X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle Review

The top electric bikes have been growing in popularity for the past few years. Commuters and recreational bicycle riders have plenty of choices, one which is the X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle. So, what can this entry-level electric bike offer you? Read on to find out more about it.

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Features and SpecificationsX-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle

The X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser is a good choice for leisure riding or daily commutes. It has a rear rack and foldable basket, which you can place on the front handlebars or rear rack, for your pannier bag and other stuff. This could carry up to 350 lbs of rider and cargo weight. Its size is fit for people who are 5’2” and above.

Gears and Shifting

If you’re planning to ride on flat or slightly inclined terrains, this might be the best option for you. The X-Treme Malibu is a cruiser bike, also called a beach cruiser, with Shimano Tourney 7-Speed Gears and Shifter Set. A 7-speed electric bike gives you a smooth and speedy ride from the suburbs to the city and back again.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Like most electric bicycles in its price category, the X-Treme Malibu has front and rear mechanical disc brakes to give you that incredible stopping power. It also has a Smart Braking System, which works by shutting down the motor if the brake lever is pulled. And, to match its load capacity and braking system, it’s equipped with 26-inch wheels and strong double-walled 6061-T6 aluminum rims.

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The battery offers 24 volts and 9.6 Ah (ampere hour) or 230.4 Wh (watt-hours). With “throttle only” mode, you can reach 15 to 20 miles. Meanwhile, with the “pedal assist” mode, you can expect to reach distances up to 25 to 35 miles per charge.

It’s removable, allowing you to charge it on or off the bike for 4 to 5 hours. The smart charger automatically shuts off when the lithium battery reaches the full charge.

Bafang Geared Hub Motor

Its geared hub motor is manufactured by Bafang, a China-based manufacturer of e-mobility parts and complete systems. It has a rating of 300 watts, which pairs very well with the 24-volt 9.6 Ah lithium LiPO4 batteries. This simply means it provides enough power to get your around areas with flat or slightly inclined roads and still make for an enjoyable ride.

There are two ways to activate the motor in this electric bike: Throttle Mode and Pedal-Assist System (PAS). If you want motor assistance without draining the battery, activate the Pedal-Assist System by pedaling. Twist the throttle to engage the motor if you want to ride this electric bike like a motorcycle, so you can relax and enjoy the whole ride.

Aluminum Frameset

The 26-inch frame and rigid front fork is made of durable aluminum alloy. The wheels use balloon-style Kenda tires (26-inch x 2.25-inch) with that are perfect for most types of urban and suburban roads.

The spring-loaded seat offers great shock absorption. And, together with the adjustable handlebars, it allows you to assume a comfortable upright riding position.

The Good

Good Range and Power

The battery provides 230.4 watt-hours, which could take you as far as 11 miles or farther, depending on different factors, such as the terrain, types of riding you do, assist level, and your weight. This may not seem enough power, but if you’re just going to use this for general recreational riding or short commutes around the city or town, this electric bike will fit your needs.

Easy to Assemble

The package already includes the tools and instructions you need to put this together. On average, this takes around 20 to 30 minutes. If you’ve never done this before, there’s a YouTube video you can watch. You could also take it to a bicycle shop if you’re really having trouble with the assembly.

Useful Extra Features

The foldable basket, rear cargo rack, fenders, and cruiser frame give this bike that genuine look of beach cruiser bikes. Although it would be nice if the manufacturer adds an LCD display panel.

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The Bad

A Heavy Electric Bike

If the battery is included, this electric bike weighs around 57 lbs. You might have trouble riding this up steep hills without assistance from the motor. If you want a lighter electric bike, the Popsport Electric Bike and the SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike are good options.

Not for Rough Off-Road Trails

The X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser doesn’t have the core features of a mountain bike. You might also drain your battery fast if you’re going to use it for mountain biking or on hilly areas.

If that’s the type of riding you plan to do, you’re better of buying electric bikes built for that purpose. Take the ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike with Large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery, Premium Full Suspension and Shimano Gear as an example.

A Bit Expensive

This bike is not as cheap as other products. It’s not overly expensive, but with its specs, there are other less expensive electric bikes that have better specs that you could check out.

Who Is It For?

As what the name suggests, the X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser is designed for commuting and leisure riding. It’s not for people who love mountain biking or for elite athletes. If you love going to the beach, if want a bicycle for grocery shopping, if you live somewhere that has flat, smooth roads and moderately inclined hills, then this is for you.


X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle

So far, the X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser has been receiving positive reviews. It works as promised. It also looks great and offers a comfortable ride. Although it could use more juice to have a longer range and to climb up steep terrains. Overall, it’s a good cruiser electric bike for the price.

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