Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review

Schwinn is a global brand with a solid reputation, so it is no longer surprising that many of their products were given high mountain bike ratings by its users. Among others, one that has been well-received is the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike, which is what we’ll be talking about in the rest of this short review.

The High Timber Mountain Bike is exceptional regardless if you use it on paved surfaces for a casual ride or even on gravel trails for a more challenging time. It comes fitted with a 21-speed shifter that handles a variety of terrains. The bike is especially designed with the needs of men in mind.

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Features and SpecificationsSchwinn High Timber Mountain Bikes

Since this mountain bike is made by Schwinn, you can expect a wealth of impressive features, including those we’ll briefly talk about below.

21-Speed Twist Shifter

The high-quality shifter is one of the best things that you will find in this mountain bike. This is also responsible for its versatility. You can use it on a variety of terrains and expect the best performance. Shifting from one gear to another is also effortless because it is responsive.

Steel Frame

Steel has a bad rap when it comes to weight. Thankfully, in the case of this bike, it maintains a minimal weight despite using steel as the main frame material. If you are looking for a bike that comes with an aluminum frame, one alternative we can recommend is Mongoose Salvo Comp 29″ Wheel Frame Mountain Bicycle.

Front and Rear Alloy Linear Pull Brake

The braking action is quick and smooth, which is good for your safety. It is effortless to engage the brake when needed. However, if you prefer one that comes with a mechanical disc brake instead, one of the best products to consider is Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike.

All-Terrain Tires

The tires are equally impressive. They can handle all types of terrains, making the bike suitable in a variety of environments without sacrificing your comfort. Whether on smooth or rough surfaces, it maintains solid traction on the ground.

The Good

Need more reasons to be convinced that Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is a great product? Below are some benefits worth highlighting.

Easy to Assemble

Like the Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike, this is built ready to ride. This means that right out of the box, it does not require a lot of effort and time to complete its assembly. It won’t take long before it will be ready for its first ride.

Lots of Possible Upgrades

The bike can be quite basic for some when it is purchased. However, there are lots of possible upgrades that you can do. They would mean additional cost, but this should not matter as they can significantly improve the quality of every ride.

Durable Construction

There’s a reason why Schwinn is a popular brand for mountain bikes. Among others, one of the reasons for their popularity is the quality of their materials. This specific model is known for its durability, unlike others that can be easily prone to wear.


Have you ever had a mountain bike that is a struggle to move around because of its weight? Luckily, such will not be the case with this product. It uses lightweight materials, so its maneuverability will not be an issue. Its counterpart, Schwinn High Timber Women’s Mountain Bike 26″ Wheels, is equally lightweight.

Provides a Smooth Ride

This is another benefit that is common in Schwinn mountain bikes. You are guaranteed a smooth and comfortable ride in a variety of terrains.

Easy to Control

This bike is designed for ease of control, which is one of the reasons why many people give it good ratings when it comes to being user-friendly. The frame and the suspension are two of the components that are responsible for this benefit.

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The Bad

In the spirit of fairness, let’s also look at some of the weaknesses of Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike that might make you hesitant in choosing this model over its competitors.

Seat Can Be More Comfortable

The design of the seat is one of the most common complaints about this mountain bike. Many riders say that the material and shape make it uncomfortable, especially for an extended ride. If you experience the same thing, you can easily replace it.

Plastic Pedals

One more thing that some users did not like is the plastic construction of the pedals. For a mountain bike that is made by Schwinn, we expected something better. Plastic can be flimsy. Just like the seat, you can replace the pedals as you wish.

No Water Bottle Holder

Hydration is important when you are biking, especially on a hot day. This mountain bike does not have a provision for a water holder.

Who Is It For?

This mountain bike is made for people who believe in the power of brands. It is made by Schwinn, so that should be enough to trust in its features. This is also built with the needs of men in mind. For women, we suggest looking for gender-specific bikes, such as the 26″ Schwinn Sidewinder Women’s Mountain Bike.


Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bikes

In sum, the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is an incredible product for its price. The best thing that we like is the fact that it is made by a reputable company. Apart from that, it has responsive gearing and braking systems. The bike also has an incredible suspension to guarantee a comfortable ride across a variety of environments. To add, it has all-terrain tires that guarantee your comfort. The frame is made of durable steel. Despite such a material, the bike keeps its weight at a minimum, making it easy to maneuver. Nonetheless, there are some things that you might not like, such as the quality of the seat and the pedals.

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