ONWAY 6 Speed 700C Man City Electric Bicycle Review

Want to save more money on gas and public transport?

Get the best electric commuter bike. There are many out there, so we want to help you get started. Below, you’ll find the important features and specifications of the ONWAY 6 Speed 700C Man City Electric Bicycle, as well as its pros and cons.

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Features and SpecificationsONWAY 6 Speed 700C Man City Electric Bicycle

Pedal Assist and Throttle

You can ride this electric bike with or without pedaling to fit your needs. If you want to conserve your energy and arrive still looking fresh, choose throttle to let the bike do all the work for you. You can find its thumb throttle on the left side of the handlebar.

There’s also the pedal-assist mode that gives you the feel of a traditional bike. The pedal-assist mode in this electric bike has three levels of rider assistance. Combined with the Shimano 6-speed gear and Shimano rear derailleur, it can zip through most flat and slightly inclined roads with relative ease.

Motor and Battery

The ONWAY 6 Speed 700C Man City Electric Bicycle is powered by the Greenway 36-volt/9 amp-hour rear rack lithium battery and a silent 250-watt motor. On a single charge, it can travel 40 miles with electric assist at a top speed of 16 miles per hour. It’s perfect for urban riding, commuting, or short trips.

You can remove the lithium battery to charge it off the bike using its 12-volt charger. It takes around 4 to 6 hours for this electric bike to fully charge.

Bike Frame

The frame is made from strong 6061 aluminum alloy with an entry-level Suntour alloy suspension fork. The tires are Kenda 700*38c.

The size of this electric bike is 44 inches high and 72 inches long. You can adjust the seatpost anywhere between 35 inches to 39.8 inches to improve your riding comfort.

One drawback of this electric bike is it’s too heavy. It weighs at around 68 pounds.

When it comes to its maximum load capacity, it can carry up to 276 pounds of rider and baggage weight. People who are 5’1” to 6’2” tall would most likely find this comfortable to ride.

Other details:

  • Rear rack
  • Front and rear fenders
  • Kickstand (12.8 inches long)
  • EN 15194 Approved – This means it meets the European standard for electrically power assisted bicycles.
  • LED, energy-saving front light36-volt brushless motor controller
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Tektro front disc brake and APSE rear V-brake (squeeze type)
  • 28-inch wheels
  • Reflectors, one on each wheel

The Good

Good Battery Life

Most of its users have an excellent experience with the electric bike so far. The lithium battery, in particular, lasts quite a while depending on how you use the bike and the type of terrain.

As you could expect, if you use the throttle and don’t pedal, you’ll drain the battery faster. Use the level one pedal-assist mode and pedal in seventh gear to get the most out of a single battery charge.

Fast and Easy Assembly

You might want to go to your local bike shop to tweak this electric bike. However, when it comes to the actual assembly, you really don’t need to do much. All you need to do is straighten and tighten the handlebars and attach the pedals. You could watch YouTube videos if you really don’t have an idea about bike assembly.

Water-Resistant Electrical Components

You don’t need to worry about getting caught in the rain with this bike. All the electrical components—buttons, controller, female charging port, battery main switch, etc.—are properly sealed.

However, this is not a waterproof electric bike. We don’t recommend riding it in heavy rain or direct the flow of water directly at the electrical components during cleaning.

So, save more—get a quality electric commuter bike, for so little! Check out the ONWAY 6 Speed 700C Man City Electric Bicycle!

The Bad

Flimsy Fenders

They might not be the critical parts of the electric bike, but it’s still a downer to receive a bike with fragile and light fenders. Some received their ONWAY bike with a cracked fender during shipping. Depending on where you bought it from, this is usually easy to solve by asking for a replacement.

Not a Lightweight Electric Bike

The weight of this bike is comparable to a small bale of hay or four 16-pound bowling bowls. Compared to other electric bikes in its category, its weight is still within the normal range. However, it’s far from being a lightweight electric bike, such as the Goplus Folding Electric Bike.

Can’t Lock the Battery

There’s no way to lock the lithium battery to avoid others from stealing it. If you’re willing to take your chances, then this shouldn’t be a major issue. However, if you feel otherwise, you have plenty of other options, such as the ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike Shockproof Wheels.

Who Is It For?

The ONWAY 6 Speed 700C Man City Electric Bicycle is designed for daily use and short-distance travels on smooth roads. That’s why it’s best suited for people living in an area with even, smooth roads. If you change some of its parts, like the Kenda tires with thicker ones, this might do well on rough roads.

Do you live on a hill or an area with lots of steep hills? This could ride up light hills, but if you pedal and use electrical assist.


ONWAY 6 Speed 700C Man City Electric Bicycle

Overall, this 6-speed electric commuter bike from Onway provides value for the money. The motor and battery are dependable and give enough power for most types of cruising on a flat road. It’s easy to assemble and use. It’s comfortable and fun to ride.

Like any budget electric bike, expect that it would have some cheap components, such as the fenders and tires. A few upgrades would help, but it’s not completely necessary.

If you’re looking for a fun and money-saving way to commute daily, check out the ONWAY 6 Speed 700C Man City Electric Bicycle today!