Xspec Upgraded Dual Recumbent Upright Indoor Cycling Foldable Exercise Bike Trainer Review

Training for triathlons can mean using indoor trainers to the extreme. Imagine the consequences if you’re pedaling hard and fast on flimsy equipment. Fortunately, with the extra-durable structure of the Xspec Upgraded Dual Recumbent Upright Exercise Bike, no wonder it’s one of the best bike trainers for triathletes. Learn more about it below.

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Features and SpecificationsXspec Upgraded Dual Recumbent Upright Indoor Foldable Exercise

Folding Steel Frame

Safety is guaranteed with this trainer. No matter how hard you pedal, its 14-gauge steel frame will remain steady throughout each session. It can even last for years despite heavy use.

Of course, the frame can be adjusted, too. It ensures that almost everyone can ride it. It’s so versatile that it can support weight up to 220 pounds.

Not only that, this indoor trainer can be folded as well for portability and storage. Once folded, the frame transforms into a compact structure that can easily fit tight spaces. Don’t worry about the frame suddenly expanding; it comes with a safety pin to secure it.

Aside from the convenience of folding the frame in one go, you can also move it without any hassle thanks to its wheels. This can protect the trainer from scratches or impact caused by careless holding.

Hi-Tech Features

A lot of active people take note of their heart rate while playing sports or exercising. They’re actually doing the right thing to know for sure whether they’re working hard or not. If that’s also important to you, this exercise bike has sensors that can track your pulse. As a plus, the handlebars have a nice grip to help you maintain balance while pedaling.

Meanwhile, as typical smart trainers are using other devices to display your performance data, this equipment has an LCD monitor. It can display your speed, duration, distance, and calories burned without requiring phones and laptops.

And, since the noise level is a big deal for people living in apartments and condos, this machine works with a V-belt drive and a flywheel. Those features aim to keep your rides smooth and steady.

8 Magnetic Resistance Levels

More importantly, we need to highlight the magnetic resistance feature of this exercise bike. With eight levels, you’ll be able to control the resistance according to your preference. Whether you want to take it slow or push yourself to the limit, this machine will really give you what you need.

For other options with magnetic resistance settings, feel free to check out the features of the Health Line Product Bike Trainer Stand and the 1114 RAD Cycle Products Max Racer PRO.

Additional Details

  • Exercise bike: 36” x 23” x 44”
  • Laptop tray: 17.7” x 12.8”
  • Weighs 47 pounds
  • Great for people standing 5’2” to 5’11”

The Good

Allows Multitasking

Just because you want to achieve your fitness goals doesn’t mean you have to focus on one activity alone. With the Xspec Upgraded Dual Recumbent Upright Exercise Bike, there are no more excuses even though you’re busy working on your laptop. The equipment comes with a special tray designed for laptops measuring up to 15 inches. That’s also helpful if you’re tired of sitting in front of your computer. This trainer can give you a break from dull desk work.

Since laptops tend to overheat easily, the tray has proper ventilation. Meanwhile, if you’re doubting how secure the tray is, its surface is non-slip. It will keep your laptop stable because of the improved grip.

Comfort While Exercising

For a more comfortable ride, the Xspec Upgraded Dual Recumbent Upright Exercise Bike has a large cushioned seat. And, the best part? It has a backrest so you can relax if you’re not in the mood for an intense workout session. It’s even adjustable so people of different sizes can sit on it. The backrest is smaller than the one used for the Body Champ BRB852 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike, but it’s enough to ensure comfort.

To make your legs and feet comfortable, the pedals are quite big as well. They even have adjustable straps to stop your feet from slipping. You’ll be able to position yourself perfectly on the equipment and perform better.

The pedals have an excellent system, too. Their cranking mechanism is very smooth for nonstop pedaling.

The Bad

Can’t Be Used by Short People

It’s clear that this exercise bike isn’t for everyone. Knowing that it’s ideal for people who are at least 5’2” in height, it’s no surprise that those who are shorter than that can’t enjoy the features of the machine. The main reason is the distance of the pedals from the rider’s feet.

Much Heavier than Standard Bike Trainers

A machine weighing almost 50 pounds is too heavy to carry from one place to another. That’s why this trainer has wheels. However, that still doesn’t change the fact that you’ll have a hard time transporting it. It’s too bulky to be transported in vehicles.

Who Is It For?

We’ve mentioned earlier that the Xspec Upgraded Dual Recumbent Upright Exercise Bike is an effective training machine for triathletes. Other than the fact that it has a heavy-duty steel frame, its powerful magnetic resistance and innovative features can match the needs of someone training for a triathlon.

Despite its heavy weight, this trainer is sill ideal for apartment dwellers. It’s so compact when folded that you can store it under beds or inside closets. It won’t occupy too much space in your home.


Xspec Upgraded Dual Recumbent Upright Indoor Foldable Exercise

For serious training, the Xspec Upgraded Dual Recumbent Upright Exercise Bike is one of the best options out there. It can withstand intense rides because of its super-durable frame. However, it can be used by casual users, too. It’s a fun product that can help you exercise while using your laptop or watching TV.

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