What is a Pit Bike?

If you are contemplating whether to buy a dirt bike, you might have heard or read somewhere there is a new and cheaper style of bikes known as ‘pit bikes’. So, it could be a great decision if you bought one. Pit bikes are tiny motorcycles that are light in weight and mainly used for riding in pits and pit racing.

Most pit bikes are made for teenagers and children, but you can also find pit bikes for adults. Pit bikes are cheaper than dirt bikes because their engines are less powerful and because they are smaller.

Pit bikes are interesting, so let’s discuss more them.

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What is a pit bike?

Both dirt bikes and pit bikes are types of motorcycles. They have similar structures, but the difference in the two comes out in the size of pit bikes, which are a bit smaller, and their usage. Essentially, pit bikes are made for riding around the areas of a motorcar race. They are gaining popularity with each passing day because they are relatively cheap, easy to maintain, and trim.

You will find an increase in the number of pit bikes nowadays, leading to the rise of pit bike racing. There are pit bikes explicitly made for racing. Pit bike racing and pit bikes are prevalent in older children and teenagers. Even if there is a group of adults who enjoy pit bikes, with some even preferring the full-size dirt bikes, pit bikes are seen to be the training wheels of the dirt biking world.

What is a Pit bike

Features That Define a Pit Bike

Features That Define a Pit Bike

Pit bikes are an exciting type of bikes in the dirt world. They are cheaper than standard dirt bikes, but when looking at them generally, you might not notice any structural differences. Their low price is because they are not designed to function at the same level as a standard dirt bike or compete.

During the manufacture of pit bikes, the manufacturers focus more on them being more of a toy and not a vehicle. Since they are toys, they break quickly. When buying, you will realize they come half assembled. Pit bikes can be quick, but they will not last for long.

Differences Between a Pit Bike and a Dirt Bike

Differences Between a Pit Bike and a Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes and pit bikes are generally similar, but they differ from each other in one way or another.


Pit bikes are cheaper than dirt bikes. The price of dirt bikes depends on the engine used and the company that manufactured it. Dirt bikes do not have a specific cost because it is dependent on various factors. But, the price of a dirt bike of 2500cc will range between $2000-$10000 depending on the brand and quality.

On the contrary, pit bikes go for around $1000 regardless of the engine and brand. A used pit bike will be $200, and this is way cheaper.


Dirt bikes are specifically designed for use in the terrain. Another great feature of dirt bikes is that they can be used by old veterans and children. Dirt bikes can also be used on deserts, ordinary roads or any other sort of place. You will enjoy features like coarse tires and higher speed with a dirt bike, making it a completely purposeful off-road motorcycle. But, you will get all these at a price.

As their name suggests, Pit bikes can be used for riding on smooth roads, pits, and plain terrains. The best thing about pit bikes is that they are relatively cheap, and you can customize your bike depending on your preferences.


Pit bike maintenance

When talking in regard to maintenance, pit bikes need minor maintenance compared with other types of bikes. For pit bikes, maintenance could be cleaning the filter of your bike and oiling it on a daily basis. This is among the many reasons why many prefer pit bikes to dirt bikes. It is also challenging for a pit bike to get damaged, and even if it does, it requires lesser maintenance.

Dirt bikes, on the other hand, need a lot of maintenance. Even if maintenance depends on the bike’s usage, it still needs extra attention. Dirt bikes are available in two different varieties; the four-stroke engine and the two-stroke engine.

Maintaining the dirt bike with the four-stroke engine is more straightforward than retaining the other. This is because the work of the four-stroke engine one is distributed to the various parts of a motorcycle while the two-stroke one needs to work twice as much to work as efficiently as the four-stroke one.


Pit bike Size

Size is significant in bikes since it determines how comfortable the rider is. You can do off roading but you have to request specific customization before that with a pit bike. Pit bikes are ideal for you if you are looking for a bike to use on access roads and pit, while dirt bikes will work best to go for off-roading.

There is a clear difference in what you should expect from each of the bikes, regardless of how you define them. You should not expect to experience and usability the wild performance even in the best pit bikes. But, you will have a lot of fun when riding one.

Pit Bikes for Kids

Pit Bikes for Kids

There are various things you would want to look for when buying a pit bike for a kid. If this is the first bike you are getting them, you might not want a bike with an engine that is so powerful, so 50ccs would work excellently here.

However, remember to factor in the height and weight of your child. If your child is a bit older, you might want to go for something more powerful. And since safety has always been a big deal for motorcycles, you do not wish to forget to pick protective gear for your child.

