Piranha 21-Speed Rigid Mountain Bike Review

Looking for the best entry-level mountain bikes? For sure, the options are plenty, each with their own claim to fame. Nonetheless, even when you have a tight budget, this does not mean that you have the excuse to choose just any product. Among others, one that should be on the top of your list is Piranha 21-Speed Rigid Mountain Bike. It might not be from a brand that is as popular as Schwinn or Mongoose, but when you are financially strapped, this will be more than enough.

As we will talk about in this short review, this affordable mountain bike has the basic features you will need. Nonetheless, because of its price point, we recommend that you keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment.

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Features and SpecificationsPiranha 21 Speed Rigid MTB

Finding it hard to decide if this will make an excellent mountain bike? We’ll help you by listing down some of its notable features.

26-Inch Wheels

This is the standard wheel size that we see in most of the mountain bike models. It can support most riders, although, if you are large and heavy, we recommend that you choose a bigger wheel. Perhaps, one that will be suitable for you is the Gravity Bullseye Monster Aluminum Fat Tire Bike with Powerful Disc Brakes.

Steel Frame

This mountain bike is available in two frame lengths – 16 and 18 inches. Both of them are made of rigid steel. This is a material that is hardly questionable when it comes to durability. However, this can be quite heavy, which will harm the maneuverability of the bike. It would have been better if the bike comes with an aluminum frame instead.

21-Speed Shimano Derailleur

Shimano is one brand that rings a bell among bike enthusiasts. Therefore, with the gearing system provided by Shimano, this is an impressive bike. It promises to deliver great performance in different situations. Nonetheless, as we will talk about later in this review, the brakes can be quite underwhelming.

Quick-Release Seat Post Clamp

This is one feature that makes the bike comfortable. You have the option to adjust the height of the seat depending on your in-seam and based on what you find most comfortable.

The Good

Looking for more reasons to pick Piranha 21-Speed Rigid Mountain Bike over many of its competitors? Below are some benefits that you might find convincing.


Like the 26″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike, the price of this bike is one of its best assets. It is easy on the wallet, making it a great choice for novices. Nonetheless, because of its price range, do not expect to find the bells and whistles that are commonly available in a higher-end alternative.

Easy to Assemble

There is no need to worry about the assembly of the bike. Like many other top choices within the product category, it arrives pre-assembled. This means that it will take only a couple of minutes before you can finally test the bike for your first ride.


This might come as a surprise for some people, especially considering the price of the mountain bike. This is because several gears are available, which will allow you to instantly shift from one gear to another depending on the conditions of the terrain.


It is also surprising that the bike is comfortable. We expected this to be a weak factor of the bike because of its cheap price. Nonetheless, we were surprised to find out that it is actually comfortable and perfect even for long-distance rides.

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The Bad

To carry out a fair assessment of Piranha 21-Speed Rigid Mountain Bike, it’s also crucial that we look at some of the potential issues you will encounter.

Not From a Popular Brand

One of the reasons why many people have hesitations about this product is how the brand name isn’t as popular as the bigger companies. They immediately equate it into lack of reputation, which should not be the case. Nonetheless, if you want one from a known company, one of the alternatives that should be on your radar is Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Mountain Bike.

Weak Brake

Another common complaint about this bike is how it comes with weak brakes. This can be a problem when it comes to your safety. When the responsiveness of the brake is compromised, it can make you easily prone to accidents, especially when you are driving on slippery surfaces. For a product that comes with better brakes while still being affordable, a good option would be Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Mountain Bike.

Tire Traction Can Be Better

Aside from the brakes, the tires can also be problematic, especially the treads. Some people noted that it would be better if the manufacturer improves the grip, which will make it useful across multiple terrains. If this is what you want, a fat-tire bike is a good alternative. If that’s the case, Takara Nobu Fat Mountain Bike should be on your radar.

Who Is It For?

The Piranha 21-Speed Rigid Mountain Bike is a great product for beginners who don’t have the luxury of financial resources. It is for casual riders or for hobbyists who want a bike with a decent performance. If you are looking for your first mountain bike, this can be an excellent fit!


Piranha 21 Speed Rigid MTB

Indeed, Piranha 21-Speed Rigid Mountain Bike is far from being the best within the product category. Nonetheless, if all you want is a cheap bike that you can use for casual rides, this will be more than enough. It won’t hurt the pocket, but the quality isn’t that bad at all. Do not expect it to be as high-performing as those you can find from more reputable companies.

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