Yvolution Y Velo Junior Balance Bike Review

Teaching kids how to ride a bike is a challenging task. Among others, one of the first things they need to learn is how to balance. At a young age, they can already practice with the best balance bike for 18-month old. While there are plenty of choices, one of the best options that should be on your radar is Yvolution Y Velo Junior Balance Bike, which is what we’ll be talking about in this short review.

The Y Velo Junior an affordable and lightweight balance bike. It ensures the comfort of the user. The bike grows with your child, which makes it useful through the years. Many of its users were also happy with its safety features.

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Features and SpecificationsYvolution Y Velo Junior

For an affordable balance bike, we are surprised to see a set of exceptional features that are comparable to the ones you will see in its higher-end counterparts.

Built-In Steering Limiter

Like the Yedoo TooToo Toddler Balance Bike for 2-Year-Old, we also like how this model comes with a limiter that restricts steering. This prevents the bars from rotating too much, which is a good safety feature.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebar

This is one common feature that you will see in many balance bikes on the market. Because of the adjustments, kids can use it through the years until they outgrow the maximum height the manufacturer recommends. You will like how you can make the adjustments on the seat without the need to use any tool. Meanwhile, if you are going to adjust the handlebar, you will need a hex wrench, which is already a part of the kit when you purchase this bike.

Dual Rear Wheel

Most of the balance bikes that you can find in the market only have a single wheel at the back. This model is different because it comes with two rear wheels. This means that the rear wheel is wider, which is effective in improving balance.

Beam Saddle

The beam saddle of this bike ensures the comfort of the user. It is designed to be close to the handlebar, so that the latter will be easy to reach.

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The Good

If the features above are not enough to convince you that Yvolution Y Velo Junior Balance Bike is a great product, below are the benefits that might make you change your mind.


One of the best things about this product is its price. It proves that parents don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy a balance bike that kids will love. Another equally affordable option that you might want to look at is Schwinn Balance Bike.

Easy to Enter and Exit

This bike is made for the little riders. Therefore, it is designed with the needs of young users in mind. The short frame makes it a snap to get in and out of the bike, which lessens the chances that they will lose their balance as they do so.

Recessed Bolts

It is common for cheap balance bike to have exposed bolts. Luckily, that is not going to be a problem with this model. It has smooth and recessed bolts, which means that it won’t scratch the legs of kids.

Lightweight Frame

This balance bike comes with a lightweight aluminum frame, similar to Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike. With the construction of the frame, you can expect that it will be easy for the little ones to push this bike around, which also provides an assurance of their comfort.

The Bad

For a fair evaluation of Yvolution Y Velo Junior Balance Bike, let us also talk about some of the possible problems in this product.

May Not Perform Well Outdoors

While we love the tires that come with this balance bike, one of the problems is that it may not work well outdoors. If you are looking for one that is comfortable even on rough surfaces, we suggest that you pick a model with pneumatic air tires. If that’s the case, one product that should be on your list is Early Rider Road Runner Balance Bike: 14 Silver.

Can Be Quite Flimsy

Many parents who bought this for their kids expressed their concerns over its durability. Most of the parts are made of plastic that does not seem to be capable of withstanding the test of time. In fact, some buyers even noted that this is more of a toy and not a balance bike.

Not for Aggressive Riding

It is also worth pointing out that this balance bike is never meant to be used for aggressive riding. Plus, with the design and materials in this balance bike, it is not meant for older riders. It does not also come with a handbrake.

Who Is It For?

This is made for babies who are at least 18 months to four years old. This is a great option for those who are looking for a budget-friendly balance bike. Nonetheless, this isn’t for those looking for balance bikes meant for older users. For taller riders, a good alternative that you might want to consider is Strider – 14X 2-in-1 Balance to Pedal Bike Kit, which is good for riders who are up to seven years old.


Yvolution Y Velo Junior

For the price alone, you already have a good reason to choose Yvolution Y Velo Junior. The brand may not be as popular as its major competitors, but this product is worth looking at. It is built with the needs of young riders in mind, providing them with a comfortable bike. With the low height of the frame, it will be easy yo get on and off the bike. It is also lightweight, so pushing the bike won’t be too much of a chore. Nonetheless, there are some issues, such as durability and how it performs outdoors.

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