Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Review

It is impossible to talk about good mountain bike brands without mentioning Schwinn. The company built a global reputation because of the superior quality of their products. Even better, while offering impressive performance, their bikes come with reasonable prices. While they have many models available, in this review, our focus is on Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike.

This mid-priced mountain bike boasts of a plethora of features that make it comparable to those you will find in the higher-end market. From its frame to its components, it is hard to rival, especially because it is from Schwinn. Keep on reading as we talk more about the things that you can expect in this product.

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Features and SpecificationsSchwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Let’s start this review of Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike by looking at all the impressive features that it can offer its riders.

Aluminum Dual Suspension Frame

A lot of our favorite mountain bikes pack an aluminum frame, including this model from Schwinn. It is a long-lasting material that guarantees many years of exceptional rides with this bike. However, if you prefer one that is built with a steel frame, one product that you might want to consider is Piranha 21 Speed Rigid Mountain Bike.

24-Speed Shimano EZ Fire Shifter

The mere mention of Shimano is already enough to convince many riders that the shifter’s quality is hard to match. Plus, with 24 available speeds, you can enjoy the versatility of this bike across a variety of riding conditions. Whether you are riding downhill or cruising on smooth surfaces, this bike can guarantee a comfortable ride.

Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes

The brakes might seem outdated, but they are impressive in terms of their stopping power. This will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to safety. You will also love how responsive the brakes are. Plus, they are almost effortless to engage. For those who prefer one that comes with a hydraulic disc brake, a great product to consider is Mongoose Salvo Comp 29″ Wheel Frame Mountain Bicycle.

Schwinn Alloy Cranks

The manufacturer develops the excellent crank that you can find in this bike. This is well-loved by many because it helps in making gearing steady. The crank also requires minimal maintenance, making it great for impatient buyers.

The Good

Looking for more reasons to be convinced that Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is a great product? Below are the benefits that might help you decide.

Perfect for All Terrains

One thing that we love the most in this bike is its versatility since you can use it in almost all terrains. Whether you are riding on a concrete surface or gravel trails, the bike can deliver an exceptional performance, which is one thing that we expect from any product that is manufactured by Schwinn.

Promotes a Comfortable Ride

There is no need to worry about the comfort of the rider. Like the Kingttu EURG6 Mountain Bike 26 Inches 3-Spoke Wheels Folding Bike, it also comes with a dual suspension. This improves its shock absorption, making sure that your body does not feel the impact of every ride, even on rough terrains.

Wheels Roll Smoothly

Many people were also happy with the construction of the wheels. It is wide and large, allowing it to tackle obstructions in the trail without compromising your safety. If you want one that comes with wider tires, however, one alternative that should make it on your list is Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike.

Easy to Assemble

It can be frustrating that the manufacturer does not include detailed instructions about the assembly of the bike. Nonetheless, this should not be a problem as it ships pre-built. Most of the components are already installed right out of the box. It won’t take long before you can assemble the rest.

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The Bad

While we have lots of good words to share about Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, it is not perfect. There are some drawbacks that we want you to be aware of.

Can Be Quite Heavy

This bike comes with an aluminum frame. Some people might instantly equate this into being lightweight. Truth is, this can be quite heavy compared to most of its competitors. This means that you might need to exert a bit more effort to move the bike. If you are looking for a lightweight alternative, we suggest that you take a look at Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike with Aluminum Frame 26-Inch Wheels.

No Mount for Water Bottle

Especially during long-distance rides, you must stay hydrated. With this bike, however, you don’t get to have a water bottle holder. This should not be a big problem as you can always buy one and install it on the bike’s frame.

Who Is It For?

This is for discerning buyers who are looking for an all-terrain mountain bike that does not cost a fortune. It is a great pick for people who are not yet ready to spend a big amount on high-end bikes but unwilling to settle with an entry-level model. If you are brand-conscious, this mountain bike is for you since it is from a globally reputable company.


Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Once again, Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike proves that Schwinn is a brand that is hard to match. With the reasonable price of this mountain bike, even if it is not necessarily cheap, this makes a great alternative to the more expensive products. It packs an aluminum frame with dual suspension, which makes it comfortable. It has excellent braking power and impressive gearing system. The tires are also great, which can easily tackle even rough surfaces. Nonetheless, some users may find the bike to be quite on the heavy side despite having an aluminum frame.

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