that all of us should try to put our whole feet in the paddle & cycle completely.

Correct Adjustment of the Bike Handles

Corresponding to the saddle height, we need to keep the bike handles of the exercise bike machine at a higher height as well. This will provide a good body form for us.

This, in turn, will help us to exercise comfortably for longer periods. By keeping the bike handles higher, we can use our core muscles more efficiently & we are not facing back pain due to good form.

Building up Slowly

Whenever we are training, we should never power through from the very start, because that can hurt our body. It is always best to start at a slow pace, take our time & increase our pace little by little. In that way, we can maintain good fitness.

Summary & Final Remarks

If we summarize, then we are presented with the following solutions for making exercise bike seats more comfortable. They are:

  1. Adjusting our saddle height & position
  2. Using padded cycle shorts
  3. Using padded seat cover
  4. Using chamois cream
  5. Getting the perfect saddle

Exercising is very important & using an exercise bike helps us perform a good amount of training sessions easily at our homes. We should continue with our training regime on the exercise bike.

And if we face any discomfort and pain, now we know what could be the possible reasons for that & we can easily identify the problem.

And we even learned about the possible solutions. So we can just implement those solutions & then hopefully we will enjoy a quality training session with our exercise bike for a long time.