Merax 26” Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike Review

Looking for a quality electric mountain bicycle with affordable price? The Merax 26” Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike has many good features that are worth your consideration. Like in many of our electric bicycle reviews, we’ll discuss the main features of this electric mountain bicycle, as well as its various pros and cons.

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Features and SpecificationsMerax 26” Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike

Motor and Battery Power

The Merax 26” electric mountain bicycle has a 350-watt motor that draws power from a 36-volt/8.8Ah lithium-ion battery, which is located along the down tube. These components allow it to reach speeds as fast as 32 km/h (roughly 19.88 mph). Under ideal riding conditions, it could travel as far as 22 to 28 miles (35 to 45 km) on a single charge.

You can charge the lithium-ion battery in two ways: removing it from the electric bicycle or plugging it directly to an electric outlet. It takes 3 hours to charge up to 50%. You’ll have to wait 5 to 6 hours, or when the charger light turns green, before it fully charges.

If you want an electric bicycle that charges faster, the Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike could be for you. It takes only 4 hours or less to charge.

Working Modes

There are two types of assistance that this electric mountain bicycle offers, depending on how much effort you want to put in:

  • E-Bike: Simply push the lever of the thumb throttle up or down to let the motor propel you and the bike forward.
  • PAS (pedal assist system): Use this mode if you want to pedal while the motor assists. This bike has five levels of PAS assistance, which you can adjust on the LED panel by pressing the “+” button or “–” Level 1 produces the lowest power while you pedal.

Braking and Shifting Components

The Merax 26” electric mountain bicycle has the Shimano ALTUS SL-M310 shifter with 7-speed transmission system. Together with its 350-watt motor, front suspension fork, and 7-speed gears, it has no trouble traveling on varying terrain, including hills (but you need to pedal). It has mechanical disc brakes on both wheels (26-inch x 1.95-inch), so you can stop the bicycle with little effort.

Material and Size

The 26-inch frame is made of high-quality 6061 aluminum alloy and carbon steel, making it durable and lightweight. It has double-walled rims for extra support. The tires (26×1.95) and tube are from the CST (Cheng Shin Tire).

This electric mountain bicycle weighs 42 lbs (without the lithium-ion battery) or 48.5 lbs (with the lithium-ion battery). It can carry up to 330 lbs (150 kgs) of rider and luggage weight.

Other features:

  • Anti-rust Z51 KMC chain (1/2-inch x 3/32-inch) – suitable for city, comfort, mountain, and road bicycles with 7, 6, or 5 rear cogs
  • Bike pedals: FP-917N 9/16-inch3-speed smart meter button (Options: low, medium, and high)
  • Headlight
  • Clear reflectors for wheels and handlebar and a rear warning reflector (red)
  • Adjustable seat (from 31.5 inches to 39.4 inches)
  • Shimano Tourney RD-TY300 rear derailleur

The Good

Good Quality Bike for the Price

This electric mountain bicycle is being offered with affordable price. For the price, it’s surprisingly well built. The 7-speed gear, controller, motor, assist modes, and lithium-ion battery work well together to help you ride through various terrains, including those steep slopes that make your commutes exhausting.

Easy to Assemble

It greatly helps that it’s already 85-percent assembled when you receive it. All you need to do is attach the pedals, handlebar, and front wheel. You also need to fill the tires with air. It’s a good thing there’s a 4-minute-plus YouTube video that shows you how to assemble it. Putting this together would probably take around 15 to 20 minutes, depending on your mechanical skills and knowledge on electric bicycles.

Great for Nighttime Riding

The headlight on this electric bicycle is bright. There are also reflectors on the handlebar and wheels. So, if you normally travel at night, you’ll feel more confident using it instead of a car.

Experience a stress-free and eco-friendly way of commuting. Buy the Merax 26” Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike today!

The Bad

No Room for Accessories

It doesn’t have screw holes for mounting a cycling water bottle. The cables on the bicycle frame and the loose control panel on the handlebar also get in the way, which makes it a little difficult to find a good spot for attaching bike accessories.

Difficult to Adjust

If your height is between 6’1” and 6’3”, this might not be a good option for you. The seat is a bit hard, and it doesn’t help that the handlebars are too low. You would most likely need a handlebar extender to adjust the height to fit your level of comfort and size.

If you want a comfortable ride and plenty of storage options, you might want to check out the NAKTO/SPARK 26″ Adult Electric Bicycle for Women.

A Little Heavy

As previously mentioned, this weighs 48.5 lbs with the battery. The presence of a front suspension system doesn’t help lighten this bike. All in all, however, this issue is not a major deal breaker.

If you want a portable and ultra-lightweight electric bicycle for city riding, the ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle/E-Bike/Scooter is a great option. It’s lightweight, foldable, and small.

Who Is It For?

The Merax 26” Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike would fit people who are around 5’2” to 6.0” in height and weigh less than 330 lbs. Although it’s classified as an electric mountain bicycle, it’s not the ideal choice for that type of riding. This is more for people who normally travel on roads that are smooth, moderately inclined, and have few imperfections.


Merax 26” Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike

Overall, the Merax 26” electric mountain bicycle is worth the buy. It has its fair share of problems—low handlebars, stiff seat, slightly weak throttle, etc.—but it still works perfectly well, especially as a commuter electric bicycle. It’s one of the best quality electric bikes with nice price range on the market today.

The Merax 26” electric mountain bicycle is a better way of commuting. Make the switch today.