Is Biking Good for Your Butt?

There are many questions associated with biking and its benefits and whether biking is suitable for your butt is one of the questions. Bikers typically want to know how biking impacts their butt and glutes. If you consider transforming your glute and work out the butt, you must understand how biking precisely moves the butt.

To get the answer to whether biking is suitable for your butt, read more on this article.

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Is Biking Good for Your Butt?

The short answer to whether biking is suitable for your butt is yes. When biking, various muscles are involved; calf muscles, hamstrings, and quads. The butt muscles, too, are equally engaged as you cycle. The most superficial and most significant butt muscle, the gluteus maximus, extends the hip when you are pedaling, and it gets quite a workout whenever you pedal.

Cycling involves all your butt muscles, and they become more toned the more you keep on cycling. The toning gives a different result to everyone, but in most cases, it is usually in the form of added muscle mass, which culminates in what is called a ‘tight butt.’

Biking also leads to fat loss, and so will it in your butt. This is the main reason why biking makes your butt look good. The butt is a problem area for many because fat deposits itself around the butt and below it. By cycling, you will be burning off all the fat deposits that have permanently resided there, and this will make your bum look good.

Ways to Work Out Your Butt Muscles When Cycling

Activate the Glutes

The primary key to ensuring cycling is beneficial for your butt is activating your butt muscles as you cycle. Let your muscles visualize by squeezing in the downstroke of each pedal. It will be as if you are doing a single-legged squat if you push down on the pedal of each stroke since you will be pushing using your heel in a be-ding position. It would be best if you squeezed and contracted your glutes on the leg as you do this.

Cycling position

To work out your butt muscles even more when cycling, try setting up your bicycle so that your legs remain in the best position to work on your glutes when you cycle. The best way to target your glutes as you pedal is by placing your knees in a 90 degrees position and ensuring they are closely bent. This way, the upright torso and the 90-degree bend at the knees make it look like you are doing step-ups.

When the pedal is up with your knees in this position, you will be doing a deep single-leg squat when pushing the pedal down since you will be moving the glutes. To hit your butt muscles, you could adjust your seat even more so that it goes lower. As you pedal focus on using the glutes to push down instead of the quads. Also, ensure your thighs are close to parallel with the ground.

Highly placed handlebars will ensure your torso remains in an upright position as much as possible.

Stand Up at the Hill

Refrain from using the gears on your bike when cycling up the hills and you will work out your butt excellently. Keep your bike in a high gear so that it can give good resistance on the pedals and then stand up when pedaling. Even if you are standing, try as much as possible to maintain an upright torso without leaning forward too much. By doing this, it will be as if you are doing step-ups. For optimum results, use your mind and actively focus on contracting and squeezing your glutes instead of the quads.

Push with your Heels

To work out your butt muscles most, push the bicycle using your heels and not the toes. You could also try using your heels when pedaling and engage those muscles. However, be keen to do this, significantly if you have lowered your seat since, you could risk a knee injury if you use your heels to push so much in a seated position. If you feel like this is a good workout for your butt, you can use your heels but don’t allow the knee to extend over your toes too much.

What Other Workouts are Good for your Butt Muscles?

To work out your butt, you should engage in activities and exercises which aim at your glutes. The flitted are three different muscles; the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and the most significant muscle, gluteus maximus. Below are workouts that are good for your glutes.


Squats target the gluteus maximus as they also work on the core, calves, thighs, and hips. Squats are the staple form of any lower body workout. If you feel pain when doing the squat, try other states to do the squat.

If you need a more challenging form of squats, try the Bulgarian split squat. With this, you are required to balance one of your legs as you elevate the other on a sturdy chair. Even if this move works on the quads of the front leg, it also activates the glutes.


Lunges are among the best butt exercises since you will have to use the glutes to stabilize your body when using the staggered stance. It is this stance that forces the glutes located on the front of your leg to work hard. Lunges also work on other muscles like the calves, quads, and hamstrings.

There are many varieties of lunges you can do. To target your muscles in different ways, you could mix them up. For instance, you could elevate one of your feet on a platform and challenge both legs. If you start making lunges and realize they are aggravating a knee problem, it would be best if you avoided the move.


To get started with step-ups, ensure you choose so high a platform that your knees will remain at a 90-degree angle when you bend it. If you think having an elevated platform is challenging for you, then use the second stair in a staircase and ensure you hold on to the rail to balance.

To lift your body and concentrate all the weight on your stepping leg, push into the heel and lift your body. As you go down, do it gently and try not to touch the toes of your other leg. If you do this slowly and be focused on working the leg, you will feel the impact of this exercise.

Does Biking Tone My Bum and Stomach?

Cycling is a good exercise for toning your bum and stomach. For the butt, it tones the gluteal muscles. The gluteus maximum is responsible for initiating the downward phase when cycling and is therefore worked out every time you pedal.

To improve better muscle toning, you should head for the hills. Steep hills will require you to work harder when pedaling. When riding uphill, you will place a lot of stress on your thigh muscles and glutes, and this will give them a hard workout as you stimulate the muscles Fiber. It is this damage that you are looking for since it improves your strength and tones your muscles.

Cycling helps in toning the stomach too. Biking increases your heart rate, burns calories, and leads to weight loss. Many people have a layer of fatty tissue near the midsections, and that is where the nice flat stomach should be. Some of the calories burnt will be from here, and this will help in toning tour stomach.

As you cycle, you activate your abs, and they have to remain stable when pedaling. The abdominal muscles are part of the core muscle unit in your body, and they provide a challenging area for riding, which allows you to make use of your upper body for smooth steering and support.

Importance of a Strong Bum for Cycling

The primary hip extensor is the gluteus maximus, and it provides bikers with low power when cycling. There are two gluteal muscles, gluteus minimum, and gluteus medium, which act as lateral and rotational leg movers. They are also critical to stabilizing the hips to create a cycling platform that generates power.

Having a solid butt will make a difference in all riding aspects, particularly in sprinting, riding to the wind, and climbing. The gluteals are used in all cycling aspects. If you pay attention to the muscle activation when pedaling, you will realize the gluteal muscles have a role to play in the downward stroke. Likewise, when you start rotating over the top and start pushing down, the gluteus maximums’ energy moves to the extension of the hip.

Take Away

Cycling makes your butt look good in different ways. Besides working your gluteal muscles, biking also leads to fat loss in your bum as it tones it, making your butt look better. Biking not only tomes the butt but also tomes your stomach and other places. To achieve the best out of your biking session, follow the tips listed above to work out your butt muscles when cycling.