Outroad 6 Spoke Double Disc Brake Suspension Mountain Bike Review

The best MTB does not always have to cost a fortune. Outroad Mountain Bike 6 Spoke 21 Speed 700CC Double Disc Brake Suspension proves that. This is far from being the cheapest bike you’ll find in the market, but without a doubt, the price is reasonable. This is especially the case if you consider the features and performance you can expect in this product.

If you are looking for a portable and space-efficient mountain bike, this should be on your list. It has a folding design, making it unique compared to most of the mountain bikes on the market. Read the rest of this short review to know more and we’ll help you come up with a well-informed decision.

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Features and SpecificationsOutroad Mountain Bike 6 Spoke 21 Speed 700CC Double Disc Brake Suspension

What makes Outroad Mountain Bike 6 Spoke 21 Speed 700CC Double Disc Brake Suspension special? Let’s start this short review by looking at its notable features.

High-Carbon Steel Frame

The steel frame is one of the reasons for the durability of this bike, but this also means additional weight. This can be quite heavy for most users. If you prefer a lightweight alternative, it may be worth looking at Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike with Aluminum Frame 26-Inch Wheels.

26-Inch 6-Spoke Fashion Rims

If you are looking for a stylish mountain bike, this model fits the bill. We like how stylish the wheels are with its six spokes. The design also positively impacts the speed and safety of the bike. If you would rather have one with only three spokes, take a look at Kingttu EURG6 26 Inches 3-Spoke Wheels Dual Suspension Folding Mountain Bike.

21-Speed Gears.

The gearing mechanism is also impressive, although, we have honestly seen a lot of more versatile bikes. Nonetheless, this isn’t bad for the price. You can enjoy the versatility of this mountain bike and it will be smooth to change gears depending on what the riding conditions require.

Quick-Release Seat Clamp

This is a standard feature that you will see in most mountain bikes, allowing users to customize the height of the saddle depending on what they find to be most comfortable.

The Good

Not impressed with the Outroad Mountain Bike 6 Spoke 21 Speed 700CC Double Disc Brake Suspension? Below are some of the benefits that can give you compelling reasons to choose this bike.


Like the Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike, you will also enjoy the fact that this bike consumes minimal space. Whether it is in your car or a tiny apartment, this bike easily fits. This is ideal if you don’t have the luxury of space to spare for a large bike.

Comes with a Comfortable Seat

The design of the seat is also impressive. This guarantees your comfort, even during an extended ride. It provides thick cushioning that allows it to minimize the vibration that your body feels. The seat also comes with an adjustable height so that you can easily customize its position.

Excellent Shifters

This bike does not come with premium components, which is why we are keeping our expectations low. Despite this, however, we are happy to say that the shifter is exceptional. It is easy to engage while providing versatility, allowing you to use the bike on different surface conditions without compromising its performance.

Dual Suspension

We also love how this bike comes with front and rear suspension. This is one of the reasons why it is excellent in terms of its shock-absorbing capability. If you want a lighter and cheaper bike, however, we suggest that you settle for a hard-tail mountain bike. If that’s the case, a good alternative that should be on your radar is SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Complete Hard Tail.

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The Bad

As much as we love Outroad Mountain Bike 6 Spoke 21 Speed 700CC Double Disc Brake Suspension, we cannot deny that some drawbacks can make you doubt this product.


One of the best things about a folding bike is that you can easily fit it in your car and bring it anywhere you wish to ride. However, one of the problems with this bike is that it can be quite heavy. If you are looking for one that is lightweight, Takara Jiro Dual-Suspension Disc Brake Mountain Bike is a great alternative. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, although, it isn’t a folding bike.

Non-Adjustable Front Suspension

You might not like how this bike comes with a front suspension that you cannot adjust. Some buyers noted that it is quite stiff. Despite this, however, the bike remains comfortable on every ride.

Brake Assembly is Problematic

Some people did not like the assembly of the disc brake. The problem is that the rear disc brake keeps on getting in contact with the pad. This friction can minimize its responsiveness.

Who Is It For?

We highly recommend this mountain bike for people who live in small apartments or those who often travel and bring their bike in their car. With the folding design, you will love how space-efficient it is. This is also good for those looking for a budget-friendly bike that can still demonstrate a decent performance. For the riders, this is great for users who are up to 90 kilograms and 160 to 180 centimeters in height.


Outroad Mountain Bike 6 Spoke 21 Speed 700CC Double Disc Brake Suspension

In sum, the Outroad Mountain Bike 6 Spoke 21 Speed 700CC Double Disc Brake Suspension is a league of its own. It is unfair to compare it to the high-end models because of its price. Yes, it may have its shortcomings, but for its price, this is pretty much a bargain! The folding design is one of its best assets, which is why it is space-efficient.

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