What Size Cruiser Bike Do I Need?

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What Size Cruiser Bike Do I Need?

Nowadays, people pay much attention to the road, mountain, and BMX bikes. But, it is clear to see why these types of bikes are liked; they have a variety of riding styles and can serve many niches. How about bikes for those who want to just…cycle?

Cruiser bikes are exactly what they sound like. Even if they cannot handle the countless miles of pavement and the rigors of off-roading stunts, cruiser bikes are ideal for those who need a way to ride around in comfort, whether running an errand or fun.

Cruiser bikes are experiencing resurgence in popularity for the past few years. With each passing day, more and more people realize the benefit these bikes offer in regard to comfort, price, and simplicity. If you are among those who have gained a sudden interest in cruiser bikes, how will you know what size cruiser you need?

The article below will explain the right size for you, how to use a cruiser bike, and a cruiser bike size chart.

What is a Cruiser Bike?

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

A cruiser bike, otherwise known as a beach cruiser, is an easy to cycle bike which is perfect for riding casually at moderately low speeds. It features a large steel frame with a simple style, a drivetrain for pedaling, coaster brakes, curved handlebars to make it easy for the rider to sit in an upright posture, and wide-set balloon tires. Even if the different sub-genres have variances, these are the most common features in cruiser bikes.

With cruiser bikes, also, you can easily upgrade or customize them. This can be by adding accessories like luggage racks, saddlebags, lights, and fenders. Other bike types are made for more intensive riding, but cruiser bikes are made for cruising only. In a cruiser bike, you cannot occupy any different riding posture apart from upright.

Cruiser bikes are a bit laid back, and maybe this is why they are so common in beach towns, where they earned themselves the name ‘beach cruiser bikes.’ As is with all other bikes, cruiser bikes have their limitations, but nobody in their right mind would try using a cruiser bike for anything apart from casual riding. Among all bikes, cruiser bikes captured the essence of biking in the best way; sitting back and enjoying.

What Size Cruiser Bike Do I Need?

The most common criteria of determining the cruiser bike a person needs are by looking at the age and height of the riders. These are then compared to the measurement of the bike’s frames and the wheels. These are the figures used in determining the right size of a cruiser bike one needs because they affect the geometry of every model and the rider’s posture.

A chart is also an excellent way to determine your bike size, especially if you have limited chances and information regarding the bike. However, adults over 6 feet might want to have a cruiser bike that is custom made for the most excellent compatibility.

Generally, the figures may differ between women and men. Petite women who are 5 feet tall may consider getting a bike cruiser of 24-inches. Likewise, a 15-inch frame would be best for such a female rider. However, if the 24 inch feels uncomfortable, you can opt for a 15-inch frame 26-inch cruiser bike. But, if you are more than 5’8, a 26-inch bicycle might not be the best for you.

Men having the same height as their female counterparts should look for cruiser bikes with larger frames, maybe 17 inches for riders who are 5 feet tall. If your size ranges between 5’7-6’4, you should go for a cycle of 26 inches, and the frames should be between 18-19 inches. Men are naturally born with more weight than women, so the bike should be strong enough to support them.

For children below four years old, you could want to go for the smallest cruiser bike size of 12-inches. If your child has a height of at least 37 inches, then get them a 14-inch cruiser bike so that they can firmly put their feet on the ground when stopping the cycle. Children with hood height and teenagers could go for bikes of between 20-24 inches.

Cruiser Bike Size Chart

Below is a chart providing the most suitable cruiser bike sizes. Even if the figures are estimates, they help cyclists choose the right bike size depending on their body.

Height (inches)Inseam Length (inches)Bike Frame (cm)


How to Size a Cruiser Bike

When sizing a cruiser bike, you should aim to see that the motorcycle frame is proportional to your height and reach.

To start with, you will match your height to the bicycle frame. If your size ranges from 4″-5’4″, a bike with a 15-inch frame will work well with you. Bicycles with structures ranging from 15-21 inches will suit the best adults with a height of 5-6 feet. If you exceed 6 feet, you may have to look for cruiser bikes with extended frames.

The next step expects you to put the right foot on the right pedal and the left foot on the floor. This will help you in straddling the bicyclist with the correct frame size. Let your weight lie on your back as you grasp the handlebars until you sit entirely. Your left leg should not support your weight.

Rotate the right pedal until it on the lower side; here, your right leg should be almost straight but with a bent knee. If the whole leg is bent, raise the seat and if you can reach the pedal with your toes only, lower the center.

Types of Cruiser Bikes

Progression and evolution in cruiser bikes have led to the development of 5 specific types of cruiser bikes, each with its outstanding features.

Beach/Classic Cruiser Bike

Beach Classic Cruiser Bike

This is the original cruiser bike, and it has all the core features present in cruiser bikes and a few more. The top tube has a unisex design, and its frame is somewhat heavy with a weight of 50 pounds. The tires adopt the standard balloon style, meaning they are wide enough hence providing enough stability.

The cruiser’s handlebars are tall enough to wrap around in the rider’s side, ensuring the rider can steer without having to bend forward. This helps in providing an upright posture when riding.

Stretch Cruiser Bike

Stretch Cruiser Bike

Just as the implication given by their name, stretch cruiser bikes are elongated from conventional bikes. The frame in these is twice as long and can be placed a little lower to the ground at times. The length of the structure is long enough to allow the rider to ride when sitting back and remaining comfortable.

The bike is ideal for long casual rides on the sidewalk and flatter roads, where the obstacles are very few.

Low Rider Cruiser Bike

Low Rider Cruiser Bike

Low rider cruiser bikes are said to be more of show-off bikes than functional bikes. As you may have guessed, the seat is placed down very low to the ground, ensuring the rider sits down too and reclined to the back to some point.

The wall tires, of the same, are smaller than 26 inches and are white in color. Even if functionality is sacrificed in the making of these bikes, they can still be used for casual rides, especially to clubs.

Chopper Cruiser Bikes

Chopper Cruiser Bikes

This was inspired by something more than a bike-a chopper. They reminisce the chopper-style present in motorcycles. Most of the features here are similar to those of low rider cruiser bikes but with an element of chopper motorcycles.

The front ends are long, and they protrude away from the handlebars, and the handlebars are mounted higher to resemble the design present in chopper motorcycles. Likewise, these emphasize style more than function and can be more comfortable to ride than the low rider cruiser bike.

Multi-speed Cruiser Bike

Multi-speed Cruiser Bike

These types of bikes can be present in any bike genre but are most common as cruiser bikes. They present the rider with a variety of gears, hence making it more versatile to use. You can find them in 3 different speed versions. They have a derailleur and cassette for changing speeds, operated by a shifter mounted on the handlebars.

They are ideal for riders who want to feel the casual feel and comfort offered by cruiser bikes and those who wish to have various speed options as they move around.

Take Away

Getting the right size for your cruiser bike is like having your clothes mended-you want them to fit perfectly. Even if people are used to selecting cruiser bikes based on height alone, that is not enough because it also depends on the bike size, body proportion, age, and gender, as explained above. You should ensure you get the right bike size always to be comfortable when riding your cruiser bike.