Kinetic Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer Review

Smart trainers don’t have to be so complicated. They’re much better with fewer electronic accessories. If the sensors or meters are already built-in, the trainer gets to have an automatic system. That improves convenience to keep your training sessions smooth and efficient. One superior model with that kind of advantage is the Kinetic Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer. It’s the best indoor bicycle trainer stand for some cyclists because of its pre-installed sensor. Find out the specific benefits of that sensor before studying other features.

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Features and SpecificationsKinetic Road Machine Smart

inRide Sensor Technology

The fitness test and the wireless power training feature of this bike trainer rely heavily on the app called the Kinetic Fit. But, you can’t utilize that app without an inRide sensor. That special sensor is the one connecting your unit to the Kinetic Fit app. The best part, however, is its compatibility with other apps as well. You can enjoy apps like Zwift, Rouvy, TrainerRoad, Kinomap Trainer, and FulGaz as long as your unit works with other devices like computers, phones, and tablets via Bluetooth.

Why is Kinetic Fit a great app for this bike trainer, anyway? Aside from being the app developed by the same company, it can provide you with hundreds of programmed workouts. It also offers 28 plans for your training.

The Kinetic Fit app can even help you customize your training by presenting target levels fit for your needs as a cyclist. And, of course, your performance data is automatically uploaded so you can analyze your progress. The app specifically measures data like power, cadence, speed, and distance while ensuring accurate readings.

However, if you’re into virtual worlds, we suggest using Zwift and other similar apps. Those apps use high-definition 3D graphics to entertain you while training as if you’re just playing a game. All you need to do is prepare your home entertainment system and use second-screen viewing.

Fluid Resistance + Flywheel

Graphics, no matter how detailed, isn’t enough for simulation when it comes to bike trainers. It’s always about the road-like feel. The fluid resistance of this model plus its higher level of inertia through the 12-pound flywheel work hand in hand for a more realistic feel. This kind of combination is also present on models similar to this product like the Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer and the Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 Trainer.

We should also highlight the power curve of this bike trainer. It’s not just accurate; its wattage readings are also repeatable for consistency. It’s very similar to the power curve of an outdoor ride, which boosts the quality of the simulation.

Powder-Coated Steel Frame

The design of the steel frame is perfect with the flywheel. Not only that, it’s versatile to fit a wide range of bikes. To be more specific, it’s compatible with 22- to 29-inch wheels.

When it comes to composition, the wide frame is composed of steel and aluminum sections. That’s why it’s extremely stable and durable.

Speaking of stability, the ABS plastic feet are rubberized, too. That’s to enhance the grip, preventing accidents especially when you pedal harder.

Additional Details

  • 24” x 25.5” x 27”
  • Weighs 29 pounds
  • Requires a Kinetic Traxle adapter if your bike uses a thru-axle
  • Lifetime warranty = frame
  • Two-year warranty = inRide sensor
  • Free Kinetic Fit subscription for one month

The Good

Hassle-Free Wireless Setup

Pairing between your phone and the Kinetic Fit app will more likely happen in an instant based on the positive experience of most users. And, when you start riding your bike, the app will automatically display data like speed, power, and cadence.

More importantly, the Kinetic Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer works smoothly with Zwift. It won’t even matter if the app is on your phone or computer.

As a plus, you won’t have a problem if your computer doesn’t come with an ANT+ protocol. Using your home wireless network will be enough.

Ideal for Spinning

The quiet and smooth performance of this bike trainer is perfect for cyclists who prefer spinning most of the time. Nonstop pedaling is great with the stable frame of the trainer especially when you pick up speed. You’ll have a blast giving your all while riding your bike indoors. You may experience the same thing with the Feedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive Trainer.

Perfect Support for Mountain Bike Training

If you’re planning to hit the mountains for real to maximize the capabilities of your mountain bike, you can’t go all out on your training if you visit remote locations only a few times every month. You need constant training to improve your endurance and your legs’ strength. The Kinetic Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer is a reliable option for regular advanced training.

The Bad

Inconsistency with Android Devices

We know we’ve mentioned how versatile this bike trainer is for mobile devices, but many complaints have been shared–mostly by Android users. It turns out that this model easily encounters technical issues if paired with an Android phone. Common problems include malfunctioning apps and inaccurate display of readings.

Sudden Disconnection

The inRide sensor of some units always disconnects from the external device even while the rider is still pedaling. And, worse, you can’t reconnect it as you move. You’ll have no choice but to pause your session first. This ruins the relaxing aspect of spinning.

Who Is It For?

The Kinetic Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer is one simple product despite its compatibility with training apps and simulators. That’s why it’s a good smart trainer for first-time indoor cyclists.

Riding your bike indoors takes some getting used to, and it may be more complicated with hi-tech features. So, you should start with something simpler to set up and operate if you’re a beginner.


Kinetic Road Machine Smart

If you have the right device for the Kinetic Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer, you’re less likely to experience constant disconnection. Android users may still use it, but they have to double-check the equipment first to raise their concerns immediately to the seller. Without the inconvenience of technical issues, this indoor trainer is a topnotch product for both novice and pro cyclists.

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