Kinetic Cyclone 2.0 Wind Bike Trainer Review

Nowadays, magnetic, fluid, and electronic bike trainers have been dominating the market catered to cyclists. Since the spotlight has always been on them, many people aren’t familiar with other variations.

Have you ever heard of wind trainers? If you’re still finding out whether they’ll be worth your money, we’re going to give you a good example. The Kinetic Cyclone 2.0 Wind Trainer is one of the best indoor trainers you should consider. Read on to learn how different its features are compared to the popular types of trainers.

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Features and SpecificationsKinetic Cyclone 2.0 Wind

Wind Resistance

Just like other types of resistance, a wind system can still help you complete serious training to become a pro cyclist. As a plus, it’s very simple, which makes a lot of people prefer it over other options. To be more specific, its system is mainly composed of a roller and fan only.

You may think wind resistance seems outdated, but it’s actually introduced later than the traditional set of rollers used for older models. With horizontal rollers, you won’t be able to enjoy some resistance. They can’t provide you with a realistic feel of actual road conditions.

Now, the thing is, the earlier designs of wind resistance trainers actually faced the same problem as well. Wind systems were just the smaller, not to mention noisier and flimsier, versions of the traditional roller type. It’s just that some manufacturers have managed to perfect the system, especially its durability. It turns out that you could easily break the fan and louvers of past models if you move or transport them around.

And then comes this innovative product with a wide range of resistance levels. This bike trainer promotes progressive resistance as low as five watts up to a thousand while utilizing the wind system. It aims to make you feel confident, comfortable, and satisfied with your progress as you pedal.

Fan + Roller System

What are the features responsible for the advanced wind resistance of this model? It has two six-inch flywheels or fans weighing 2.2 pounds each, which is considered to be the heaviest standard. Between the flywheels is the roller for your bike’s tire. Don’t worry about the noise; you’ll only hear audible sounds when you reach almost 350 watts or 25 miles per hour.

When it comes to the roller, it measures 2.5 inches. It’s big enough to keep the movements of a rolling tire smoother, hence quieter rides. It can also lower the chances of premature tire wear because of its large size.

Folding Frame

The eye-catching green frame of this bike trainer isn’t just sturdy; it can also be folded flat so you can store it almost anywhere. You can even bring it wherever you go since it’s lightweight.

In addition, it’s already assembled inside the box completely. You’ll have the chance to use the trainer right away as soon as you mount your bike. The wide 32-inch base will keep things steady for you.

Speaking of mounting bikes, this indoor trainer can securely support 22- to 29-inch wheels as well as the 650c and 700c varieties. It uses a set of knobs and a quick-release locking mechanism to hold your bike without problems.

Additional Details

  • 22” x 23” x 10”
  • 26 inches wide and 6 inches tall when folded
  • Weighs 23.6 pounds
  • Comes with a free quick-release skewer
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Crash replacement policy
  • Recommended accessories: riser ring, trainer mat, and trainer bag

The Good

Allows You to Ride Your Bike in Bad Weather

If you’re still learning how to ride your bike like a pro and you don’t want anything to impede your progress, the Kinetic Cyclone 2.0 Wind Trainer will let you continue your training even when it’s raining or snowing outside. You can also rely on it as your main exercise equipment since you can achieve full-body workout without leaving your home.


You can buy this bike trainer not only for you but for your loved ones as well. It’s a great gift for people who want to improve their lifestyle. Young or old, anyone can set it up without asking for help. They just have to pay attention to the instructions.

No more tangled cables and constant reliance on external devices like computers! Expect the same benefit from other simple models like the 1114 RAD Cycle Products Max Racer PRO and the CycleOps Fluid Trainer if you’re into magnetic or fluid resistance.

Can Be Stored Inside Your Room

One of the best places where you can set up any bike trainer is your room itself. However, if there’s not much space there, you need something that can be folded flat so you can just put it under your bed or inside your closet when not in use. The Kinetic Cyclone 2.0 Wind Trainer is an excellent choice for that advantage.

The Bad

Noisier than Other Types of Trainers

Wind resistance can be very noisy, but this bike trainer is one of the quieter models. But, compared with other standard models using fluid or magnet, it’s definitely a little bit noisier. It can be a disadvantage if you’re living in an apartment. We recommend the CycleOps JetFluid Pro Trainer instead if you have a roommate or neighbor close to your unit.

Vibrations Even in Lower Speeds

You should know that you may feel some vibrations while using this bike trainer. The intensity of the vibrations isn’t exactly unbearable, but it can cause discomfort even when you just want a simple cruise with your bike.

Who Is It For?

If simplicity is your priority, the Kinetic Cyclone 2.0 Wind Trainer is the right model for you. Its purpose is pretty straightforward, and that’s too let you ride your bike indoors. It doesn’t have any extra features that can complicate things.

This bike trainer is also ideal for cyclists who really prefer wind resistance. Wind trainers are mostly noisy and flimsy without higher resistance, but this model is an exception.


Kinetic Cyclone 2.0 Wind

The Kinetic Cyclone 2.0 Wind Trainer is hands-down one of the best wind resistance trainers you can have. It’s the advanced version of the standard design because of its enhanced features for the sake of durability, effectiveness, and comfort.

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