Tacx Satori Smart Wireless Training Base Bike Trainer Review

Torn between having a good smart trainer and a cheaper, simpler one? You don’t have to resort to another type of trainer just because you want to save money and dread the notion of using complex equipment. Look no further for we’re about to introduce the Tacx Satori Smart Wireless Training Base. Read on to understand why it’s one of the best bike trainers.

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Features and SpecificationsTacx Satori Smart Wireless Base

Neodymium Resistance Magnet

This bike trainer is considered to be the only basic manual option that uses a magnetic brake and, at the same time, hi-tech sensors for measuring factors like power and speed. Without further ado, let’s focus on the magnetic resistance first.

The brake system of this cycling trainer is magnetic, which leads to a convenient handlebar lever that can easily adjust resistance. You can set the resistance to one of the 10 settings even while you’re riding your bike. The maximum level can generate 950 watts of power.

Dual Technology

As for the smart aspect of this model, we must highlight its dual technology. Some cyclists are so particular about the quality of their training that they’ll do anything just to gather all relevant data.

Fortunately, this trainer can connect with multiple devices simultaneously through Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ FE-C. That results in more thorough monitoring and note-taking of the rider’s progress, especially in terms of power, speed, and cadence. The readings will also stay accurate with software like Tacx, TrainerRoad, and Zwift.

Folding Wheel-On Frame

A folding frame alone is enough to ensure convenience. However, this product takes it up a notch with a wheel-on design. The combination of those features leads to quicker assembly and storage.

Convenience isn’t everything, though. The frame must be durable as well. It’s a good thing that the components of this trainer are mostly made of steel and aluminum. The flywheel is also quiet heavy to achieve a convincing road-like feel.

Additional Details

  • Measures 23.8” x 20” x 5.7” when folded
  • Weighs 20.8 pounds
  • Maximum power: 950 watts at 25 miles per hour
  • Has a 30-millimeter transmission roller
  • No power and connection indicators
  • No slope and descent simulations
  • Has a five-millimeter quick-release and a front-wheel riser for free

The Good

Effective Resistance Control

A common issue with magnetic trainers is the failure of the machine to provide stronger resistance. That’s why we should highlight how reliable the Tacx Satori Smart Wireless Training Base is when it comes to resistance adjustments.

If the unit isn’t defective, you can instantly feel the change in resistance when you use the handlebar lever. As you increase the setting, rest assured you’ll have a more challenging workout session. Expect to sweat like a crazy and feel the effect on your legs which can be a good thing for building muscles.

Efficient with Zwift

If you prefer Zwift more than any app, we highly recommend this bike trainer. It has proven time and again that it can connect to the said software without any hassle. Many users have even praised its efficiency, which is useful for quick workouts. No more waiting for several minutes just to make a successful wireless connection.

Stable Rides

As expected from an indoor trainer with a stable frame, the Tacx Satori Smart Wireless Training Base can help you maintain stability on your bike. That also means it’s safe for everyone to use even if the rider needs to pedal harder. More importantly, it can keep beginners at ease while they’re still learning how to ride a bike like a pro.

In addition, a steady ride usually results in a quieter workout session as well. You can have an invigorating moment with your bike indoors.

The Bad

Drains Batteries Quickly

Despite the affordable price of this bike trainer, you may still have to spend a lot of money on batteries. It turns out that it can drain brand-new batteries in just a couple of hours only. Maybe it’s because of the program used by the rider or a system defect, but nobody really knows why exactly. One user has experienced this kind of problem after racing via Zwift, so that can be a factor you should avoid.

Suddenly Turns Off

This problem can be the effect of the previous disadvantage, but there are other factors think about like mechanical issues. No matter the root cause, this indoor trainer will probably turn off without any warning once it experiences a malfunction. That’s a huge inconvenience if you’re in a hurry or in the zone. Just imagine your frustration if the machine stops out of the blue just when you’re starting to make progress.

Can’t Be Calibrated

While other models from the same manufacturer like the Tacx Neo Smart Direct Driver Trainer and the Tacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor Trainer are guaranteed to not need any calibration, this one raises several concerns that need some tuning. The main problem is that the machine won’t let some users calibrate the system. The result? Failure to connect with cycling computers and training apps.

Who Is It For?

The Tacx Satori Smart Wireless Training Base can be a life-changing exercise machine for people recovering from illnesses. Even those who are undergoing chemotherapy can use this trainer. Some serious conditions prohibit patients to go outdoors or be around a lot of strangers, making this equipment ideal for them. As a plus, it has a simple design for easier assembly.

This bike trainer is also perfect for people living in cold or snowy areas. The winter season isn’t a good time for riding your bike outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you should stop using it. With an indoor trainer like this one, you can continue training to become a better cyclist.


Tacx Satori Smart Wireless Base

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to have a good smart trainer. If basic factors like resistance and connectivity are enough for you, the Tacx Satori Smart Wireless Training Base is a nice choice. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending more money, we recommend the Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control Bike Trainer because of its unique frame.

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