Kinetic Rock and Roll 2.0 Smart Bike Trainer Review

Hybrid cycling trainers are in a league of their own when it comes to giving a wide range of advantages. Having a combination of features from different types of trainers is effective in targeting various training or workout needs. The Kinetic Rock and Roll 2.0 Smart Bike Trainer is a great example. It’s a fluid resistance trainer combined with the hi-tech features of a virtual reality trainer. Read on to learn more about why this model is the best stationary bike stand for some cyclists.

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Features and SpecificationsKinetic Rock and Roll 2.0 Smart

Patented “Rock and Roll” Frame

If you’re already thinking about how cool the frame’s name is, wait until you learn about the benefits you can enjoy while using it. What’s so special about this frame is the realistic feel it gives when you ride your bike on it. It will feel like you’re really doing it on the road. It will also let you move side to side whenever you feel like taking your pedaling up a notch.

And, of course, the frame is compatible with most bikes. Whether your bike has a thru-axle, an internally-geared hub, or 16-inch wheels, you won’t have a problem with this indoor trainer.

Just in case you’re not used to DIY work, assembling the frame and bike will be easy with this model. Simply prepare the resistance unit, use the right type of skewer, and set up your bike.

Progressive Fluid Resistance + 6.25-Pound Flywheel

This bike trainer isn’t just about the road-like feel. It’s also quiet, comfortable, and convenient because of its progressive resistance, fluid system, and heavy flywheel.

You won’t need any training app to change the resistance of this trainer. All you need to do is pedal faster or slower and shift gears. Simulation apps are helpful, but trainers relying on them for resistance may not be as powerful and convenient as what the rider expects.

As expected from the brand, a lot of its models feature the combination of fluid resistance and the large flywheel design. Two of them are the Kinetic Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer and the Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 Trainer.

inRide 3 Power Sensor

Finally, it’s time to discuss the most exciting thing about this bike trainer. You can enhance your experience while riding indoors by connecting this trainer to Kinetic Fit, Zwift, Rouvy, TrainerRoad, FulGaz, Kinomap, The Sufferfest, and other interactive apps. Just make sure you have a computer or mobile device that can work with ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, or Bluetooth Smart technology. Windows, Mac, Garmin, iOS, and Android devices are all acceptable.

However, the main reason why this trainer is compatible with simulation apps is its pre-installed inRide sensor. The sensor is responsible for transmitting data like power, speed, and cadence to the app you’re using. It’s the only thing you need for data transmission. You don’t have to buy extra sensors anymore.

Additional Details

  • 30” x 30” x 11”
  • Weighs 47 pounds
  • Maximum resistance = 1,400 watts (35 miles per hour)
  • Battery-powered
  • Free Kinetic Fit Smart package subscription for one month
  • Requires Kinetic Traxle adapter for a 12-millimeter thru-axle

The Good

Quick Assembly

Don’t expect everything to come together in a snap the first time you assemble the Kinetic Rock and Roll 2.0 Smart Bike Trainer. It’s only natural to take time studying the user’s manual and getting used to the components. Fortunately, even if the first-ever setup may take several minutes, the next time you assemble the trainer will be a different story. With constant use, the assembly will only take a few seconds. That’s perfect for daily training.

Nonstop Training

It won’t matter whether you’re planning to have casual workout sessions or serious training; the resistance of this bike trainer can be extremely low or high. You don’t even have to pause to set the resistance level. Just continue pedaling slowly or rapidly depending on how strong you want the resistance to be. Imagine the progress you’ll achieve when your training session has a smooth flow.

Entertaining Sessions

Let’s face it; riding your bike indoors can be a dull experience. Without scenery, television, or playlist to keep you interested, it will be just you, your bike, and the four corners of the room. There’s something better than watching TV or listening to music, though. With a training app, simulation is more convincing. You get to engage with your eyes and feel the challenge on your legs at the same time.

The Bad

Too Much Side-to-Side Motions

The ability to move side to side while riding a bike is something advanced cyclists would prefer when using trainers, but not all people are comfortable with that experience. Some users feel uncomfortable with this trainer because they’re not confident enough to stand when pedaling. They think the frame’s unsteady when it sways left and right. They always end up jerking their bikes just to remain upright.

Not Quiet Enough

Some users find this bike trainer too noisy for them. Although buzzing or humming noises are pretty much normal for indoor trainers, the sounds this particular model produces may be too noticeable due to certain factors like floor type or underlying product defects. That can be a problem if you’re living in an apartment or condo.

Who Is It For?

If you want a smart trainer without the limitations of app-controlled resistance, the Kinetic Rock and Roll 2.0 Smart Bike Trainer is perfect for you. It’s the ideal option for people who can’t choose between a standard fluid trainer and a smart trainer. You can have the best of both worlds if you choose this product.


Kinetic Rock and Roll 2.0 Smart

The Kinetic Rock and Roll 2.0 Smart Bike Trainer is only for cyclists who don’t mind the fun side-to-side motions of its unique frame. Despite the free movement of the frame, it’s still durable to keep you safe. It won’t snap even when your rides get too dynamic. If that’s not your thing, we recommend trainers with sturdy frames like the Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer.

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