What is a Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bikes fall in between road bikes and mountain bikes. Being incredibly common, you can find people riding hybrid bikes to work or pootling away from traffic in riding spots. But, what qualifies as a hybrid bike, and what makes them the best-selling type of bike on the market?

In an ordinary world, a hybrid bike would be like any other bike, and the specialist types of bikes would get different names. But, that is not the case due to fashion trends and people’s preferences.

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What is a Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bikes have blended the characteristics of mountain bikes, touring bikes, and road bikes. The result of combining these features brings a general-purpose bike that can tolerate a variety of riding applications and conditions. They are popularly used by children, commuters, casual riders, and novice cyclists because they are easy to use, comfortable, and stable.

The handlebars in a hybrid bike are straight and flat; hence the rider sits in an upright posture when riding the bike. Hybrid bikes also have thinner wheels that are light in weight, allowing less exertion and more incredible speed when riding on the road.

Like the touring bikes, hybrid bikes have places to mount bags and racks for transporting personal belongings.

Tour de Cure Men's Hybrid Bike

How to Choose a Hybrid Bike

As is with most items, hybrid bikes are made differently. Hybrid bikes have different racks, brakes, wheel sizes, suspensions, and gears. You have many options, and you would want to choose the best hybrid bike for you. Below is what you should pay attention to when buying a hybrid bike.


Hybrid Bike disc Brakes

Hybrid bikes can come with either disc brakes or V brakes. Disc brakes have a pad joined to the rotor, while V brakes have a brake cushion attached to the rim of the wheels. Each of the brake types has its pros and cons.

Disk brakes work best in dry and wet grounds and are easier to work with. Disc brakes need more maintenance and regular checking to ensure they are in good shape, but they do not wear other bike parts when in use.

V brakes, on the other hand, can destroy the rim over time. They work best in dry areas and are not highly effective in wet weather.


Hybrid Bike Handlebars

Handlebars are available in different styles like flat bars, riser bars, drop bars, and mustache bars. Flat bars are the most common because they increase comfort when riding, and they allow you to sit on the bike during long rides comfortably.

Riser bars are the second commonest, and they rise above the bike as the handles extend back. With riser bars, you will relax your arms when riding. Mustache bars and drop bars are not very common in hybrid bikes because they are not versatile or common.


Compact Bicycle Frames

The frame of a hybrid bike could be made of carbon fiber, steel, or aluminum. Most frames in hybrid bikes are made of aluminum because it is light, cheap, and can withstand a lot of pressure. Steel can be heavy but is flexible; hence can allow for a smooth ride.

Carbon is sturdy and light in weight, with the proper flexibility. It is only used in high-end bikes.

Features of a Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes, like all other bikes, have featured which make them stand out from the pack. They have fatter tires that have deeper treads to provide grip and cushion. This makes hybrid bikes very versatile. Below is a closer look at the features of a hybrid bike.

Fork and Frame

Almost all hybrid bikes are made from aluminum, which is a good material that is lightweight and strong. The bike has suspension forks, which do not add more functionality to the bike, apart from the extra cost and weight.

There are also hybrid bikes made of steel, and these are usually aimed at urban riders. If your pockets are too deep, you will find hybrid bikes made with light carbon fiber frames. However daft this might sound, it is not because there is a time when you will need to carry your bike several stairs up a too floor flat.


Bike Gears

Hybrid bikes make use of derailleur gears, and they have mechanisms that move the chain around the cranks and the sprocket. Even if they are light and straightforward, they are vulnerable to damage, so that you will find very few hybrid bikes with fully enclosed hub bears.

That notwithstanding, the controls are found on the handlebar next to the brake levers, and you can easily reach them when riding. This makes hybrid bikes easy to use, and their popularity can be attributed to this feature.

Hybrid bikes have a wide range of gears, with those with hub gears having seven to eight gears, while those with the expensive Shimano gears have an eleven-speed hub gear. To make the bike as simple as possible, you will find some hybrid bikes with just one gear.


Bike Brakes

Hybrid bikes borrowed their braking mechanism from mountain bikes, and they feature disc brakes or V brakes. V brakes are mounted on the frame near the wheel’s rims, and they have a brake cable that pulls the top of two arms to bring the pads against the rim.

Like the disc brakes on a car, those on the hybrid bike have a braking surface on the hub, which is mounted in the hub. Both brakes function excellently when it is dry, but the disc brakes are better when braking in the wet.

Tires and Wheels

BMX Bike wheels


Hybrid bikes use the same wheel size as the drop handlebar road bikes; 700C. There are wheels with the intermediate size id 650B. The wheels are a bit tougher and more negligible in these, although the tires on such bikes will be smoother and lighter than those on mountain bikes.

