Huffy 26-Inch Women’s Trail Runner Mountain Bike with Dual Suspension Frame and Suspension Fork Review

Whether it is on paved roads or rocky terrains, a good mountain bike is a must-have if you want a comfortable and safe ride. Among others, one option that you might want to include on your list is Huffy 26-Inch Women’s Trail Runner Mountain Bike, which is what we’ll be talking about in this short review.

This Huffy bike is designed specifically for women. From the frame to the weight, it is built with the needs of female riders in mind. Nonetheless, that does not mean that it is inferior compared to men’s mountain bikes.

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Features and SpecificationsHuffy 26 Inch Women's Trail Runner Mountain Bike with Dual Suspension Frame and Suspension Fork

The Huffy 26-Inch Women’s Trail Runner Mountain Bike is affordable, but that does not mean that it lacks impressive features. It is not the best mountain bike in the world, but there is no shortage of features that make this a great product.

Steel Frame

While steel is a durable material, one of the problems is its weight. This will make the bike significantly heavier compared to their counterparts that come with an aluminum alloy frame.

Two-Tone ATB Saddle

The saddle has two colors and is adjustable, so you can customize it depending on the height of the user. Despite this, you might find the seat to be quite steep, which can be uncomfortable during long-distance rides.

18-Speed Index Shifter

The gearing options are quite limited, but this is more than enough in most conditions. The shifter is easy to engage, and the transition is smooth. This also makes the bike versatile. You can choose the desired gear depending on the surface conditions.

Shimano Rear Derailleur

The mere fact that the derailleur is from Shimano can already give you peace of mind. The quality is exceptional even if the bike is affordable. This contributes to a smooth ride across a mix of terrains.

Linear Pull Brake

A linear pull brake is an evolution of the cantilever pull brake. The problem with the braking system is that it’s not as efficient as a disc brake. If you are looking for a bike with a better braking system, one option we can recommend is Mongoose Salvo Comp 29″ Wheel Frame Mountain Bicycle, which has a hydraulic disc brake.

The Good

Need more reasons to be convinced to buy Huffy 26-Inch Women’s Trail Runner Mountain Bike? Below are some benefits you might find compelling.


Price is the biggest draw of this product, especially for buyers who don’t have the luxury of budget to spare. It is one of the cheapest mountain bikes we reviewed, but that does not mean that it is inferior. Like the 29″ Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike, it is affordable but delivers a good performance.

Easy to Assemble

It is frustrating to spend hours assembling a new bike. For those who are too lazy to deal with complications, this mountain bike is a good choice. It is built ready to ride, like the Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike. This means that most of the components are already pre-assembled and it won’t take long before you are ready for the first ride.

Ideal for Different Terrains

This is because of the incredible suspension of the bike. Whether you are using it on smooth roads or uneven terrains, you’ll be comfortable. It also improves the responsiveness of the ride while minimizing shock absorption. Even when biking for an extended period, you won’t feel easily tired.

Rugged Tire Construction

While there are flimsy components, the tire is not one of them. It is built to last. Plus, it also offers excellent traction on different surfaces. If you prefer a bike with wider tires, however, one option worth looking at is Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bicycle.

Low Bar Design

This is one of the major design elements that make it perfect for women. With the low height of the bar, it is easy for most women to swing their legs and pedal the bike. This is unlike in most of the men’s bike with a tall bar.

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The Bad

While we have a lot of words of praises about Huffy 26-Inch Women’s Trail Runner Mountain Bike, admittedly, this is not a perfect product. Some drawbacks might make you hesitant in choosing this mountain bike over its higher-end counterparts.

Brake Quality Can be Better

We earlier mentioned that this bike comes with a linear pull brake. It’s is not as efficient as its counterparts. We’d prefer a disc brake on our bikes for more reliable stopping power, especially when it is raining or when the ground is wet.


Considering that this is a bike that is built for women, the weight can be an issue for some users. This is because it has a steel frame. If you want one that is lighter, we recommend picking a mountain bike with an aluminum frame, such as Dynacraft Power Climber 26″ Ladies 21S Mountain Bike.

Flimsy Components

With the price of this bike, we suggest that you keep your expectations low, especially when it comes to durability. You’ll get what you are paying for. There are some complaints about how it has components that are easily prone to wear.

Who Is It For?

This mountain bike is for women on a budget. It is a great entry-level bike, especially for city dwellers who intend to use the mountain bike on smooth surfaces most of the time. Despite such, the bike can also handle rough roads, although, it is not as good as how higher-end bikes can tackle uneven terrains.


Huffy 26 Inch Women's Trail Runner Mountain Bike with Dual Suspension Frame and Suspension Fork

The Huffy 26-Inch Women’s Trail Runner Mountain Bike is affordable while delivering decent quality. The operative word here is decent. While it is good at its price point, those with discerning preferences might want to look at the more expensive alternatives. Nonetheless, this mountain bike excels in many ways, such as through its suspension and assembly.

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