Tacx Vortex Smart Home Bike Trainer 2016 Review

Smart trainers usually function with progressive fluid resistance, but not everybody prefers that kind of system. If you like the magnetic type more, we’re recommending a reliable interactive model with hi-tech features. Apart from being one of the best mag trainers, the Tacx Vortex Smart Home Trainer 2016 can make you look forward to each training session. Know the reasons why by checking out these features:

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Features and SpecificationsTacx Vortex Smart Home 2016

Wireless Connectivity

Most mobile devices and computers can connect to this bike trainer. And, the best part, a successful connection always happens instantly. You’ll be able to use the manufacturer’s own Tacx app. Just a quick reminder, though: you have to buy a smart upgrade for seamless sessions with desktops or laptops. You must also know how to use Bluetooth or ANT+ protocols.

This indoor trainer isn’t only compatible with the Tacx app; it can also be used with the software you prefer. However, make sure the app matches your training needs.

Aside from excellent simulation, what can you expect from training software? Since this trainer measures power, speed, cadence, and other performance data, it transmits information to apps for easier monitoring. You’ll have the freedom to save the details and create a better workout plan. You can even compare your performance from each session and analyze your progress.

Enclosed Resistance Unit

While the usual features meant for minimizing sounds are big flywheels and smooth rollers, this bike trainer highlights the enclosed resistance unit as the main reason for quieter rides. According to the manufacturer itself, the unit is designed to absorb noise.

Speaking of resistance, this machine can produce 950 watts of power just to make your sessions more challenging. Higher resistance means you’ll have a more difficult time using the pedals, which will push your leg muscles to try harder. The result? You can achieve your fitness goals in just a few days or weeks.

Electric Brake

Looking into the system of this bike trainer, you’ll find out that it functions with an electric brake to guarantee an interactive experience. No wonder devices and apps work perfectly with this machine.

This model also has a lot of magnets. It specifically comes with eight permanent magnets and eight electromagnets you can completely control.

A well-designed system is useless without a foolproof structure, though. It’s a good thing that this trainer has a compact and convenient wheel-on frame, a sturdy flywheel, and a 30-millimeter roller for transmission.

Additional Details

  • 6” x 19.9” x 7.5”
  • Weighs 24.9 pounds
  • Power up to 950 watts at 25 miles per hour
  • Braking power up to 950 watts in 10 seconds
  • Sprinting power up to 750 watts in one minute
  • Slope simulation: 7%
  • Compatible devices: iPad 3, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5, Android 4.3, and newer versions
  • Compatible apps: Zwift, Kinomap, TrainerRoad, and BKOOL
  • Compatible bikes: MTB, Tri, and Race
  • Includes a Skyliner front-wheel riser and a five-millimeter quick-release
  • No descent simulation

The Good

Ideal for Winter

Since the Tacx Vortex Smart Home Trainer 2016 promotes assembly and storage convenience, it’s perfect for off-season use. If you’re just going to use a trainer occasionally, you should choose models like this one which can be stored without problems. When snow and ice cover the streets, skip outdoor cycling for your safety and use this equipment instead.

Don’t worry; the gloomy atmosphere of winter won’t affect your energy while riding your bike. This smart trainer can entertain you with graphics as long as it’s connected to the right devices and apps.

Connects Instantly to Zwift

With Bluetooth or ANT+, this bike trainer can connect to Zwift in just a few seconds. That’s helpful for quick sessions if you’re too busy on other tasks. Even people who aren’t tech-savvy will find it easy to set up this machine with other devices.

Why is this advantage a big deal, anyway? Zwift is one of the most popular training apps nowadays and for some reason, other smart trainers can’t be synced to it quickly.

Fun to Use with Phones

Yes, you can freely connect the Tacx Vortex Smart Home Trainer 2016 to computers, but you can also appreciate its connectivity just as much if you use it with your phone.

What if you have to place your phone several feet away from the trainer? The data from the machine’s sensors can still be transmitted to an app without affecting accuracy.

What about putting your phone in your pocket? No problem! The device can still sync to the trainer. In fact, feel free to use the Internet and send messages. You can multitask on your phone while pedaling your bike to avoid boredom.

The Bad

Weak Mounting Tabs

Even though the resistance unit of this bike trainer is beautifully designed, it may still not work properly due to flimsy alignment tabs. The tabs are made of plastic, making them vulnerable against high amounts of tension. Too much tension can break the material, so it’s best to use the Tacx app to let the automatic calibration hit the right adjustment.

Shaky Frame

When it comes to durability, this indoor trainer doesn’t exactly have a foolproof frame. Some users have experienced wobbly rides with this machine despite making sure every nook and cranny is intact. Luckily for you, we can recommend other options with extremely sturdy frames. Check out the features of the Sportneer Fluid Bike Trainer Stand and the CycleOps Fluid2 Indoor Trainer.

Who Is It For?

The Tacx Vortex Smart Home Trainer 2016 is a must-have for Zwift users, busy people, and those who are living in snowy places. Again, connecting it to Zwift is a breeze with Bluetooth or ANT+. In addition, you can use your phone while training if you have to stay updated on emails, social media, and other stuff. And, since this is an indoor trainer, it can keep you active during winter.


Tacx Vortex Smart Home 2016

To experience magnetic resistance and advanced technology at the same time, the Tacx Vortex Smart Home Trainer 2016 is an impressive model. It has different sets of magnets to stay functional. It can also connect to different apps to improve the quality of your training. Just in case you’ll go for a fluid resistance smart trainer, we recommend the Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Bike Trainer.

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