How to Remove Bike Pedals: A Quick DIY Guide

Different parts of the bike will wear out over time, especially with frequent use. Even the bikes with top-notch quality will most probably require removing and replacing some parts at one point. Among others, you might need to do it with the pedals. With that, if you want to know how to remove bike pedals, keep on reading the rest of this post and learn from the valuable insights we’ll share.

Table of Contents

How to Remove Bike Pedals

You do not need to be a trained and expert mechanic to remove the old pedals. Once they are detached, you can even easily complete the replacement of your own.

Position the Bike Properly

The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you position the bike properly. Work on a flat surface so that the bike will be stable. If it is wobbly, it will be difficult to complete the task. It will be good if the bike has a kickstand. Alternatively, you can turn it upside down and use the seat as the anchor. Or, you can also lean it against the wall.

Find the Right Wrench

Now that the bike is in a stable position, perform a quick inspection of the pedals to determine the type of the wrench that will be needed to have it easily removed. The space between the crank arm and the pedal will dictate the wrench that will be needed for its removal. A pedal wrench is needed if the surface has a flat area where the wrench can grip. If it has Allen wrench sockets, obviously, an Allen wrench is what you will need for this job. In some instances, you can use either a pedal or Allen wrench.

Remove the Pedal

Now that you have figured out the right type of the wrench to be used, proceed to the removal of the bike pedals. Start on the right pedal. When you are loosening the right pedal, you have to turn counterclockwise. In case you are using a pedal wrench, you first need to rotate at a half turn, lift the wrench, and return it to perform another half turn.

After removing the right pedal, it is now time to move to the left side. This time, you have to turn clockwise to loosen it.

Now that you have finished loosening the pedals, remove them and set aside.

Pro Tip

If you have not removed the pedals in a long time, chances are, they are already hard to take off. They must have hardened on the surface. If this is the case, an easy solution is to apply or spray a lubricant directly on the screws to make it easier to remove. If you are replacing the bike’s pedals, you should also apply waterproof grease directly into the pedal holes to prevent it from hardening in the future.

Wrap Up

Knowing how to remove bike pedals is a skill that any bike owner should learn. Luckily, it is fairly an easy task, especially if you follow the steps that have been briefly mentioned above.