Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike Review

Did your child ask for a dirt bike? Wondering what’s the best electric bicycle for a beginner?

The Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike is one of our top picks. Perhaps your child will love it, too.

To help you know for sure, we’ve listed all its important features, advantages, and disadvantages.

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Features and SpecificationsRazor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike

Motocross-Inspired Style

The Razor MX4OO looks just like a full-sized dirt bike. However, it’s downsized to 44 x 24.5 x 31.0 inches to fit most kids age 13 and up.

It looks gorgeous in black and matte gray finish. But if your child doesn’t like that color, he or she has other color options: green, red, and white.

This is a heavy mini dirt bike. It weighs around 62.6 pounds, which is almost double the weight of the SwagCycle EB-1 Classic Lightweight Aluminum Folding eBike.

Electric-Powered Mini Dirt Bike

This mini dirt bike is fast and effortless to use. Since it’s a single-speed bike, it’s easier to accelerate without focusing too much on shifting gears.

The adjustable riser handlebars have the twist-grip throttle control on the right side and the hand-operated rear brake on the other. When the throttle is engaged, the high-torque 350-watt rear electrical motor provides enough power to propel this to speeds up to 14 miles per hour (or 22 kilometers per hour).

The 24-volt sealed lead acid battery system with an on-off switch allows 30 to 40 minutes of continuous use. That’s about a 10-mile ride on a single charge.

Note: It takes around 12 hours to fully charge the battery.

Additional Features

  • The 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires are low-maintenance and usually puncture-resistant. They’re best suited for beginner bike riders and those who’ll ride mainly on roads with a hard-smooth surface.
  • As a safety feature, it has a valve stem light that starts glowing and flashing once the bike is in motion.
  • When your child is not out riding, it has a convenient retractable kickstand to support this dirt bike.
  • The Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket can support up to 140 pounds of rider weight.
  • It has a dual suspension system that provides comfort, safety, and better control of the bike.
  • This comes with a UL-approved charger, tools, fenders, and a 90-day warranty.

The Good

The Quality is Good

Don’t expect this mini dirt bike to have expensive parts or last for decades.

But for the low price, it’s surprisingly built well and worked right out of the box. It holds up pretty well, even with rough use.

A Great Way to Get Them Outside

Does your child or grandchild spend significantly more time staring at screens? Want to get him or her to play outside?

The Razor MX400 could be the solution. Based on customer feedback, children (between the ages 5 and 10) enjoy riding it. It’s fast and rides well, especially on paved surfaces.

Easy Assembly

You’d probably spend more time getting it out of its case than assembling it. Depending on your mechanical skills, you can probably put this together within 10 to 15 minutes. If you’re really having a tough time with the assembly, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that could help you.

Give your child or grandchild the best birthday gift ever. Get the Razor MX400 dirt bike today!

The Bad

Short Battery Life

The battery can last between 25 and 30 minutes. That might not seem long enough, but if it’s cold outside—let’s say 30 degrees—we believe it’s all a child can handle before feeling too cold.

There are plenty of mini dirt bike with a powerful battery system out there. You might also want to consider giving your child an e-bike instead, such as the Swagtron SwagCycle Classic E-Bike – Folding Electric Bicycle.

Not Good for Riding Uphill

The Razor MX400 is built for flat and paved surfaces, not for climbing hills. It may even struggle on a slight incline. If you expect your child will ride this mostly on flat terrains, then we guess this shouldn’t be a major issue for you.

No Gears and Rider Modes

This is both good and bad. Good because your child won’t have to spend so much time learning shifting to different gears and finding the right gear ratio for his or her needs. Bad because your child doesn’t have a lot of speed and riding assistance options.

Who Is It For?

The Razor MX400 dirt bike is ideally for children (as young as 5 years old) and teens (13 years old and older). You could also use this to transition your child from a beginner dirt bike to a more advanced dirt bike.

Adults could still ride it, but they’ll have to hold their legs to the side to avoid hitting the handlebars. Just remember that the heavier you are, the slower it becomes.


Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike

Most kids seem to love their Razor MX400 dirt bike. It’s not a Yamaha YZ85 or a Kawasaki KX85, but it performs well for the low price. It’s really fun and fast.

It has its downsides: too heavy, short battery life, unable to climb steep roads, and so on. It’s also more for kids than for teens and adults. If you want something that you and your older child can enjoy, try small, folding electric bikes, such as the Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike.

Use the Razor MX400 dirt bike to get your child to go outdoors and be physically active. Get it here now.