Tacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor Bike Trainer Review

Having a quiet cycling trainer isn’t enough. If you want the best fluid bike trainer for your future workout sessions just because you can’t handle a noisy machine, you might miss out on other features your training really needs. The good news is that the Tacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor Trainer is one of those models that work silently. But, it has other exciting features you need to focus on. Learn about them below.

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Features and SpecificationsTacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor

Compatibility with ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth

This bike trainer functions at its best through Bluetooth or ANT+ FE-C connections. It will allow you to use almost every simulation app you want. And, the best part? Some apps like Zwift and the manufacturer’s very own Tacx Film can produce realistic vibrations to simulate riding over gravel, cobblestones, and other rough roads.

Aside from the road-like feel, this indoor trainer can also give convincing descents. For example, if you have this longtime fear of descending fast down a steep slope, you can move on from that through repetition. Since the activity is downright dangerous in the real world, you can make yourself get used to it by using the right app with this equipment.

Just in case you’re not in the mood for serious app-based training, you can disconnect from any software and depend on progressive resistance. The power curve is useful for spinning. Admit it; sometimes, you just want a relaxing ride over a flat ground until you’re ready to pedal faster.

Pedal Stroke Analysis

One important type of data you should never take for granted is the amount of power you exert. It’s a good thing that this bike trainer uses pedal stroke analysis. That feature doesn’t measure power in just one go; it measures the performance of each side to detect the littlest weaknesses. The result? You’ll know how to distribute power to your legs in a more efficient way and improve your overall performance.

How exactly does the pedal stroke analysis work? It functions through the sensor connected to each pedal. Because of the attention placed on both pedals, it can measure the position of your legs. If the pedal stroke is not good enough, the rider must choose either an isotonic or isokinetic setting to target speed or power. Those settings are accessible through the Tacx app.

Better Chipset

Sometimes, the noise level of a bike trainer isn’t just about the quality of the flywheel, fan, or roller. For some models like this one, the machine gets quieter if the chipset has a better design. It turns out that well-designed electronics are enough to keep smart trainers quiet.

The chipset’s main responsibility is to maintain foolproof control of the motor. As long as the control is smooth and efficient, the motor won’t make a sound. The manufacturer even guarantees a totally quiet experience with this product.

Additional Details

  • Maximum power: 2,200 watts
  • Gradient simulation: 25%
  • Comes with these free items: a 12-millimeter adaptor for thru-axles and a support for the front wheel
  • Has LED light indicators for power on, successful connections, and intensity levels

The Good

No More Maintenance or Calibration

Since the Tacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor Trainer doesn’t use belts, extra power sensors, and other manual transmissions, it will never require you to calibrate it or schedule regular maintenance. You won’t experience the hassle of doing nonstop adjustments. And, the most interesting part is that this model is the only one promoting this benefit.

Allows a Wide Range of Movements

Thanks to the Tacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor Trainer’s flexible frame, you can move side to side a little bit for comfort. Limited movement can be uncomfortable, so this equipment will let you move your body naturally as a bike rider.

Not only that, the frame can be folded, too. You can store it almost anywhere you like. The folded version of the frame also promotes portability because of its legs that can be used as handles.

The Bad

Incompatible with Its Own App

Ironically, some users have a more difficult time connecting this bike trainer to the software designed by its own manufacturer than other apps. If you’re more of a Rouvy or Strava user, have a blast with this trainer. On the other hand, if you’re set to use the Tacx app, you might experience a connection problem. Nobody’s sure of the exact cause, so don’t hesitate to contact the seller for help.

Overheating After a Few Miles

Several users have raised concerns regarding weak resistance, but the main problem is usually traced to an overheating motor. After a short ride with minimal power, some users are surprised to touch a hot machine. This is a big issue because trainers aren’t supposed to produce a lot of heat after a lackluster performance. On the bright side, not all units are experiencing that so it’s more likely a problem caused by defects.

Some models like the Giantex Magnetic Indoor Bicycle Bike Trainer don’t have this kind of problem. How is that even possible? The answer is simple: self-cooling mechanism.

Who Is It For?

The Tacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor Trainer is ideal for people who aren’t knowledgeable about machine maintenance. It needs zero calibration, so there’s no need to worry about complicated adjustments anymore. If this product is going to be your first-ever workout machine, it won’t intimidate you with a complex system.

Advanced cyclists will also like this bike trainer in terms of movement. It’s the low-key version of models like the Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control Bike Trainer and the Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Bike Trainer when it comes to the flexible frame design. This product can move side to side but without the extreme swaying motions of a Rock and Roll frame.


Tacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor

There are a lot of quiet trainers out there, but the Tacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor Trainer is one of those models that easily stand out. Aside from its smooth motor control and eye-catching appearance, it has a unique pedal stroke analysis to give you accurate data regarding your power. That’s essential for a more thorough evaluation of your performance.

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