Hybrid bikes have a wide range of tire sizes, with the fat tires being made for dirt tracks and the light-treaded Ines being for speed. You will also find puncture-resistant tires, which will ward off even the nastiest sharp objects.


If you plan to do more than pootle in the woods during the dry days, you should consider buying some items when getting your hybrid bike. To start with, mudguards will ensure you remain dry when you are riding in the rain. The tires produce a spray that has a significant contribution to your tires’ soaking.

If you plan to carry stuff around when riding, you could either get a rucksack or panniers which clip to the rack bolted on the rear of your hybrid bike. Panniers will look awkward, but they are more comfortable and allow you to carry more. On the other hand, a rucksack will ensure your back ends up sweaty but has many compartments to keep you organized.

If you are planning to ride your hybrid bike, the law requires you to get bike lights. A flashing front light is an excellent sign that a bike is approaching. You can choose between the high power systems that light the road for many meters or the tiny lights to ensure you are seen.

Road Bike vs. Hybrid Bike

Road Bike vs. Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are the hybrid between a mountain bike and a road bike. They take the characteristics from both to create a bike for people who want the best from both worlds. Road bikes are designed with performance and speed in mind. But, even with the high speed, road bikes are neither versatile nor comfortable.

How do the two bikes differ from each other?


The geometry of a hybrid bike is more comfortable and relaxed than that of a road bike. The bike’s geometry is the way a frame positions the rider and how the bike is formed. The geometry of a road bike is more aerodynamic and aggressive. This is because, in a road bike, the pedals and handlebars are placed to result in more speed and comfort.

Hybrid bikes are a bit smaller than road bikes. On a hybrid bike, most of the rider’s weight is distributed to the seat, while in a road bike, the weight is distributed to the pedals and handlebars.


Road bikes perform better than hybrid bikes. For a bike to achieve maximum speed, the frame’s weight has a significant role to play. In the bike industry, building lightweight bikes requires the manufacturer to use frames made of carbon fiber. Bike frames made from aluminum are heavier by a pound, and this weight difference can bring great changes.

Both road bikes and hybrids can be made with aluminum or carbon frames, but you will realize that most hybrids are made with steel or aluminum, while road bikes are built with carbon. Since carbon fiber is expensive to manufacture, road bikes end up being more expensive than their counterparts.


Based on the geometry of a hybrid bike vs. road bike, hybrid bikes tend to be more comfortable. A bike’s seat can be easily customized or replaced, but it still play a role when choosing the right bike. Hybrid bikes have a more prominent seat with cushion areas, while the seat in road bikes is minimalistic and aims to be comfortable.

Besides the seat, the handlebars and geometry of the hybrid bike make it more comfortable to ride. The geometry of a hybrid bike is more compact than that of a road bike, allowing the rider to remain in an upright position.

The same happens with the handlebars. Hybrid bikes have flat bars, making it easy to turn the bike and increase its stability. This is unlike the drop bars found in road bikes, making it hard to attain stability with the bike. However, drop-based allow road bikes to be more agile and versatile.


The aero of a bike helps the rider become more aerodynamic, contributing to better performance. The aerodynamics of a bike is determined by the bike’s performance and the bike’s geometry. Since aerodynamics is connected to performance points and geometry, road bikes are more aero than hybrid bikes.

A rider seated in a road bike has the back angled closer to the bike while a rider seated on a hybrid bike remains in an upright position. The easiest way to distinguish between a road bike and a hybrid bike is by looking at the handlebars. The drop bars in road bikes give a rider three options to place their hands, while hybrid bikes have flat bars leaving the rider with only one option on where to place their hands.


The components of a bike are its bread and butter. They help in telling how expensive, reliable, or smooth the bike will be. The components range from the derailleur, cassette, chainrings, chain, cranks, shifters, and brakes. The largest component manufacturers are SRAM and Shimano, and they offer a wide range of options.

A rider can expect to get the cheapest bike at the lower range but with less resilience and reliability throughout the bike’s lifetime. On the higher end, the rider should expect an expensive bike, but that is more resilient and reliable.

Most hybrid bikes are equipped with low-end features, while road bikes are equipped with high-end components. It is for this reason that hybrid bikes are budget bikes while road bikes are a splurge.

Final Thoughts

Many people like traveling, and traveling in style is among the top things on their bucket lists. Bikes have become popular options when traveling in style and the hybrid bike could help you travel in style. It is available in different brakes, gears, and handlebars; hence you can choose from a variety depending on your preferences.

Being versatile bikes, you can travel by your hybrid bike wherever you want. Even if hybrid bikes are a blend of mountain bikes and road bikes, there is a remarkable difference between hybrid bikes and mountain bikes, as explained above. When comparing hybrid biked and road bikes, each has its own pros and cons and therefore the best bike for you depends on what feature you prioritize.