Magnum Ui5 Electric Hybrid City Bike Review

Designed to have the popular features of a road bike and mountain bike, the Magnum Ui5 Electric Hybrid City Bike could give you the best riding experiences you can get out of a hybrid. This review will give you a complete overview of its specifications and pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the best e bike for your needs.

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Features and SpecificationsMagnum Ui5 Electric Hybrid City Bike

Stylish and Quality Build

The Magnum Ui5 is truly an eye candy. The beautiful white (or black) frame of the bike is made of high-strength 6061 aluminum alloy. The step-through style of the frame makes sure that the rider won’t have a hard time getting in and out of the bike.

The coffee brown Schwalbe Big Ben (26-inch x 2.15-inch) tires are reinforced with heat-resistant, high-strength KEVLAR® fibers, making them tougher, lighter, and more resistant to punctures. The tires are mounted to 26-inch double-walled rims for added strength. With the puncture-resistant tires, tough double-walled rims, and Suntour NEX coil suspension fork, this bike creates a comfortable and safe riding experience by easily absorbing the bumps and other imperfections in the road.

With the battery, the Magnum Ui5 weighs 52 lbs. It can support a maximum load of 265 lbs.

Reliable Brake and Gear-Shifting System

The derailleur is a Shimano Tourney TX TY500 6/7-Speed Rear Derailleur, a standard component of many entry-level road and sports bikes. The Shimano Tourney TX provides quiet, dependable, and precise shifts.

The bike is also equipped with Tektro Mechanical Disc brake system, which is a popular component of many top-tier electric bikes. As expected from disc brakes, it provides controlled, fast, and reliable stopping power no matter what speed you choose.

Fast-Charging 36V 13Ah Lithium Battery

The Magnum Ui5 has a Samsung 18650 26F 36-volt 13Ah lithium battery. With this at your disposal, you can expect to travel 30 to 40 miles at a maximum speed of 22 mph.

A USB port is built into the battery, so you can charge your electronic devices whenever, wherever. Depending on the amount of power left, you can charge the battery on or off the electric bike for 6 to 6.5 hours.

Powerful 8Fun 350W Rear Hub Motor

If you live in a hilly area and/or weigh 300 lbs or more, you need an electric bicycle that produces at least 350 to 400 watt-hours of power. With its 350-watt motor and 36-volt 13Ah battery, which has a peak power output of 468 watt-hours, the Magnum Ui5 has enough power to carry heavy loads, even up a decent-sized hill, without problems.

Cycling doesn’t need to be a struggle, thanks to its two drive modes: Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist and Trigger Throttle. With the pedal-assist mode, you’ll control your speed by pedaling while receiving a boost from the motor. But, if you want to avoid sweating a lot during your commute, choose the Trigger Throttle mode.

If you want an electric bike that handles hills effortlessly, the Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike is also a great choice.

Extra Features

  • Front and rear headlights
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • A rear rack A kickstand
  • Monochrome LCD display – provides information on your battery level, current speed, distance covered, assist mode, and how long you’ve been cycling

The Good

It Offers a Great Ride

With its front coil suspension and wide tires, the Magnum Ui5 gives you a comfortable ride when traveling on pavements and light off-road paths. The lithium battery and motor offer enough power to scoot you up a hill if you use the Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist. On a full battery charge, this could go as far as 23.4 miles, depending on your weight, your cycling behavior, tire pressure, the road surface, and the drive mode.

The Brake and Gear System is Responsive

You don’t have to put a lot of pressure on the brake lever to make the bike stop. To prevent the brakes from losing their effectiveness over time, make sure to do the following:

  • Avoid repeatedly pulling on the brake lever without a disc.
  • Keep any oil or bike spray away from your rotors.
  • Be careful when handling your rotors. Don’t bend them!
  • Inspect your brakes before each ride and have them regularly serviced by a skilled mechanic.

It Perfectly Combines Style with Performance

The Magnum Ui5 is aesthetically pleasing and gives off a retro-modern vibe. This will definitely catch people’s attention when you’re out on the road.

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The Bad

Battery Issues

The battery might start to lose its efficiency after a year or so of riding the bike almost everyday. To prolong the life of your battery, remember the following:

  • Make sure not to overcharge it (more than 6.5 hours).
  • Leave it in a cool spot (between 40°F and 122°F or -40°C to 50°C).
  • Don’t overwork the motor.

It’s Uncomfortable

The saddle is quite uncomfortable, especially if you’re going to encounter bumps in the road. If you’re going to use the bike to commute everyday to work, school, or wherever, you may want to get a saddle with ample cushioning to improve your riding experience.

There are Limited Color Options

For the frame, there are only two color options: white and black. We do like the white look because it’s soothing and pleasing to the eyes. However, it would be great if there are more color options to fit each person’s personal taste.

Who Is It For?

The Magnum Ui5 is more suitable for people who commute almost everyday. It’s also for people with bad knees who want to start living an active lifestyle or just love riding bikes.

Elderly people might also like the CLIENSY 26″ Electric Mountain Bike. But, if you do more off-road cycling, the ANCHEER Adult Electric Bicycle is a better choice.


Magnum Ui5 Electric Hybrid City Bike

The Magnum Ui5 is a great choice for urban riding and commuting. It perfectly combines comfort, style, and efficiency, giving you great riding experiences you can get out of an electric hybrid bicycle. There are a few issues with its battery efficiency and saddle, but they’re really not deal breakers.

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