Pit Bikes for Adults

Pit Bikes for Adults

Pit bikes are made explicitly for children, so you will find fewer pit bikes in the market for adults than you would for kids. The first thing you should keep in mind is your height and weight. It would be best if you were looking for a pit bike that will be comfortable to ride.

The quality of the bike you want is also a factor here. Stay away from any product that is low quality. Most riders advise buyers to keep off from models manufactured from China because they say those pit bikes do not last very long and need regular maintenance.

However, always remember that the pit bike you buy might be tiny, and you might find them so uncomfortable. Ensure you know what you are getting yourself into before purchasing the bike. Before paying for it, try sitting on it and try turning the handle to find out whether it is suitable for you.

Considerations When Choosing a Pit Bike

Considerations When Choosing a Pit Bike

Since your child is ready to start riding a pit bike, you might consider getting them one. What are the factors you should look for when buying a bike? Below are some of them.

The Right Fit

pit bike with small wheel

Just because you are buying a pit bike for a child, it does not mean you have to disregard the size. You have to consider the weight, age and height of your kid when buying a pit bike. The most important considerations are the child’s height and age.

When the child is young, you could start with a pit bike of small wheels, and once they grow older, you could advance to one of the bigger wheels, where they have already gained riding skills. It would be best to consider their height because even children of the same age have different sizes. To test the extreme, let your child sit on a bike with their boots on and check whether they can reach the ground.

If you have a short child and you want to buy them a pit bike, you might want to get one that has an adjustable height. Lowering the suspension will make the handlebar go downwards so that your child reaches them comfortably until they get older.

Later on, you will raise the suspension. Alternatively, you can request the motorcycle shop to cut the seat hence lowering it so that your child reaches the ground with your feet.

Size of the Wheel

Size of the Wheel

The pit bikes with a small capacity considered suitable for children have a cc of not more than 125 ccs. The wheels could have a front of 17 inches and a back of 14 inches. Alternatively, they can be large wheel bikes with a show of 19 inches and a rear of 16 inches. These two types of pit bikes are different in the size of the wheel and with the swingarm, gearing, and suspension.

Bigger wheels are heavier than the smaller ones, but the bigger is way better than the smaller ones because they offer excellent stability. Bigger wheels are also soft and, therefore, they soak up small bumps quickly, unlike the smaller wheels.

Smaller wheels are not liked by many because their rims tend to bend when riding the pit bike on a rough and corrugated road. However, smaller wheels are also important because they can quickly turn more easily with their light and agile nature. Small wheels are also available in different varieties, giving you various options when your kid is riding.

Engine size

Pit bike Engine size

If this is the first pit bike you are buying for your child, it should be less powerful. This is because the child will find it easier to learn using a less weight bike and less power. The pit bike with the least energy is the one with 50cc. These bikes are excellent at delivering power linearly, and this gives your little one the perfect control.

If you want to buy a pit bike for your kid, look for one whose power ranges between 50cc-125cc. Such will be ideal for motocross competition. If you are looking for an adult pit bike, the energy should not be less than 250cc.

Starter System

Pit bike Starter System

The starter system is comprised of a kick start and an electric system. The best bikes for children are starter bikes, where the engines are started through electricity, hence making it easier for the kid to start. All they have to do to start it is press the start button.

However, with more powerful bikes, kick-starting is a norm. Remember always to help your kid when starting the pit bike if this is the first time they have a pit bike. Teach them as you ride along with them. Never leave your kid to ride a pit bike on their own when they have not mastered how to start the cycle.

Area of Riding

Area of Riding

You would never want to buy a pit bike for your kid without knowing where they plan to ride it. The best thing about pit bikes, though, is that you can hang them anywhere from desert dunes, motocross tracks, mountain trails and even wooden areas. The area where you will ride your pit bike dramatically depends on the site you live.

Public tracks that offer fees to the public are excellent for riding pit bikes because they give pit bike riders a chance to meet other riders and participate in races. You could also look for veteran riders who are willing to guide him and provide skills that will help in sharpening your riding skills.

If you are a parent and are buying a pit bike for your kid and lack the necessary skills and steps required to ride a pit bike, always use the local coins and public tracks to get help.

Take Away

Pit bikes are a type of bikes mainly designed for children but are also available in large sizes for adults. You can use your pit bike for riding in plain terraces, among other areas. Even if pit bikes are similar in structure to dirt bikes, the two are very different regarding the engine, size, functioning, and capabilities. Always make an informed decision before buying a pit bike for yourself or your kid using the considerations listed above.





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